An Intel Drop: Trump’s “Yeah, Waco was My Idea” Tweet and more

Trump asked friends in Israel to erase this photo from our servers...and of course now we secure it and will use it continually

Editor:  Things you might ask?  Why did we edit the heading here?  Answers:

  • Our version is real, Trump murdered these people.  His backers are fucking morons and psychopaths and when they kill people in his name, the fat fuck needs to take credit.  We believe he genuinely enjoyed this killing anyway…in fact we absolutely know it.
  • The MSM loves using “fuck” all the time now, as does TV.  Most of us at VT are former active duty military, I’m a Marine combat vet, and we used “fuck” and much worse continually, usually when talking with children or pets.
  • OK, today I am sitting here again, waiting for that call from Steele and others, when Trump wakes up, stops acting like a fucking moron, and lands on Israel, cutting all military aid and sending in American troops to clean them out of the West Bank, as promised.  In fact, I am even easier on Israel than many Trumpsters.  I have a staff filled with Jews and “Messicans” along with varying Muslim and “Greaser” types not to speak of the real Africans.  Trump hates them all as do Trump supporters, particularly “those dirty rat faced stinking kike Jew fucks” as Trump people talk about them constantly.  For VT, they are our friends, our staff, our family and we draw a very real line between KosherNostra/ADL billionaire America hating gangster assholes and Jewish people who run businesses, teach our kids and who have intermarried with the rest of us, after all about half of us are of Eastern European ancestry, certainly all Northern European/German’s are (learn your fucking history assholes) and pay the few bucks, get your genes tested.
  • And, getting real, Trump is a childish asshole, an ignorant little cowardly bitch who I believe spent more time bent over a bar stool than “doing” super models, according to our several good friends in common.  He didn’t make the assholes that follow him, they were here with their heads up “W” and Cheney’s ass as well and the old ones kissing Nixon’s gonads as well.  All hate blacks, despise Jews and are now taught that Muslims (most in the US aren’t Arab’s at all) and look, as with Jews, exactly like the rest of us.  Worse still, this hate for those in the Middle East, way more are Christians than imagined as well.
  • It might well be time we sat down together and came to some hard decisions.  First, to get rid of our cheap ass fake constitution and if you want someone to carry a public debate about the founding fathers and what the constitution really means, I will gladly do so…against all comers….please, empty a fake law school and let me loose.  It would be fun.
  • There is nothing wrong with people owning guns, silenced guns, machine guns, things like that.  Killing people is something else.
  • What is wrong…is for a government made up of people who take payoffs from the rich and stick the rest of us in the ass.  That has to end and all those involved need to be imprisoned or sent out of the country…and we mean tens of thousands.
  • Police….we have created a problem there.  Good police need to be protected from bad police, I know this one personally.  I don’t want ass kissing cowards in police forces but I do want police to be backed up, paid well, trained well and protected.  In return, simply stop shooting dogs, veterans and assholes.
  • For other issues?  Trump gets his wall, no reason for him not to have it.  What I worry about is keeping us in, not keeping “them” out.  Here, where I live, our Hispanic population does all the work.  Without them, we would be dead in the water.  But I also realize that I live in a Disneyland area at least 10 miles or more from anyone with a tan, much less foreign sounding name except for the Dutch and Norwegians, which has its own issues I assure you.  The Devos and Prins (Prince) family helicopters can drive you crazy, that and the bad vibes they put out from ‘moronicality.’
  • Every American deserves the right to live in safety.  They also deserve the right to get a foot up their ass whenever they deserve it, littering, screwing their own kids, threatening people on social media, running scams, junk corporate super-farm agriculture needs to end…we need to clean the filth and cheats out of this country, the corporations that live off it and gut the stock values of those who invest without thought of what damage they do.
  • Past this, get rid of most of the fucking military, the time wasters and the criminals that partner with our fake congress to rob us blind.  No more aircraft carriers, no more nuclear missiles, no more spy organizations that spy on us but NEVER do anything else.
  • Then clean out television, shut down 99% of the internet, kill Fakebook, Youtube, fix WINDOWS (even more) and dump all collected data on everyone.
  • We then end fake credit rackets, kill 90% of the credit card business, clean out banking and then start the real job.
  • End fake food.
  • From there….decide what real medical care really is, how long people should live and in how much pain and make the fake medical industry, and not all of it is fake, the VA for sure, but much else as well, offer meaningful optical, dental and medical care to Americans under tightly controlled costs using every advance we can afford and we can afford it all once we sink the fucking aircraft carriers and bury the nuclear missiles under concrete.
  • Then we hunt down the assholes….and you know who I mean.

Daily Beast: President Trump tweeted late Tuesday night questioning the authenticity of 2020 Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke’s name and telling the former Texas representative to “be quiet.” “Beto (phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage) O’Rourke, who is embarrassed by my last visit to the Great State of Texas, where I trounced him, and is now even more embarrassed by polling at 1% in the Democrat Primary, should respect the victims & law enforcement – & be quiet!” Trump wrote. The president will travel to El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Wednesday after a shooter attacked a Walmart on Saturday in El Paso, killing 22, and another shooter killed nine people at a bar in Dayton on Sunday.

