An Intel Drop: Zakzary, Why You Should Care


Free Zakzaky from Gordon Duff on Vimeo.

I worked in and out of Nigeria for two decades, part of that time under the official title of National Security Advisor to the president.  OK, there’s a reason I want people involved here. 

From time to time, religious leaders are something above, Pope John XXIII for one, but also leaders in Iran, Nigeria such as Zakzary, Syria’s Mufti, and when these people happen, the peacemakers and visionaries, that battle begins, good and evil and what we have oversimplified and misnamed as the power and influence of Satan.

Satan is a Christian mythological figure played to a “T” in the Netflix series Lucifer.  No, let’s not badmouth Satan, we live on a planet infected for 200,000 years by malevolence that many choose to serve.  That option is there and some reading this will know exactly what I mean.  For others, the disgusting practices that go far beyond the epidemic of pedophilia is the path to “salvation” at the hands of those that live “beyond.”

Some choose to oppose.  I do what I am able with what I have, limited gifts, perhaps too limited.  Others are a light in the darkness.

The representation of malevolent inhumanity isn’t Zionism or Saudi princes or pussy grabbing buffoons.  These are only the jackals in people suits.

There is a war going on, one that involves all life on this rock, one spoken of by those so much better than me at this, Steve Robertson, Preston James, Jack Heart, those who walk “that side of the street.”  I have been privileged to have been allowed, from time to time, to see.

There are no promises, not from the “good guys,” the promises come from them, they can give you anything and yet nothing at all, less than nothing, an emptiness that transcends time and space.

If you believe the soul survives, then also believe that infectious evil can follow a soul into eternity and beyond.

The things you do here matter.  There’s a film here to watch, a bit of awareness of issues far away involving people you don’t know but I do.

If all you can do is feel and understand, hold back the anger, it is enough.

Look at everything fed you, every single day, the poison and if you think it comes from empty humans you are making a mistake.  We are just one of many species here, one currently wearing out its welcome, perhaps a failed race that may well be rightfully forgotten.

Be an exception.

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  1. Weeelll, it’s always good to remember, everything has to eat, and living things eat other living things.

    So, in the context of what is evil, it almost always comes down to who is trying to eat you. The exception to the rule, is the cheaters, the ones who try to push you in front so you are eaten and not them.

    Welcome to earth, try not to look delicious. And don’t be so quick to make friends, that makes you a target for those who seek others of like kind to feed their predators , in order to gain favor. Everything is simple and there is nothing new under the sun. The cat will show favor if it notices a chipmunk that sends a false signal to entice their brother to cross into danger. It is natural, but disgusting. It favors both parties.

    • Perhaps a good example is the ones who eat and feel guilt and absolve that guilt by transferring energy into the simplest of being. Take the example of the meat eater and grower of plants who by domestication convince the food, that all goes to higher level. And then they do just that. I don’t do it nor have the skill, but have seen those who put spirit into stone or rock, and from then on, the being is alive. That to me speaks of humility and compassion and for what reason would any person do this ? Everything has to eat, and what we do with that energy is important, but the cheaters ,… take it unto themselves only. They don’t understand a clean kill, or even why anyone would conceive such a thing. They consume, and disregard value of anything else that is alive. To them, it is just food, not a living thing. Hail the importance of self. Opposable thumbs of esteem.

  2. To quote from a recent conversation on this topic, and to answer the video’s call to action: Yeah, a fool’s errand, in the best way. worth doing.

  3. Imagine having a business where you could make almost any claims without having to provide any rational explanations and pay almost no taxes. You can tell people they can violate the laws of physics or the laws of chemistry or the laws of mathematics with no consequences. You can tell people they can communicate with the dead but may have to wait a long time for a reply. Just think of the vast sums of money the Catholic Church has conned out of poor and rich all over this Earth. Religion is a license to LIE and CHEAT and STEAL with impunity. Yet how many of these “believers” would buy a car designed by religious leaders instead of engineers? If they would many of our problems would be solved although you or I might be killed in the resulting car accidents. How about having religious priests or rabbis design our bridges and buildings with no use of the laws of physics? Would you enter such a bridge or building? How about planes and ships? Americans are the biggest fools on planet Earth. “There is one born every minute”.

  4. By the way Far sight Institute (remote viewers) have confirmed Your intel about 9-11 been nuked. There is a video an their web site and on YouTube. Perhaps you should check it out – I bet you ll like it!

  5. Long time reader – 1st time poster,

    This rock has been infected by malevolence for more than 200 000 years.
    I try to see the servants of IT simply as a catalyst.

    • Oh, please tell us, what you eat, and how you rationalize it as good and right and fair. Then we can delve into 200, 000 years of history, and the source of malevolence.

      Are we talking human lack of compassion or primal killing instincts or just perhaps a taste for flesh ? If I cook you a ribeye, and you tell me it is disgusting, then I would like to hear more. If you taste it and say it is good or even acceptable, then the issue is finished. I cook my beef with respect and the cow does not hate me.
      In fact, some species view a life as wasted if others do do feed or benefit from it. Everything is simple. The catalyst of all is transformation of food into energy. It is perhaps best to honor that by putting the energy to good use.

    • Odell,
      the way I see it is as follow:

      We have embedded in us both Compassion and Killing instinct as part of a CONract we have made long time ago with the “Siths” when Genes modifications were firsts made. There is no other way to experience the Game here, but to experience and eventually overcome the contaminated DNA commands.
      I do eat meat – protein is 60% of my daily food intake. if I happen to cook meat I do apologize (along the line of times) to the already dead animal (yes – I am miltyD and I can do this “postfactum”)

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