50 Years On – The Big Apollo Lie Still Survives


by Ian Greenhalgh

Maybe man has visited the moon, but one thing is certain – he did not do it in the way we were told, inside a flimsy tin can riding atop a giant firework.

Anyone with the capacity for rational thought can find so many holes in the official story that it becomes ludicrous, not least because all of the photographs and films purporting to have been shot on the lunar surface are completely fake, shot on Earth using a sound stage, performers on wires and sophisticated projection screen techniques.

Utterly fake – shot on Earth and then crudely manipulated. Sadly it took until the advent of modern digital imaging decades later to expose such frauds.

Globally, many never believed the big lie, not least because trusting anything the USA says had become a fool’s errand. However, to Americans it is a different matter, a thing of intense pride; therefore many of them, despite being otherwise rational and somewhat intelligent, continue to insist they did put a man on the moon in 1969.

It’s an argument I have had with Americans and have always ended up with the same dead-end as they can only offer farcical defences such as ‘but I saw the rocket take off’ or ‘hundreds of thousands of people worked on the Apollo program, so if it never happened, we would know’.

Yeah, right, how do you know if the rocket went to the Moon or just to earth orbit? A lot of people and companies worked on it, sure, but each only worked on one tiny part of the whole, the endeavour was so highly compartmentalised that only a handful inside NASA knew the truth; so what if your dad machined the wing nuts for some part of the rocket, that only means he knows about wing nuts, but tells you nothing about the rest of the programme.

Is this the craft that landed Armstrong & Aldrin on the lunar surface or is it a prop made from cardboard and held together with bits of tape?

You see, Americans just had to have something to be proud of, to cling to as a remnant of national pride. They had virtually nothing else to be proud of back in 1969, just over 6 years since they lost their country to foreign control when the last real president had his head blown off. A nation wracked with social unrest, drug abuse and pervasive racism, a whole generation was disenfranchised; a country that was engaged in a hugely derided war in Vietnam that was little short of genocide using banned weapons against farmers.

The USA needed a morale boost badly and the powers that be chose to make the fulfillment of JFK’s promise to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade the boost to morale so sorely needed. That is why they chose to have the entire process of landing on and then exploring the lunar surface shot on a Earth-bound soundstage – so they could obtain the morale boost though fair means or foul, regardless of whether or not they actually succeeded in the lunar mission.

How the audience saw the moon landing in 1969 – easy to get away with fakery when the image quality is this bad.

Of course, they didn’t foresee that decades later, high resolution digital imagery would make their fake photos and films all too obviously bogus; at the time, TV was 400 lines of black and white and newspaper images were low quality, composed of a pattern of black dots. Therefore the fakery was good enough for the technology of the day, not least because NASA restricted coverage of the Apollo 11 landing by only providing a tiny black and white monitor at which all the globe’s TV cameras had to be pointed rather than providing a proper video feed. Small wonder they got away with showing a prerecorded movie of a faked landing when the viewers had to squint at such a low quality rendering.

21st century technology means NASA’s fakery is now laid bare for all to see clearly.

So, what do we actually know for sure about the Apollo Programe? We know they launched a few rockets, we know they spent a huge sum of money, we know they faked all the photos and films and have lost or destroyed the telemetry tapes and other important data.

Ultimately though, we really don’t know much else, we don’t know if man set foot on the moon or not, NASA has simply not provided proof and has been caught out in too many lies to ever be trustworthy.

All this leaves us asking one big, overriding question – why did they put on such a large and costly hoax? The unavoidable answer is that they are hiding something, something very big, something that is worth spending billions of dollars to conceal. But what could it be?

Some have suggested to me that the real mystery of Apollo is that they suddenly cancelled the Programme with missions still to be flown and no satisfactory explanation. Of these people, some have gone a step further to suggest that the astronauts encountered aliens on the Moon and that NASA was warned off, told to not come back and that is why Apollo was cancelled. It also explains why we were shown fake photos and films – to hide the truth of what is really on the moon and what the astronauts encountered.

