Open Letter to the President: Losing Base, On Probation — Time to Control Baseball Bats?


Mr. President,

I just finished an interview with a major Christian network and the consensus is that you have lost a third of your base and this gun control idiocy is making Sanders-Gabbard look good in some circles — a travesty all its own.

Take your YADA YADA YADA to the next level. Here’s your next press release:

I strongly support the registration of all baseball bats, and licensing of the right to own a bat, together with mandatory training in the safe use of a baseball bat. The training should be repeated every two years, as unsafe habits can creep back in without the strictest government oversight and micro-management of the extremely serious threat to our obese children that are too slow to run away from a crazed lunatic wielding a lethal baseball bat. This is of such great importance to our nation that I am ordering the Department of Homeland Security to create a Baseball Bat Authority (BBA), make that a model, and then move down the lethality pecking order to create separate new Authorities for the control of hockey sticks, lacross sticks, tennis rackets, and so on. Eventually handball players should be required to register their hands and demonstrate safe hand use practices.

Mr. President, please get a grip. Defend the Constitution (especially 1, 2, 4), do Mossad/CIA/FBI-Epstein and 9/11 disclosure, and introduce #UNRIG to entice the 70% you are ignoring back into the electoral process. You should be calling for nation-wide Open Carry and confronting the FBI over allowing false flag events — 3-4 shooters in El Paso — how is it you are not speaking to this?

You still have my vote but you are on probation.

Very respectfully,
Robert David Steele


2012: Eagle: We MUST Control Baseball Bats

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  1. Shout out… if your peaceful protest is receiving IED threats maybe unfortunately very sadly and deepstate wise maybe we should suspect elements of…. FBI Counter-IED Operations
    Programs within the Counter-IED Section (C-IEDS) play a vital role in the Bureau’s strategic objective to prevent and effectively respond to terrorist or criminal use of hazardous devices, explosives, and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). There are probably good and bad cutouts in this section of the FBI… one would have to suspect the bad cutouts being involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing also. Just asking I do not know….. Please Deep State Operatives please stop doing this to our country. We need some whistleblowers from these Deep State FBI black ops

    • When the International Deep State/ Internal to US deep state starts blowing things up in the US/us … 9/11, Oklahoma city, Boston Bombing, Mandalay Bay shooting, First World Trade Center Bombing then they are taking Gladio type operations internal to the United States.

    • Funny as in ironic. I was just thinking of the parallels between the OKC bombing and the recent shooting in El Paso. It wouldn’t surprise me to find the SPLC and the ADL involved in this latest False Flag operation as well.

      I remember after 9/11 they were saying “We are all Israelis now!”. Actually it’s more like we are all Palestinians now.