Wildlife: For Their Sake, Leave Them Alone!

The bear was only a few years old and had become comfortable around humans. (Washington County Sheriff's Office)

Health Editor’s Note:  What is is about human behavior that continues to annoy/disappoint me and often causes harm and death to living creatures. Here is the story of the death of an animal who has become so accustomed to humans that it had to be killed because, since it was a wild animal with large teeth, claws, strength greater than a human’s, it might pose a threat to the imbeciles who willingly place themselves in its space. Through stupid behaviors the humans taught this animal to not be fearful and careful, instincts that it was born with.

How about that someone sitting in his or her car, waiting for the traffic to move forward, with his or her hand hung out the open car window and allowing the noxious cigarette smoke to float into the air? I guess he or she does not want to actually  smell the smoke. Imagine you are sitting behind that car on a motorcycle, inhaling air as one is supposed to do in order to live, and only finding cigarette smoke laden air.  If someone wants to destroy his or her own health, fine, I no longer have a problem with that as long as it does not affect me. People who smoke cannot under any circumstance be convinced to stop smoking.  My dad stopped the minute he got the diagnosis of lung cancer…unfortunately too late to alter his cancer progression. He never had another cigarette nor vocalized wanting to have one.  He simply stopped because he did not want to die.  That did not work out for him or for the world as we lost a very good human when he breathed his last breath. 

What makes me want to walk over and grab that cigarette out of that person’s hand and put it out in his or her eye?  We have restaurants, hospital complexes, offices, campuses etc. that are wholly non smoking (unlike countries in Europe as I was reminded recently) and we are free from inhaling smoke.  There are even entrances of buildings that are deemed smoke free so no longer taking a big breath and making for a door before exhaling and inhaling, once inside the building.  I actually feel as though I am being assaulted by the smoke.  

We also have people who will leave trash around, throw those McDonald’s bags, empty beer bottles and liquor containers, etc. out of the windows because you just do not want someone to see those things in your car, or, or, or. Maybe you are supposed to be on a diet and if a family member would find that McDonald’s bag he or she would fat shame you.  Or maybe you are not supposed to be drinking alcohol, well certainly not while driving the car, and those empty bottles must be jettisoned before arrival back at base.  Feeding wildlife, often for future hunting deaths for the animals (baiting), moving into their territories, finding one that has been so accustomed to humans that you can get that all important selfie with it.  Well, you can clearly see that these people killed a perfectly good animal….How horrible is that?…..Carol 

A Young Black Bear Was Put Down After Humans Fed It, Took Selfies

by Brigit Katz, Smithsonian.com

Wildlife officials found the young black bear along a highway in Oregon, feasting on trail mix, sunflower seeds and cracked corn that appeared to have been deliberately left there for him. It was the latest in a string of worrying incidents indicating that the 100-pound male had become too comfortable with humans; law enforcement had previously been made aware that people were taking selfies with the bear. And so, state officials felt they had no choice but to kill the animal.

“[I]t was a human health and safety risk,” wildlife biologist Kurt Licence tells Samantha Hawkins of the Salem Statesman Journal, “and we had to remove it.”

Earlier this month, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife started getting calls about the bear, which liked to hang out near a boat ramp at Scoggins Valley Park, the collective name for a series of park areas dotted around Oregon’s Henry Hagg Lake. Believed to be around two or three years old, the bear was also cropping up in social media posts, compounding authorities’ concerns.

Last week, the sheriff’s office sent out a tweet urging people to stay away from the boat ramp where the bear had been seen, as they tried to encourage the animal to go back into the woods. On Thursday, Licence and fellow wildlife official Doug Kitchen decided to try to trap and relocate the bear. But when they found it eating snacks that had been scattered along the highway by humans, they came to believe that the time for relocation had passed.

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  1. “Imagine you are sitting behind that car on a motorcycle, inhaling air as one is supposed to do in order to live, and only finding cigarette smoke laden air.” – CD

    Better than getting hit by a lit butt thrown out the window. Where are those magnetic limpet mines the Mossad allegedly uses for assassinations when you need one?

    • I have long been requesting a vaporizer implement, that will immediately remove the object without setting off any type of blow back. Poof, it is gone, never to return to annoy.

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