Epstein On Way to Israel? UPDATE 35 to the Second Greatest Story Ever Told


UPDATE 35 Injured? Suicide? The Mossad Cover-Up Continues…

NBC: Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Epstein is easily a bishop on the chessboard between Trump and the Deep State inclusive of its Zionist underbelly. Epstein should be in one of our special detention facilities deep inside a military base with its own perimeter, under safehouse conditions, being systematically debriefed. That he is in a cell where he could commit suicide or be attacked calls into question the competence of President Trump’s national security team (as well as their loyalty — Bolton and Pompeo clearly want Epstein to die and will do everything they can to help destroy all useful information).  The Mossad and CIA and FBI probably have copies of all of the damning videos, what they want to conceal now is WHO was blackmailed and WHAT those being blackmailed did for them. That is precisely what President Trump should be going after.  Clown show — or treason in  the guise of incompetence?  My guess:  the latter. This does however also continue the cover-up pattern of which NBC is clearly a part, to wit, no Mossad to see here folks, move along….

Then of course there is the more subtle plan, which is that this is a prequel to Epstein’s being found “dead” and quickly exported, very much alive, to minister to a cluster of little girls and boys deep inside Israel where many of the leaders are both Satanically possessed and very much in the pedophile and murderous pedophile mode. President Donald Trump is not being responsible about how he looks after this case and neither is Attorney General William Barr.

The veils remain in place:

4th: Les Wexner as financier of fake billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
5th: Mossad control of it all, upgrading from Maxwell’s prostitution ring
6th: CIA and FBI complicity from day one
7th: 49 other Mossad pedophilia entrapment operations, one in each state

Master Post at http://tinyurl.com/Mossad-Epstein or Tom Luongo: Epstein Peak Swamp? Zionist Strike 44 UPDATE 34 Has Mossad Won?

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SPECIAL: Epstein On Way to Israel? UPDATE 35 to the Second Greatest Story Ever Told


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  1. Has anyone noticed that the main actors in this drama have divided loyalties and the first is not the US.

  2. With all that you have reported, Mr. Vivas, how can you continue the think that Mr. Trump will be a solution?

  3. if Epstein is ever successful in killing himself, or just dies, there should be a court order to prevent his body from being removed without a well documented autopsy witnessed by representatives of his victims.

  4. According to articles here on VT Trump himself has plenty to hide and wouldn’t shed any tears if Epstein should be suicided. And when is Slick Willie going to face charges for something? It has been reported he did the Murrah building con to cover up drug running records in Arkansas. Evidently the higher a crook is in our government they can get away with anything. Look at the crooks in Congress voting almost unanimously to outlaw BDS. What a disgrace this country is. BDS Yes. Boycott is the oldest non violent right to protest anywhere in the world. Tell crooks in Israel to shove it.

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