Gay Blackmail? Did the Mossad Kill Epstein to Protect MBS and Kushner?


Before Jeffrey Epstein met Donald Trump, 1987, Epstein, though a Jew and not allowed in Saudi Arabia under any normal legal circumstances according to law, lived in that country.  Epstein was even issued a Saudi passport under a non-Jewish name but with Epstein’s photo.  Then came this story, censored in the US as is so often the case.  From the UK Independent, very much MSM:

“Before we left the room he (Epstein) took me to a wall covered with framed photographs. He pointed to a full-length shot of a man in traditional Arab dress. “That’s MBS,” he said, referring to Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The crown prince had visited him many times, and they spoke often, Epstein said.”

What would happen if a Saudi crown prince was exposed as being gay?  We know Epstein was gay, absolutely for sure, and in a decades long monogamous relationship with a MEGA billionaire.  Also, this aspect of Epstein’s life is no concern of ours nor his personal relationship.

Too many closeted gays, particularly the Bush 43 “Gay Mafia,” engaged in continual gay bashing to cover their trail.  It is happening again.

We know this, Trump and his handlers, are being told to push every conspiracy theory out there, sleeping guards, fake autopsy, anything to cover up the Daily Mail story, Epstein asking for protection which was refused by Attorney General William Barr, who really represents Kushner, Trump, MBS and Netanyahu, aided by his closest friend, Robert Mueller.

From 1987 to 2002, Trump and Epstein met, not dozens, but hundreds of times according to sources that sat at the table with them.

More and more we are looking at Trump and Epstein and the “gay card” keeps getting played.


“I have the largest penis in the world and feel like I was in Vietnam because I screwed so many sexually promiscuous women that I may have gotten aids.  I should get a medal of some kind.”

This is what Trump said, not directly but very very close.  Sounds like a very “gay” statement to me.

Then of course, his youth, spent dating Roy Cohn who Roger Stone says wasn’t a real homosexual but liked having sex with young men (like Donald Trump).

We have good friends who worked in the Bush (43) White House, now with VT.  You had about as much chance of meeting a heterosexual there as being struck by lightning on a sunny day.  We think it is happening again.

Is Trump “trash talk and a beard?”

Then we have Trump and Epstein.  Epstein, we are told, screwed 3 teenage girls a day but only one came forward and it looks to me like she is being paid to make Epstein look not so gay.  Then we have someone to talked to Epstein the day Les Wexner married a woman.

Epstein was devastated.  Les bought Epstein a home near his in Columbus, gave Epstein his $77m home in New York and an airliner.  I am not going to trash Wexner.  The JTA (Jewish Telegraph Agency) sent me this today:

The relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and Jewish philanthropist Leslie Wexner, explained
The megadonor is not being investigated for wrongdoing, but his ties with the convicted sex offender are bedeviling the Jewish community.

I have many personal friends in the Columbus area including Wexner business associates (and their lawyers.)

VT has no need to smear people.

BTW, take a good look at Jared Kushner.

What we also have evidence of is a large number of gay Jewish men with lots of money who make up the majority of the “power elites” who bought/rented wives from agencies and “Maxwell” types.  We have the names of some of those who set up these relationships.

Women were all put under non-disclosures and pre-nuptial agreements, they were guaranteed a certain amount of money, some had to agree to artificial insemination, they had contracts that compelled them to keep affairs secret, to act as socialites and philanthropist and to be civil in public.

…and hold the asshole’s hand from time to time no matter how much they despised doing so…

There is never any real courtship, no history of meeting the way people normally do, of falling  in love….only of being introduced.

Then we have Robert Steele’s work identifying how goyim girls are fed Jewish husbands.

I expect we have some women readers out there.  In real life, women would all marry pirates and live adventures, not fatass “andro-trash talkers” or MEGA wimps.

Yes, there are women who were abused, some in many different ways, that seek out weak men, androgynous males, “daddy figures” or worse.

In this entire crowd, the sewer of New York and Washington….you can pick them out.  Who would marry Lindsey Graham?  Catch a video of him talking sometime.

Then look at the group photos of the fake philanthropists.

A woman needs to be writing this, not me.  Perhaps one might jump into the comments.

Oh, where did we begin, ah, MBS and his Wexner type relationship with Epstein?


