Tanker Seizure a Humiliation for Britain’s “Marines”


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  1. Was Bolton without previous Trump knowledge who managed in persuading the Brits to seize the Grace I tanker off Gibraltar.

  2. There’s a good Russian film about the Somalia’s overtaking a Russian tanker, and the Russians cut a deal with them to leave after they fight it out . Anyways, one of the Russians slips a frag into the somalia’s attack raft and it goes off, after a couple hundred meters from the tanker . Dosvyidonya boys. Black eye patches for all the British Marines – from now on. lol

  3. These are highly trained soldiers following orders…it is those giving the orders higher up that require investigation. Also before you spout off about the type of person that becomes a RM you should look at the recruitment demographic – 75% have school, grad and post grad qualifications. Hardly the dregs of society.

    • Agreed.
      US Marines v Royal Marines ?
      I know who I’d put my money on – the ones who do an eight month commando course rather than a few weeks of general soldier training that anybody could do. Sorry Gordon

  4. Can someone direct me to the portion of the Gospels where Jesus condones the behavior (per Duff’s description) of soldiers from “Christian” countries?

    • Mathew 10:34 , Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

      This verse has been used repeatedly in combat to invigorate troops to do things beyond normal rational behavior, and to not know it, and to not know that it is commonly used or thought of, is detached.

      There are several others. Standard in the trenches or at post, when management deems them useful.

      Worker bees serve the queen. Good luck with all of that. I’d rather be a dragonfly spending the day making swallows work harder for a meal.

    • The Sword of Word of the Truth. So sharp and feared on the empty hand of righteous man, that the lie has to be protected with million men army with cruise missiles. When JFK turned arount the tables of money lenders and got therefore murdered, the big lie thought, finally we got rid of him. No, from then on they’ll never get rid of him.

  5. What business do the EU have declaring sanctions against Syria. Is the EU also controlled by Israel?

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