Rather than accede to a Just world where the truth is more important than the security of their empire they brought it back from its frozen entombment and nurtured it back to fitness, even improved it, in places like Fort Detrick, Porton Down and Camp King. By the fall of 1950 it was ready and they attacked the San Francisco Bay area in the cowardly fashion which is their calling card with “Operation Sea Spray.” By fog shrouded boats they sprayed the burgeoning new intellectual capital of the West and its university, where Berkeley’s work was catalyzing its long awaited renaissance.

By “1966, America’s armed forces are known to have biologically and chemically attacked its own citizens at least 239 times in eight American cities, among them New York City the world’s financial center.” The British “not to be outdone by the antics of the colonies” as a matter of public record are known to have attacked theirs over a hundred times during the same period. Always both ‘counties’ used the same bacterial pathogens; S marcescens and lab engineered Bacillus along with zinc cadmium sulphide to feed their pets… (86)

The world destroying bacteria did its work well and it wasn’t long before the malignant tumor called the RAND Corporation, which they had planted up the coast in Santa Monica only the year before Operation Sea Spray, metastasized into Silicon Valley and afflicted an entire world with its chronic and debilitating malaise called Transhumanism.

Suddenly Berkeley didn’t matter anymore and the greatest philosopher the west could produce, at least that they understood in their mentally handicapped condition, was a Russian Jewish shrew with a latent lesbian disposition and a penchant for stating their motto “greed is good” with every other sentence she wrote. For Ayn Rand and the Rand Corporation, Atlas Shrugged and dropped the ball because he just didn’t give a shit anymore which was fine with them.

They picked it up and gave it to Captain Kirk and his comic book creator Gene Rodenberry. No one asked any questions by the time Atlas Shrugged and was replaced by a Hollywood buffoon and ham of an actor. They had infected everyone in the West except for maybe Howard Hughes who knew they were coming and lived out his life in hiding. They even infected the Queen of England in the Sabotage Trials when the subway under Whitehall in London was sprayed.

Duncan Roads sources say there is no cure, so do mine… But George Berkeley’s “few, niggardly, narrow inlets of perception” may very well be coming from the highest authority. Margaret Lanterman, the Log Lady in Twin Peaks was able to communicate with disembodied entities using a pine log she carries with her everywhere she goes.

The Pineal Gland or “Third Eye” is shaped like and thus named after a pine cone. “The Egyptian Staff of Osiris, dating back to approximately 1224 BC, depicts two intertwining serpents rising up to meet at a pinecone.” Assyrian palace carvings depict Gods holding out pine cones as do ancient Hindu sculptures. There is a three story fountain fixture in the likeness of a pine cone said to date back to Rome and the staff of Dionysus is topped with a pine cone. “Catholic religious tradition is intricately interwoven with pinecones, perhaps most prominently atop the sacred staff carried by the Pope himself…” (87)

George Berkeley may yet have the last laugh. The last book he wrote was in 1744. He is the poster child for inexplicable but most inexplicable of all is the title of that book: Siris:A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning the Virtues of Tarwater, And divers other Subjects connected together and arising one from another

And He Gave Me A Pine Tree Seed And Said Escape Before It’s To Late



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