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  1. ‘In real life, women would all marry pirates and live adventures, not fatass “andro-trash talkers” or MEGA wimps.’
    Male or female I think that’s true, the key being ‘real life’, and also would adjust ‘marry’ -to ‘be’ and marry’. We’ve gotten so far from what real life is it’s worth more mention. The image of pirates is strong, compared to most else pushed at us. Imagery and false ‘history’ controlled by the echo chamber of govt, media, schools, their drive always to push obedience and helpless memes. A few years ago a guy was trying to start a dress like a pirate day, which media and shills dumbed down -because it doesn’t fit their agendas. This occurred to me as I’d been recently thinking everyone should dress like pirates and remembered that, though we should wear them every day as the real clothes we once wore. I’ve had similar clothes a long time, put together once as ‘costume’ but really isn’t, pants and buccaneer type shirt and boots already had, just bought a wrap for my head and a sword. Wearing it together is natural. Both men and women look real in buccaneer clothes. It would make for stronger thinking, and be closer to ‘real life’. Thanks for the article.


  2. As a GOP’er in the sticks, I kept hearing favorable things about Trump after the Stormy Daniels story became mainstream. So much so that a month or so ago when another mistress appeared in the mainstream news cycle, I was sure it came from the top on our side to help Trump, even with suburban women voters. And it does. Republicans have yet to produce a candidate with the natural magnetism of Bill Clinton. And the mistress stories immunize Trump from any blowback from the Biden is too old storyline…

  3. Treefrog is a woman and I have posted this separately in case it gets cut for being ‘politically incorrect’. Some women do have an appalling taste in men, mostly bad asses who mistreat them and they repeat the cycle, but we won’t go there.

    From years back I had an Indian friend and then, as now, arranged marriage was the norm. She explained the prevailing mantra was that, ‘You do not marry for money but lean to love where the money is’.

    For eons women have chosen the alpha male who was most likely to take care of her. Now it is focused not on the ‘hunter gatherer skills’ but the size of the bank balance.

    Yes, there are women that have successful and lucrative careers these days; not always combined with a successful partnership and/or family. It happens but it is hard work.

    I cannot and will not dis women who use their beauty and physical assets to secure a good lifestyle. Let’s face it athletes do it all the time and boxing is not a ‘nice’ sport.

    Love the crack, ‘and hold the asshole’s hand from time too time no matter how much they despised doing so’.

  4. How does it go, a picture is worth a thousand words? The pic of Wexner and Epstein is illuminating. In pics Epstein usually looks bored out of his skull with dead eyes, even when the Maxwell woman is draped round him. She manages to look really ‘into’ him, whatever…. You don’t indicate when the picture was taken but it does have ‘couple’ written all over it.

  5. Hows do being homosexual and wanting to rape barely pubescent girls go together in one person? Is this normal in the social circles Trump and Epstein occupy/occupied? Or are the young girls a cover for homosexuality, or a required test of admission to the “inner circle”?

    • Why not just say, Hi, I’m a worker bee and I’ve never been outside. Human nature and the things they do is foreign to me. I’ve never been to “the party”. Imagination and experience …is.. a thing..that eludes my consciousness.

      Education is going outside.

    • OK, another valid question. You are married to an absolute doll. Instead, you offer $10g for a porn actress/sex worker who has sex for $300 a day….and whose “equipment” would gladly accept a cricket bat?

      What would one, Trump perhaps, be thinking? Or is the whole thing fake? It’s time those writing in the comment boards loosen up a bit so that I don’t have to say all of it. That I run around with girls my own age…in some ways makes me a “freak.”

      There’s another story behind this. It would be possible to put together a drug cocktail, testosterone cream 10%, adderall (which trump uses) and a moly/THC hybrid cocktail that would eat away anything involving human judgment.

      Then there is being in DC itself, above the law and surrounded by traffickers…not just teens, girls and boys, but with so many “throw aways” out there.


    • Sorry Mr. Odell, but I am white trash with a graduate degree from the best program of my engineering specialty in the country (hint, I did not get preferential admissions status), so I do not run in the same elite social circles (other than occasionally meeting a rich developer) as you apparently do.

      Funny (but not ha ha funny) thing is of the rich persons and those on work release (all from lower socioeconomic backgrounds) I have met, the latter are almost always the better human beings.

      Second funny thing is despite being an Aspie, I have a very good built in sociopath detector. All these cult leaders described as “charismatic” appear as nothing more than bozos to me.

    • An engineer should know commercial contracts do not pay in advance. Funny thing about their degree programs. They all claim to be the best while the 2005 Subaru gets the same milage as a model T. And Ford quit school at 15. As far as I can tell , engineering programs in the US are one of the least efficient per expense and work, a paradox considering the profession. I’ve had RIT undergrads do their co-op under me with my HSD and the best thing that came of it was I got to try aderall to see what it was doing to their brains.
      College is a scam to finish the work of religions. Conformity with no product of merit.

  6. As intriguing and sordid as all this insight is, I live for the day I will see everyone of these filth dancing at the end of a rope or better yet sucking rocks at the bottom of some very deep, out of the way, quarry someplace. It’s time to clean house!

