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[ Editor’s Note: There is an old story about the fox watching the chicken coup. As some anonymous person once said, “You just can’t make this sh_t up!”

We are led to believe that Facebook, which has long been suspected of close ties to “Israeli friendly” people, and who created WhatsApp, is under attack by the Israel-based NSO group.

In the Intel World, the question being asked would be who is being the beard for whom here? If there is anyone on the planet who does not know that the phrase, “we only use your search data to better assist us in target advertising”, is not fully accurate, then they are too stupid to breathe, as Gordon does so love to say.

The history of all these big data gathering search platforms is that, despite who may have started them, they were all acquired by those who saw “multiple uses” for all the personal search data material for profiling and monitoring.

VT missed this along with everybody else, but what makes us different is we eventually figured it out, given enough history to analyze. But the tooth fairy brought us a present, revealing this scam of the century, when a Google exec told us.

He said, “We are soon going to know what you are going to do before you do.” That hit us like a silver bullet between the eyes. We instantly made the tie in between artificial intelligence and profiling in real time enabled by the AI.

For example look at how valuable this combo could be in testing for political hot buttons among all the voter subgroups, and further, even creating such groups to be able to manipulate without their even knowing it, all by offering something free in return for laying themselves bare, and covered by their terms of service agreement.

As scams go, it is currently at the historical top of the heap. But don’t wait for our law enforcement and security orgs to ride to our rescue. They have been cut in on the scam, and are not about to reveal their own participation.

What takes us from dumb to dumber is that we actually pay those folks’ salaries, benefits and pensions for doing this to us. And whose fault is that? Let me know what you think in the commentsJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … July 20, 2019

Israel-based NSO Group became the focus of public attention this spring, when the media reported that its software products are being used to hack WhatsApp messenger, as well as spy on the owners of Android and iOS smartphones.

Spyware from NSO Group can obtain user data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft servers, according to an article in The Financial Times.

While NSO has consistently rejected any espionage or hacking allegations, the company has never denied the development of such technology, prompting many questions among experts.

According to the Financial Times, the infected smartphone provides NSO’s Pegasus software with authentication keys for Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and iCloud cloud services. With this technology, Pegasus manages to bypass two-step authentication and email notification.

Users are not notified of suspicious activity.

Some information security experts doubt the effectiveness of Pegasus, but representatives of Amazon and Facebook have already promised to investigate and strengthen the security measures of their cloud services, if necessary.

It was revealed in May that WhatsApp had been targeted by NSO, according to Forbes.

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  1. It’s hard to tell, where exactly the big scam begins.

    Anyone, who ever learned about “Entscheidbarkeit and Berechenbarkeit”, a German term about a larger subject: Turing ompleteness, should already know, what to think about the term “AI”.

    Programmers like to boost, when it comes from Google or Facebook (a modern way to effectively hide their ture masters), you should awake , Yes, programmers also like to talk about algorithms, each time they don’t want to reveal what kind of mess they really produced.

    I come to my own conclusion: Unless in the Theory of turing completeness there is no term “AI”, forget about it.

    The boosters do real bad things, no doubt, but their self grandizing makes me laugh. The really bad people there and everywhere else code just like you and me (if you program, of course), what’s different is their intention.

    Jack Heart uses to say, there is no good or bad, there is only right or wrong!

    I say, these people are a laughing stock for all who know. Don’t fall for false crap, pay attention for the real bad things they do. Jim correctly summorized this here and – as nearly everytime in the past – nobody of the uncountable mindless people will listen. They just have no time, because they have to finish their next message via …

    As Gordon says, and so it goes.

  2. AI has gotta be one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated so far. Anyone who has ever written code knows they are using a key word algorithm aka “net nanny” of some kind. It is very similar to NSA’s Echelon and FBI’s Carnivore.

    I remember back in the 90’s some housewife sending an email to her friends on AOL that her son’s play “bombed”. Next thing ya know a swat team showed up at her door.

    Maybe I’m wrong but they like to give this impression that they’re omnipotent mainly to scare people.

    Back in the day someone got wise to what key words and phrases triggered Echelon and posted them on the ‘net so a bunch of us used them on every newsgroup and email we could find and actually crashed the program.

    My advice is if one wants to stay free is stay away from Google, Facebook, Twitter and especially whatsapp which is totally controlled by Israel. Also don’t get any computer that uses latest Intel chip because its architecture is designed to allow Unit 8200 total access to your computer.

    “Intel Inside” now means “Israel Inside”.

    • I agree AI is overhyped, at the moment. When Ford was building his factory, there was a lag time. When the Commodore 64 came out, there was a lag time. When the web came, there was a lag time.
      We are in, the lag time. Beyond the lag time is the symbolic World War Z, where sanity will only exist, in two places, unplugged, and behind the plugs. Now is the time to upload the ethics into the program, something of benefit that comes at a price. Everyone is busy.

  3. It is clearly our fault because we thought that they give us something for free, while every other thing on this world has its price. Nothing is for free now not even breathing Oxygen in and CO2 out from cradle to gave. You must pay for your own enslavement resp, our parents paid for it in form of a birth certifiacte to the profit of others, But did we know better until now ? No but this is no excuse for the future

    • One mans garbage is another mans treasure. They got cargo ship loads for free. And not just there, it was lots of people who saw the value in generating conversation and sifting their inboxes. A net was cast. I think it was such a mouthful they are still chewing.

    • It is our own fault to trust people who “always have our best interst at heart” our money and interest on it. We think they are like our parents or mothers but from the moement we leave home of our parents we should trust no one.

  4. In ancient science the question was asked. Is one day different from another in noticeable ways other than weather and seasons ? This gave birth to many calendars, some better than others. Then the question was asked, are any of these differences related to or have an effect on or by, a date of birth of a person or any creature ? The answers birthed a millennia of thought and sacred schools. Astrology came later. One guy told me, ‘we keep track of over 20 calendars, the Haab is the one that is 365.25, we only use that one for accounting”. The first thing you do when signing up for facebook is enter your dob.I’ve been at this for 12 years now. And you are right. you can’t make this stuff up. Yale’s little secret was revealed in “Three Perfect Strangers” which shows how they studied twins which is the dogmatic way to prove synchronicity. That is not how it’s done. It is not far fetched to see , that any person can be located within a few meters, after being missing for years, by using date of birth. This throws a wrench in the free will discussion, but I counter with, not if the people know what day it is. That is why the information has been systematically wiped from the face of the earth. I am certain of this.

    • While the vilification of such studies as astrology and calendars has been thorough, the same wealthy and high positioned people have used it to acquire all sorts of things. I was being taught an Egyptian calendar by this guy, who didn’t have a phone and the only way I could go see him was to park down the street and walk down to knock on the basement window to see if he was in there. he almost always was. It had been a couple months, and I stopped by, he opened the door and took me right to his wall and said “the red pin right there..
      It was an entire chart he had done two weeks prior for that day, and the red pin was my arrival within 3 minutes. Since then, things are a bit different. My opinion is the best thing to do for security sake, is to ensure the system has built in ethics installed, which is possible and actually quite simple. It’s just like any other machine, you just need a skilled operator. Pretty sure they’re still fumbling around, but not for much longer.

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