Intel Drop: The Truth on Epstein Emerging, Where are His Massive Blackmail Files?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

US Attorney General William Barr is personally protecting Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell holds the key to Epstein’s personal blackmail files; the big file is on Trump, but more than 2000 names are there, video, DNA, lots of DNA, lots of “blue dresses,” outlining the biggest “honey trap” in spy history.

Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of unspeakable acts against innumerable children, of running a massive human trafficking ring for Washington “elites” of the National Prayer Breakfast and AIPAC, and now stands “above the laws of g-d and man.”

A close friend co-chaired this organization but had to be silenced. Though a 3-term congressman and former UN ambassador, he was arrested for treason and eventually blackmailed into serving 18 months in prison, where he was given a rare form of cancer that he miraculously survived.  

Of course, she is holding the files, and we wonder how many of the 500 people Michael Cohen threatened were parents of children.

Trump addressing “The Family” with bagels and Long Island Ice Tea at 8 AM, smashed out of his mind….

They burned everyone and now control the White House. They got in by taking down two organizations, first AIPAC, easy to do because it was AIPAC that funded the spy operation in the first place through “philanthropists” and “socialites” who give away billions in stolen cash to launder their public personas that, behind the fancy gowns and black ties, is pure mob.

This is the organization built by Meyer Lansky and Roy Cohn, then handed off to the “Neocons” who put a fake political face on the mob and now work day and night to control Donald Trump, a pure “loose cannon.”


Two weeks ago, Epstein went to officials at the Manhattan Corrections Center and told them of a plot to murder him by Israeli intelligence. This is a fact.

The organization that runs the National Prayer Breakfast, known as “The Family,” has been deeply compromised by the Epstein/Maxwell/Trump effort on behalf of Euro-trash “Black Nobility” and the Kosher Nostra. Shrimpton calls them the “DVD”, and Ben Fulford has his own names as well.

We also know that Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s partner, who is accused in nearly every crime, has never been questioned and moves around freely like an Avengers superhero.

She is holding Epstein’s blackmail files. The star of these is Donald Trump, with evidence of child rape, multiple events at the top of the list.

Past this, nearly 1/3rd of the members of “The Family” are involved as well:

The Netflix film covers the most powerful organization in the world, whose heads include Veterans Today’s Mark Siljander, a good friend of this writer, but also former Attorney General Edwin Meese. If you don’t believe it, watch Trump:

Every member of the Supreme Court, every former US President, over 80 current heads of state, every senior member of congress, every leader of American business belongs.

This was the organization targeted by Maxwell and Epstein on behalf of an intelligence organization serving the Kosher Nostra crime organization that runs Israel and the secret governments of Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Brazil, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Greece, Canada, Colombia, Australia, India and Japan.

Authors Benjamin Fulford and Michael Shrimpton write of these groups, and others are aware. This is the real power behind all crime, all terrorism, every sanction, every war, every major drug transaction, every market crash.

To maintain control, only 200 people needed to be compromised, half of them belonging to The Family, where we believe some of the finest people we know of now share membership with monsters, something the Netflix exposé will make clear. Of course, we have our own sources, but tearing down The Family and the National Prayer Breakfast is not a VT agenda item.

As for Epstein, until we have convincing proof that he was not replaced by a body double or spirited out of the country, we will assume that he was not betrayed by Maxwell and that his massive blackmail files on Trump led Attorney General William Barr, working with his lifelong partners at the CIA (which include Robert “the Mule” Mueller) and Israeli intelligence, to get Epstein to safety.

Either way, Epstein was believed to be a danger to the presidency and had to be eliminated. If he is alive, then a door is still open.

Now we look at William Barr.  Barr is backed by CNN, the New York Times and 200 media moguls who are fully complicit with Epstein, all of whom “did time,” not just with the little boys and girls, a scenario that led to the death of Scalia, but more.

From a highly classified report:

“The aftermath of World War II, and the defeat of the occultist powers, Germany and Japan, by Russia and the West, is not an untold story, just one subject to military secrecy.

The occultist societies that drove those surrounding Hitler and the Japanese emperor were nothing new.  Occultism, witchcraft, communing with entities such as jinns and demons is very much a part of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

In addition, Hinduism and Buddhism are wrought with references to such entities.

The question we will be asking ourselves here is whether these beliefs, a less public but real part of our major religions today, often “closeted” as exorcism is within the Catholic Church, represent a valid expression of non-ordinary physics, another term for “magic,” or are the thousands of years of such practices entirely delusional?

