Moon Hoax “Washington Monument Liftoff” Commemoration: One Giant Freemasonic Phallus for Mankind?


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

Freemasons are obsessed with obelisks: giant stone phalluses suitable for pagan worship. No wonder the capstone of that giant maze of freemasonic symbols that is Washington, DC is the Washington Monument—an outsize rendition of the Father of His Country’s astoundingly fecund male organ.

So what does it mean when the official 50th anniversary celebration of the alleged moon landing of July 20, 1969 features a countdown to a light show that will simulate the Washington Monument blasting off into outer space? Are they going to use special effects to convince us that they can land the Washington Monument on the moon?

After all, if Abbie Hoffman and his yippie friends were able to levitate the Pentagon a few inches in 1968, and if NASA was able to send astronauts to the moon in 1969, surely levitating the Washington Monument and sending it to the moon would be well within the limits of today’s technology.

If the Washington Monument flies to the moon tomorrow, and George Washington himself exits the spacefaring obelisk and prances around the cratery lunar surface playing golf, drinking Tang, and taking roll upon roll of perfectly framed pictures from a camera attached to his chest, and we see the whole thing on TV, will we actually believe it? Will we say “I saw it! I was there!” as the skeptics are shouted down and marginalized?

Personally, I don’t know whether Americans really walked on the moon in 1969.  But I do know that we are living in the Society of the Spectacle, in which style has replaced substance and image has replaced reality.

Our Orwellian techno-nightmare world has emerged from the Freemasonic demolition of traditional spiritual religion and its replacement by materialist secular humanism. Today’s Western elites no longer worship God, before Whom all mere humans are roughly equally insignificant, and to Whom all humans return when, as we die, we wake up from the material illusion to the spiritual reality. Instead, today’s Western elites worship man and his material achievements in this world. Since some men are immensely more talented at material achievements than others, with high-IQ psychopaths being the most adept, we are moving into a world of extreme inequalities of wealth and power—a world in which rich, technologically-empowered liars can project illusions on the walls of Plato’s cave and force the masses to believe them.

Healthy skepticism—placing the burden of proof on those who defend the official version of things—is essential for our spiritual protection.



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  1. Everyone should contemplate the deafening silence of all the thousands of so called university professors, in all fields, in so called institutions of “higher” learning all over this country to the fake Moon Landing evidence and fake evidence that Muslims did 9/11/01, not Israel, Bush, Cheney, Four Star Generals and others in NY, and on and on and on. Why haven’t all these highfalutin intellects screamed about this lie from the mountain tops? As usual the answer is simple: MONEY. These worthless con artists are no different than the con artists in government; they fear losing some of that undeserved easy government grant money. They are whores just like everyone else. It is that simple.

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