  7. It’s obvious that Kushner and Bolton are there to keep Trump in line. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were both queerer than a three dollar bill. Trump like Obama and Clinton before that wanted to take control of the White House on their own terms and as we all know were undermined by the La Kosher Nostra and the Family.

    None of the three are paragons of virtue but they all are patriots to an extent who were and in the case of Trump are being taken down by their own Administration. Like Kennedy, Trump didn’t have a choice about his VP who is total Zionist like Johnson who covered up the USS Liberty.

  8. Trump and Epstein both being in the modeling business, were completely immersed in and enmeshed with the fashion industry. The men who work in that industry are going to be a tad different than say, the college basketball team, or your local masonry contractor. One of the things that has always caught my attention from a contractors perspective is Trumps taste in interior design. He is unabashedly attentive to detail and loves to brag about it, so it’s his design. And while I might risk being thought of as stereotyping, his taste is totally gay.
    A “womans touch” is completely obvious next to a “well schooled” gay mans interior designs. A heterosexual man who is also the interior decorator of his lair, does not decorate like Trump. It is bi at best. I call it the goldilocks style.

    • Fiat, it’s not the detail oriented part, it’s the details of the design. Gay men have certain design styles and I say this as a seasoned professional in the residential construction industry. Just gold toilets is a thing. Straight men do not get other men to come and see their beautiful bathroom. Generally speaking. So, it’s a certain flair Trump has that strikes me as gay. As a professional, it is my job to know who is in charge of a house and how they like things before I get to the front door. The first visit is your money. Trump is not a chancy guess. I would know to bid high, because pay is iffy, and flamboyance is where your money is. I stopped working for builders years ago, because it’s all about jamming the labor. Homey don’t play dat.

    • I would not bid high on a Trump job, but ask for payment in advance or walk away (know too many architects, engineers, and contractors who never got paid for work performed).

    • Worker Bee,.. you obviously have never submitted a single bid for a builder or anyone in construction on a commercial level. They don’t do payment up front. Only residential does that. You either take the risk or not.
      You as a bidder are never in charge without unions. Period end of story. It’s probably better if you talk about things you know about.

    • Mr. Odell, No I have never submitted a bid for construction work (and of course never made that particular claim), but I have submitted several thousand proposals for construction related engineering work (but not in the last 4½ hours or so), and can tell you that developers are the worst clients to try to get payment from for work performed, and they almost always use LLC’s so others take the hit if the project goes bad. As for a Trump project, as I said I would decline to do any work unless paid in advance for it.

      You were aware that architectural and engineering work are also often bid these days? You must have been aware since apparently you know everything.

  9. Respectfully, I think you meant to say “Robert Mueller” at the end of the fourth paragraph, rather than William?

  10. EPSTEIN WAS GAY!!? I shall never be in shock again due to this story, 911, the past 8 presidential administrations, and all the lies and corruption USA is responsible for. I am numb. THE FAMILY on Netflix was recommended to me and the rabbit hole is bottomless.

  11. No need for far fetched theories when it’s so obvious… Jeff woke up to find Vince Foster’s ghost sitting at the end of his bed, and he died of a cardiac arrest.
    Vince hung him from the end of the bed in an effort to frame the Clintons, any idea why he would do that?
    Meanwhile Hitlery is hiding out in Devils Glen in County Wicklow, Ireland (and that’s true) hoping to evade extradition…

    • Cayres…..It’s time for you to get over your breakup with Hillary Clinton! Holy Crap! Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi,Benghazi!
      See how silly it sounds?

  12. What you imagine here may all be true. But never a word about Bill Clinton, and his 26 confirmed trips aboard the Lolita Express.

    • Joe…funny thing, no one has ever said Clinton touched anyone or ever went to any of Epstein’s haunts. Bring me something of substance. Let me know, after of course, you mention that both Epstein and Trump faced accusations of forced gang rape of a 13 year old, something they settled with payoffs and threats according to Michael Cohen. The docs are online….graphically describing Trump raping and beating a little girl.

      Find same on Clinton, accused of having sex with a chubby but moderately attractive Jewish girl who was sent to the White House by the Mossad and the Defense Intelligence Agency, if you look at Linda Tripp. Pay attention.

      We have other issues with Clinton and your carelessness….and I admit you are not trained…..not yet anyway….confuses things. You are handed gold and fail to do anything with it. That makes no sense.

    • When Hillary went to the Womens World Conference in China a few years back you couldn’t pack another Lesbian on the plane. Perhaps Bill and her entertained their own persuits in the context of their marriage. Never heard them complain about it anywho. So who cares, they are both adults.

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