Not the Time for Gun Control (video)



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  1. Not the time for gun control? It’s over. As soon as they pass background checks it will somehow include a mental exam with some government shrink and there goes the opportunity to purchase guns. And I’m sure it will include some sort of litmus test for gun owners. Bullshit fake shootings. Walmart has how many cameras? Not one video or are we too fragile to see it? beto laughing like that sandy hook parent. When they gutted the Smith-Mundt act it opened the propeganda flood gates. How about freedom of the press? free speech? pgh post-gazette has instituted a policy that if you do not subscribe to their paper you are banned from the articles comments section. I delivered that paper 56 yrs ago. 13 yrs old. 95 copies on my route. Talk about child labor laws. I’m going to go away and think about more things to bitch about.

    • 300 million people in the USA, more then 300 million legal guns plus however many more illegal ones. That’s more than 300 million guns too many for a civilised nation. Not that I’m accusing the USA of being civilised.

    • If we count the unjustified murders by military and police, nobody is close. We are the most violent culture the world has seen. Abroad and at home. We are armed to the teeth, and even the deranged can have as much as they want. tick tock tick tock

  2. I did laugh at the video although it was scary. We here in the US own guns but the US is not the murder capital of the world. I think that is Guatamala. Or somewhere. But not here. The whole premise for taking guns or not allowing people to have guns is bogus. I also think it is both bogus and unconstitutional to tell me where I can shop! But as far as guns are concerned my considered opinion is that I would feel a lot safer if I went to the movies and everyone was carrying a gun. If some nut comes into the movie theatre and starts to shoot random people – well, maybe they would not to be so quick to do this if they knew everyone was armed – but if they did, then somebody could disable them before the person killed 40 people. Interesting aside – Israel has walls around it (40 feet high). I also hear that Israeli teachers carry guns. If Israel does this why don’t we?

    • Biggest mass shooting ever was in France followed by Norway both countries that heavily restrict the possession of fire arms. Go figure.

    • “When it comes to gun massacres, the US is an anomaly.
      There are more public mass shootings in America than in any other country in the world.”

      We are first in gun ownership per capita, and Yemen is second. A distant second.

      Deaths by Police are not counted in gun homicide rates. They are considered justified.
      Rage against the Machine- Killing in the name of.

  3. Gun control means hitting what your aiming at and that’s it. What they call “gun control” is an effort to disarm the public before rolling in their Zionist police state.

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