I personally do not believe this theory fully explains things. It does not explain how the astronauts survived the intense radiation encountered in the Van Allen belts and also outside the Van Allen belts – those belts protect Earth from a whole host of nasties such as cosmic rays and various form of ionising radiation, so maybe it is the case that with the technology of 1969, it simply was not possible to send a living organism out of Earth orbit and into outer space, beyond the protective shield of the Van Allen belts.

Then there are all the bits of rock flying around at immense velocities, even a tiny one would penetrate the thin un-armoured hull of an Apollo craft, go right through and come out the other side, just imagine what would happen if a baseball-sized one came along, it would be curtains for the astronauts within a few seconds, killed by explosive decompression.

So egregiously huge are the holes in the NASA story that one simply has to turn to the esoteric for possible answers. By esoteric I mean technologies that the public is only aware of through fiction like Star Trek – electromagnetic shielding to protect from the radiation, deflectors to ward off the interstellar debris, artificial gravity generators and exotic propulsion methods immensely more advanced than Apollo’s chemical rockets.

Such technologies may well exist, in fact, they may have existed for many decades, perhaps even before JFK made his speech about putting a man on the moon. The implications of this are immense, for it means that all the burning of oil and fossil fuels, all the internal combustion engines and jet turbines that have polluted our planet so badly, all of it, should never have happened, that the oil-based economy is a complete sham and technologically, we should have been able to solve almost all of mankind’s major problems by now.

Apollo cost billions, which, to me, means that the secret it was devised to conceal must be worth whole magnitudes more, trillions at least, perhaps quadrillions, quintillions, pick a truly immense number.

What could be worth such astronomical figures? What could justify spending billions to conceal?

I shall give you my theory in a follow-up piece, make sure to keep an eye out for it as it’s going to be one of, if not the most, significant things I have ever written about.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Thank you Ian, great material, and really good article. The mish mash of shadows is quite hilarious really. And who was it that said “you really can make this stuff up!”

  2. Every argument falls flat if the earth is flat. To date there isn’t sufficient evidence to support the globe theory. on the contrary, there is every reason, beginning with your sense’s, and too many to list here, that we live on a plane. The curvature has never been proven. Check it out.

  3. I saw a documentary a few years ago explaining how they faked images and video of the moon landings etc, explanation was that a lot of video and photo stock were damaged by the solar radiation once past the Van Allens Belt. They did this because the US needed to show the world it was far more superior than Russia who technically beat the US to reaching outer space and orbiting the moon. So yes Stanley did fake footage and photos BUT man still visited the moons surface. We have mirrors on the surface that are used to measure the distance between our planet and the moon with lasers. BUT in saying this I also think we were warned to stay off the moon after Apollo 17. To date no other country has ever landed a man on the moon. Why is this? The Chinese were supposed to have done this some years ago. We were supposed to have above Earth orbit flights by 2010 run by Virgin and Space X. Still hasn’t happened. Have we been warned to stay away from the moon? Is there things out there that we are not supposed to see YET? Least because we are not mature enough to comprehend whats out there? Anyway yes there was fake photos and video but yes we went to the moon and yes I think we were warned to stay away from it for at least now anyway.

    • Cindy, reasonable comment. Then why simply not to declare it by NASA…
      Valery Leonov (first man who was in outer space) says that he trusts NASA and believes the project was real and was done.

    • Pardon. Aleksei Leonov. (shame on me!)
      In general, even during the confrontation of the USSR and the USA, there were moments and points of contact that were beneficial to both powers or were the result of agreements: we turn a blind eye to this, and you to this. In modern politics, this occurs on a much larger scale.
      I think that the USSR would not have completely missed the chance to stab the United States for “lunar machinations.” It means that it was either so, but the truth was, or an agreement not to challenge the flight to the Moon.