O’Rourke hasn’t held back his criticism of Trump over the past few days, and he was quick to respond to the president’s tweet. “22 people in my hometown are dead after an act of terror inspired by your racism,” he wrote. “El Paso will not be quiet and neither will I.” While at a vigil for the victims of the shooting Sunday night, he compared the president’s rhetoric to the Third Reich. “We have a president right now who traffics in this hatred, who incites this violence, who calls Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, calls asylum seekers animals and an infestation,” he said. “You may use that word in the Third Reich to describe those who are undesirable, who must be put down because they are subhuman.” Speaking to reporters after the vigil, O’Rourke said the president is “inciting racism and violence in this country,” along with other expletives.

Donald J. Trump


Beto (phony name to indicate Hispanic heritage) O’Rourke, who is embarrassed by my last visit to the Great State of Texas, where I trounced him, and is now even more embarrassed by polling at 1% in the Democrat Primary, should respect the victims & law enforcement – & be quiet!

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  1. Yes Data is being mined by plenty of Zionist Entities ……… In my view the unsuspecting Goyim just enjoys the Internet While the Zionists have Targets that need to be met ……… Fakebook , Whatsapp and everything else is a weapon for Zionist domination and blackmail ……… its all crappy if youre on the internet then they’re looking up yiour rear hole all the time till they decide to strike you …….. Since all is backdooored and data mined so i have the strategy of Doing Everything with a stubborn persistance that i’ll be doing Everything without mincing words to giving the respect that is not due ……. so i do everything without any doubts or shyness …….. Yesterday I was updating my Windows 10 and i came across a number of patches , sme patches for windows , some patches for Windows firewall and windows defender etc etc , Everything seemed the Usual [email protected] till I came across a ” Security Intelligence Update ” ……. now this Security Intelligence seems very very highly suspicious …….. think about the title chosen for this certain update to ALL Windows ……..

    • ……..BUT now the way I Figure it IF ALL Winows computers are maybe 1000% compromised ( in a way that the machine might get too too busy spying on you to have the time to do the chores that you want the computer to do for You but it’s too busy spying on You) ….. but with all Windows reporting on their owners so now Everyone using Windows is under surveillance and its both Zionists And NonZionist so now Everybody is at a Stupid Risk ……. We the Goyim were getting it anyway but I love it When the crazy powers start grabbing their own because their own guys computer squeeled on his certain something …… this is a newer and a Higher level of the Madness , it’s Madness gone Wild ……

  2. The rant was good, because it comes from the heart. Count me in, except for the hunting down part, as I don’t own so much as a machete. Speaking of which, I guess they will probably add machetes to their list of weapons to be confiscated, after that S. Calif. murder spree by a Hispanic guy driving a silver Mercedes, making him pretty easy to find. If the “bipartisan” solution for the latest mass murders is going to be Red Flag laws empowering the poorly-trained foreign psychiatrists in this country who are already making obscene amounts of money, that would be the real Soviet USSA.

    • The hospital shrinks around here are foreign-born and trained, lots of Freudians. Mostly Middle east and Far east countries. Iran, Pakistan, etc.

  3. “It might well be time we sat down together and came to some hard decisions. First, to get rid of our cheap ass fake constitution and if you want someone to carry a public debate about the founding fathers and what the constitution really means, I will gladly do so…against all comers….please, empty a fake law school and let me loose. It would be fun.”

    According to Anna Von Reitz and the Living Law Firm, there are three (count ’em) “Constitutions”, a Federal amalgamation of states held in abeyance, still awaiting “Reconstruction” after 150 years, and a host of frauds and rip-offs ever since. Call it the corporatization of The United States of America (please note the proper capitalization).

    I for one would dearly appreciate your having a discussion — not sure it would be much of a debate — with Anna Von Reitz. She has posted and published a great deal of material, so you will not have a hard time finding her work or, for that matter, Anna herself.

    • as for fake judge anna….another attention seeker

      enough of those…

      it’s time for serious people to do serious work and time for assholes that think they know what they are doing to get the fucking boot up the ass

    • One thing about the DOI and the CoUS is they sure are purdy. Problem is the Government runs rampant over it at will especially the Bill of Rights due to “compelling interest”. Never been able to find that phrase in either doc.

  4. Ah yes – the F word – frowned upon in Russia – However- when i use it because I’m Pissed off – it get Everyone’s attention. And automatically — people leave me alone. I have tried to explain the word and its many meanings – { not always a verb but an adjective – also } They really understand it when driving but it’s a very bad word because it means – you are my bitch – as in when you are in the Gulag. Very dangerous – sometimes.

    • When any curse word is overused it loses its effect to shock. As of now, there is no longer any really bad curse word in American English.

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