We will be looking at this path today as the secret societies John Kennedy warned the United States of in his address at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on April 27, 1961, are all, in fact, based on occult ritual and represent, even among the most innocent sounding groups, at some level, attempts to commune with “the old gods.”

One reason, and there are many, that this subject is topical is that we have received confirmations that occultist practices within the US military have become common since the end of the Vietnam War.

Occultist organizations have been discovered, initially at The Presidio in the 1980s, where first dozens, then hundreds of officers were recruited and took part in rituals outlined by Karl Maria Wiligut for the German SS.

Our sources tell us that the failures of Vietnam led the American military, which by the 1980s had become institutionally corrupt and almost pitiable, to align themselves with occultists that had taken control of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Almost all that is reported of such efforts and the legacy that has grown rather than diminished of these efforts is deeply veiled. After all, what are secret societies without secrecy?”

The report goes on from here, right into Epstein’s back yard, right into dozens of national leaders that, so often, find themselves part of the Neocon fake “coalitions of the willing,” leaders who have butchered children at ceremonies, who have, and we aren’t kidding, sought out demonic possession out of personal obsession with promised eternal life.

This is what is behind it all, but I suspect that, once reading this, the truth rings like a bell.

We have so much more, we have it all. We are only releasing this, just as a demonstration.


There is no one out there to fix anything, no one that cares, not really. This, and similar VT material, will be all that the current “worst generation of all time” will leave behind as a legacy, proving humanity still exists.

Cry for yourselves.

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  1. If secrecy is the hallmark of their power, then “conspiracy theories” are not theories. To call these people at their heart, occultist, is to give them credit for the mastery of some dark arts. Rather, at their base, they are nothing but empty, self-serving criminals. Apes, with their unfettered one hundred percent genetic makeup, have more honor. You’ve painted a dystopian nightmare, and I do cry.

  2. A sexually insatiable globe trotter with connections everywhere, money and means galore, a connoisseur of youth and vitality, unabashedly obsessed with the female form and touch, already holding a winning record against law and death, does not lose hope after a few weeks in jail. His value, alive, is measured by the power to those who have him. I feel bad for the girls, but…
    I can name a 100 priests (plus 1000 that can’t be named) who had more victims, younger, more maliciously recruited with more sinister agendas, dozens of private islands, infinite cash and access, transferred and not charged after being caught, allowed to continue, all under one organization that still to this day, gets millions in government contracts to care for at risk children. The Epstein noise is embarrassing and ridiculous. The power of the “Family” means no charges, no stoppage of contracts. Religious Oligarchy is what we have. Mostly foreign based. That is the first exorcism we need.

  3. Epstein’s dead man’s switch is a weapon of mass destruction and most likely has a hair trigger. Israel is not a real state. It is a banker’s concoction, meant to empower the rich and enable them to roam the world committing crimes, then get sanctuary in Israel. Israel’s East European citizens, pretending to be Semites, while the real Semites are imprisoned in a Gulag, is more window dressing. Pretending Suicide from pressure and guilt is American secret police SOP. An example: Bruce Ivins.

  4. I have no insider contacts or knowledge from past employment. All I can do is read the news. Which means I have mostly misinformation. Epstein did seem to be a vehicle to expose corruption to viewers of mainstream media, but like Andy Warhol’s concept of a killing joke, Epstein’s supposed death instead confirms the control corruption has over our governments and institutions.

    Makes one re-evaluate Heidi Fleiss. A child victim of the previous generation publisher/blackmail racket that turned predator and exploiter herself as an adult but was able to submit to criminal prosecution without being destroyed by her powerful customers. A fate that DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey could not survive to see.

  5. This is the best place ever, to find conspiracy theories…
    Scalia was bumped off by Dems so they could get control of Supreme Court. That was frustrated by GOP. but no worries, as Hitlery was 100 million to one to be the new POTUS. Trump pissed on that with a big win and appointed Neil Gorsuch to replace Scalia, then Kavanaugh to strengthen his position. RBG could well be like the mother in Psycho, propped up dead in a chair somewhere… to prevent another appointment to SC. I’m still sure that Trump is part of the solution, not part of the problem, but I’ll change my Ming if I have facts that fit…. not wild conspiracy theories as we have enough of those already.
    The great thing about the Epstein story is that millions are being red pilled as the official narrative is not credible. I can’t wait to see how this all works out over the next few weeks. Could be a story quietly buried, or a firework being lit.