  4. This was a powerful, dramatic goal for a young attractive and intelligent politician like Jack Kennedy set out in 1961 for the country to go to the Moon. But saying it is one thing, doing it is another. It also meant large sums of MONEY for RESEARCH. So at the beginning who cares about the details? Just take the money and enjoy the ride. But as one got into it, the reality of the laws of physics set in and at some point they realized they could not achieve the goal in the time frame. But they did not want to admit defeat to the public. So they perpetuated a lie much like all parents observe with their teenage kids at some point. It can be very hard to break a teenager in a lie. It is almost impossible to break government especially when lying media aid them in lies. Even some 17 years later when public relations trumped public safety and the entire Challenger Crew of 7 was killed, most of the public didn’t get the message. Engineers did all in their power to prevent that doomed cold weather launch which caused the rubber o-rings to fail, but they were overruled by the NASA managers who desired a public relations win.

  5. Both America and Russia have powerful telescopes that can look deep into the far away galaxy.
    So, why hasn’t anyone direct their telescopes onto the Moon, esp. at the location where America claimed to have set foot on ???

    • The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photographed the Apollo landing sites from lunar orbit in 2009. You can find them on google. For Apollo 11, you can see the descent stage, and footprints left by Armstrong and Aldrin, still pristine. Of course, the LRO was NASA, so it will do nothing to convince skeptics. They’d rather tell you about Stanley Kubrick.

    • Lol, no one cares about the moon anymore!
      No seriously though, that is the question! Also ESA, Japanese SA, Chinese, etc. all have plenty of telescopes between them. Why don’t we have millions of photos of the dark side of the moon? Why is every agency apparently so disinterested in the moon? It is NASA that is under suspicion, so every piece of information that proceeds from NASA is tainted by the poison tree effect, as well as the fact that we don’t have anything that could not have been manipulated with computer graphics and other theatrics. What we need is independent verification from impeccable sources.
      NASA losing the telemetrics IMHO is the most damning thing of all. It is simply incomprehensible. And the incredible “slips-of-tongue” from various officials saying that they are working ways to “go beyond Low Earth Orbit”!!! It just beggars belief.

  6. All big empires need(ed) myths to survive. The “other side” of this Space Quest Brotherhood (the Angloamerican arch nemesis Slavic Caspian basin Russians) has only recently started to officially question the Western myths (with emphasis on “recently” and “officially”). The “other side” wasn’t capable even to question 9-11 hoax with so much more information available about. But during the last decade things are changing, nobody serious is taught in schools anymore that US had decisively fought and defeated ISIS allthough they certainly gave their best to make Aleppo look like Eastern/Western Berlin. They are the sponsors of lies, myths and propaganda and it is official, so all their previous accolades are under lense and rightfully so. US are a loser evil pathetic army and are propagator of wars, so are the Space Forces if continue to live off their space muffins halucinogen medications or Kubrick imagination. To try to answer the question what they found scary out there in space, well they found out they are bankrupt, if not for Moon then NATO is not needed, Moon or any anthropological or military advance against the evil Russians.

  7. Here I am wondering: it was long ago – the devil who knows when, and now it is impossible to repeat? For America it is inexpensive. Print more money. Lost technology, engineering school in the field of space technology? They told the whole world that they were on the moon like on a picnic and it immediately turned out that videotapes, soil samples – somewhere was all gone … Guys, the whole world trusted you with their gold for The Fort Knox, and everything disappears from you. Even the evidences of Lunar boots on the ground. Unreliable somehow.
    But if seriously: to celebrate a victory, you need to competently start a fight. The United States at that time was losing the USSR in space exploration.
    1. The first artificial satellite of the earth (my mom and dad were born that year). 2 Gagarin (the first in space). 3. Tereshkova (the first woman in space). 4 Leonov (first spacewalk). This is 15 years after the Second World War, when the country turned into ruins!
    Americans needed a feat! No matter what the price. And they gave birth to this feat.
    P.S Personally, I would prefer that they were there, actually.

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