Gordon Duff “Outs” Epstein (and Trump) on False Flag Weekly News


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By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Guys who thump their chests and brag a little too loudly about their (hetero) sexual conquests, obviously overdoing it, may be suspected of hiding something…from us, or from themselves, or both. As Shakespeare said in another context, “the lady doth protest too much.”

Gene Khrushchev and Gordon Duff pondering the eternal question…”Did I just inhale or exhale?”

Are those two notorious over-the-top sexaholic maniacs, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, really closeted gays? That’s the suggestion from today’s False Flag Weekly News guest commentator, VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff, who says Trump was “made” by notorious gay pedophile Roy Cohn, in the same fashion that Epstein was “made” by notorious gay billionaire Mossadnik Les Wexner. Could the stories of Trump’s pawings and gropings and sexual assaults, like the stories of Epstein’s supposed minimum daily requirement of three schoolgirls a day, be part of a cover-and-deception operation hiding the existence of the kind of gay mafia Oliver Stone depicted in JFK? And might that gay mafia be working for Mossad?

Gordon also offers other intel-insider-perspectives on the Epstein scandal, including: How a Mossad “mechanic” might have quickly murdered Epstein in such a way as to leave the broken neck bones found by the autopsy; how intelligence insiders can easily enter even the most secure US prisons to kill inmates pretty much whenever they want to; how the Mossad, which has tremendous power in NYC, could have exfiltrated Epstein and sent him to Israel (in which case the body with the broken neck would be somebody else); how Barr is protecting Ghislaine Maxwell, who may or may not be in a certain New England mansion; how Richard Nixon really did state that LBJ killed JFK (sorry David Frum); and more.

Gordon also explains why it’s okay to invite the FBI into your living room for a friendly conversation (if you’re a CIA trained interrogator); points out that India’s aggression against Kashmir is the biggest global threat; and suggests that recent mass shootings could very well be false flags designed to advance a political agenda.





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  1. Another fun episode of FFWN. Personally I hope RDS is right if not then see Guns and Chips and Irony on useful ways to hide weapons suggested in the comments.

    • Rather than focus on hiding guns, maybe we could focus energy on sharing what we know with those around us and make meaningful change instead. Just a thought.
      – As to the video I noted min. :23 to about :30 or so on the teenagers, which to me was as much about living in the city as about bad parenting. It’s really a shame we allowed cities to be in the form they are. Bad for environment, and as to mentally, cities are destructive to individual bearing in terms of what should matter. Generations now with skewed heads as we can see. In any case thanks for the piece Kevin and also to Gordon for his info and insight.


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