Autopsy Coverup: Epstein Murdered in his cell by Mossad trained “mechanic”


Editor’s note: The Daily Beast and Washington Post begin…Epstein died of a broken neck, not asphyxiation. Being trained at such things as I am, I can show you exactly how I use the palm of my right hand while putting my left hand behind the top of the head…standard training for many VT readers.

The problem here is whether to do it before sufficient strangulation to form petechial hemorrhaging and alter blood gasses enough (were the body found soon enough, which it was conveniently not) to fake suicide in a jail cell.  From BJ McEwen, the “go to” guy on jailhouse fake suicides:

Other terms used in medical forensic pathology include burking, garroting, throttling, chokehold, and carotid sleeper hold. Chest compression combined with smothering is called burking after the 19th-century criminal W. Burke, who killed victims in this manner.33 Garroting or throttling usually refers to ligature or manual strangulation, respectively,108 although garroting was initially a method of legal execution in Spain.66 A chokehold is a forearm or cylindrical object placed across the neck and pulled back with the other hand, causing airway compression and frequently laryngeal fractures, whereas with a carotid sleeper hold, the airway remains open while the carotid arteries are compressed.119



    With Israel now in virtual control of the United States thanks to no little help from Epstein who recently found himself surplus to requirements and was hurriedly inactivated. Whether he is alive or dead is immaterial, though reason – and a nod to Mossad nous, leans to the former. We can add the most heinous form of treason against the US to Epstein’s macabre odyssey of sexual deviation that ran, dare I say it, unmolested, for years on end. What the Founding Fathers would have given to find an honorable soldier in our midst and dealt with him instanter. The curs and curse of 9/11 might have been expiated too for the same reasons. Epstein, we can rest assured was removed by forces loyal to Rothschild to allow a calm Israeli detachment run the United States. His removal eases the continuation of the Orange Baboon in situ for the foreseeable future. Epstein we can safely say was of the Devil carrying America to its ruin in the same hand-basket since 9/11. Only AIPAC did more on a far vaster scale to destroy America as we once knew it. Gone from first world to third world while suffering in between from an unsightly face-over of Zionist zits or plague of Bolshevik boils simmering ghoulishly on the very sick American body politic. A lance for this suppurating excrescence to at least diminish its vile presence was a neat touch to taking Epstein out – albeit by an Israeli hand. For decency’s sake, of course! Which begs the question that beggars hope …

  2. the guy’s on the beach in tel aviv. (i won’t believe any death reports unless i see the body, accompanied by an independent inspector of my choice.) fortunately for us commoners, we don’t get access to evidence.

    • Why keep him alive? Epstein was just a well-paid pawn. It is possible he may be alive but to what end? You think these globalist filth don’t eat their own when expedient? Only their agenda matters to take the “kingdom “ by force. If you had any idea who many of these people really are or where they descended from, which matters greatly, you just might adjust your opinion. But when deception rules the day, nothing is certain except that Yahweh’s America will get its day of the LORD, very possibly soon.

  3. These reports from authorities are designed to create as much confusion as possible in the minds of the public. Epstein is likely alive and far far away from Dodge by now. He is worth much more alive than dead isn’t he because only alive will these perps pay the big bucks. Money is what this is all about. Don’t believe one word from any Zionist owned news outlet. Even if they did an autopsy on a body how do they know it was him?

  4. For Epstein’s weight it would need a free fall drop of more than 6 feet to break hypoid bone by hanging. Not possible from simple strangulation by hanging. Analysis in this article is correct, other methods were needed.

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