    • “What I think matters…..figure out why.” – GD

      “There is no one out there to fix anything, no one that cares, not really.” – GD

      Sadly, the second quote appears to invalidate the first quote.

    • As to cayres post Gordon rightly replied yet there’s more to remark. Given the avalanche of fact and actual history that has been put forth the last decade by those who sacrificed much to do so, and even barring that, given what’s been in our faces as to myriad problems upon us, it’s rather stupid to get on the web at this point and taunt those who do what they can to share what they can. Also I wouldn’t be so eager to ‘see how things work out’ -about anything going on, which he writes as if all that’s going on is some sort of game or doesn’t affect him. With all I know it yet amazes how the expansion of stupidity has been such a ‘success’, unfortunately to detriment of everyone including those of effort.
      There are many, example of one years ago, in talking to a guy I said -here are a couple websites you might want to view and share and he said ‘nah don’t need that but hey I’d help fund a revolution’. I said what ? sort of choking trying to find a response. Beside the failure to engage the fact that life requires personal effort, he actually assumed he could just throw twenty bucks at whatever and all the situations we face -because of that sort of ignorance, would just go away. So much stupidity. And ‘fund’ who, the magic revolution fairy? Wouldn’t do basic things like share info, instead sat around telling himself ‘fund revolushun’. So much ignorance. In any case much appreciation for your effort and articles Gordon, and others here who shared effort over the years.


    • As w/bee’s post deserves analysis will comment on this also as it may have value to others. Will be two parts as comment size is limited. I would argue that GD’s sentences are not dichotomous if we look at various contexts. The statement ‘no one out there to fix anything’ -if we look at the masses, many of whom are informed yet do nothing, and as no magic genie is coming to ‘fix’ anything, and as many who have tried to make effort have been or are running out of energy, the statement is true. As to ‘no one that cares’, see above, and as to GD there is context as to mind of writer, he may care sometimes, or may not sometimes. We could argue that the act of writing even in negativity is still an act of caring, and sometimes is, though again context as to the writer, may be true sometimes, or not true. For instance as to myself as time has gone by sometimes my writing is not about caring but about spite. As to GD ‘what I think matters’, in terms of history and those who oppose situations it hasn’t/’doesn’t matter’ in that unfortunately no difference has been made as to change the course -but that isn’t the only context or litmus.

    • – There is the context of what he does in other various work wherein what he thinks matters, and as to context of sharing truth, again using self as example what I think and put forth in my efforts mattered, it mattered to my self-value, and mattered to other persons of effort because effort is energy. The last item occurred to me over time in looking at other’s including GD’s efforts the same way, in thinking or slim hope other’s effort could make a difference it gave energy, therein such efforts mattered to some of us, therefore thinking/effort does matter, in that context. Personally, beside being alive, the effort of others is the thing I am most grateful for, or rather for knowing of, from those of yesterday to those of today who make effort despite the ignorant. The highest pursuit in life is the effort of self determination alongside others who also give themselves in focus of the future. So, while the quotes may seem contradictory there is more context to consider than just the face of two quotes side by side. I’ve thought about these things quite a bit as others must have also, comes with the territory of making effort, realizing a chasm, and thereby viewing effort and intent for what they are, aside from result.


  6. I agree with RDS. The body being wheeled out on the gurney wasn’t all that convincing. Of course anyone that notes such things is immediately accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” which has going on since Mark Lane published Rush to Judgment. Only back then they were just harmless “crack pots”. Now they’re upping the ante by labeling anyone who doesn’t accept the official story as “terrorists”.

    Push is coming to shove it seems.

  7. There was also sort of occultism around when birth of Soviet Union, originally 85% of comissars being Jewish. Centuries back elite White supremacists, with their Jewish lackeys, last century and today maybe more Jewish supremacists with their White lackeys. My bet is Epsteins still alive and well, they just made him a “ghost”, that is in psychological sense more frightening than living man for blackmailed.

    But is the case bringing in Epstein action or reaction. Is it direct threat to politicians to vote right on upcoming war on Iran and economical meltdown to rember to support bank bailouts. Or is it crackdown for leading politicians of two branch (Rep/Dem) one party (Fed) systems to put their lower rank partymembers in position demanded by their superiors, not their voters.

  8. Hello, I’d like to serve in public office. I’m taking a stand against Satanism, Child Torture and Sacrifice, and Pedophelia. I have no other qualifications. In fact I shovel shit in Louisiana. Well let’s get behind our new candidate. I wish it were that simple.

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