Backing India Aggression: RT Fake Story Attacks Imran Khan


Editor’s note: We have watched Sputnik News and RT, both quickly turning into Murdoch tabloids, attack Pakistan over and over.  Is it curious that as India’s Modi is Netanyahu’s handpuppet that these two Russian media giants, run by the same person…that kiss Israel’s ass every day even when Israel downs a Russian aircraft with 20 onboard….

If it weren’t for Israeli ass kissing, all that would be left were the “Miss Fattest Ass in the World” photos.

To think American journalists have been investigated by the FBI for working with what used to be quality media outlets.

The story below isn’t just fake, its actually insane.

Pakistani PM Khan’s ex-wife claims Kashmir was ‘sold off’ as ‘very weak’ Khan did nothing

Pakistani PM Khan’s ex-wife claims Kashmir was ‘sold off’ as ‘very weak’ Khan did nothing

Earlier this month, India revoked the decades-old self-governing status of the Jammu and Kashmir state, part of the disputed Kashmir region that it has controlled since the late 1940s. Pakistan, which considers the whole of Kashmir to be its territory, heavily criticized the move, and vowed to seek support at the UN.

Imran Khan’s ex-wife, Reham, now claims that the prime minister had known about New Delhi’s plans to strip Kashmir of its autonomy and even attempted to make a “deal” with Indian leader Narendra Modi.

“I would say that Kashmir has been sold off,” she said on Tuesday, as quoted by the New Indian Express. A British-Pakistani journalist and author, Reham Khan was married to Imran for 10 months in 2015.

ALSO ON RT.COMKashmir is ‘definitely a nuclear flashpoint,’ Pakistan Armed Forces spokesman warns“Your PM Imran Khan, the day he was to give a policy statement [on Kashmir], he got up to say, ‘I knew he [Modi] was going to do this,’” Reham Khan alleged in an interview. “Imran said, ‘I knew this when I met him in Bishkek [during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization event in June] and he was rude to me.’”  

And when you knew all this, and did nothing, then it means that you are incapable of doing anything, or you are very weak.

It is not the first time that Reham Khan has criticized her former husband. In a June interview with newspaper the Hindu, the journalist called Imran Khan “the ideal puppet” of the military, who “has no knowledge of a lot of complex issues.” Last year, she authored a controversial tell-all memoir, containing multiple salacious claims about Imran Khan’s political and personal life.

Indian PM Modi has defended his government’s decision to strip Kashmir of its special status, pledging to restore the region to its “past glory” with “more and more development.” Pakistan, meanwhile, believes India’s decision violates international law and will even result in “ethnic cleansing.”

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    “Vedic Arithmetic”.
    It is an astonishing compendium of techniques for manipulating numbers: long multiplication of large numbers that you can do in your head, lots of things, that anyone of average math ability can master with a little practice.
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  2. The first we hear of Semites, they were the scribes and accountants in Sumer. At that time, there was a rich and flourishing civilisation in western India, whose script is yet to be deciphered, but it’s certain to have traded with Sumer. Between 800 and 1500 A.D. was the flowering of Arab culture. Much or even most of Arab intellectual culture had roots in India. Boxwood may have a point.

  3. The Hebrews (Jews) from what I understand from reading about it on several sources are initially from India. They were a priestly class known as Kalani or Calani. Aristotle Himself even said so back in his day. This is why the Jews call their Jewish schools Yeshivas and why a period after a Jewish funeral is called a Shiva. Both schools and period after funerals are named after the Hindu God of Shiva. Is it any wonder that Modi and Netenyahu get along so well? Rather than Netenyahu being the boss, the boss could be Modi. Maybe the state of Israel is just a decoy. I have read somewhere that a temple of Soloman is located in Kashmir-apparently in ruins. I have also seen on YouTube an Expoza travel film on 3 holy cities in Nepal where a temple is dedicated to Cali, the black devil goddess, with the Star of David on it.

    • No, the Hebrews don’t come from India, they were nomadic sheep and goat herders living in what today is the Sinai and southern Israel; which, at that time, was the northern border region of the powerful Egyptian empire. The Israel-India link dates from the 1920s when the more extremist form of Hindu nationalism and international Zionism found common cause.

    • The actual semitic Jews were. These Khazain and Ashkenazi carpet baggers are now claiming just like Hitler said about Teutons that they originated from the Aryan province of India. Just too ironic. Next they’ll be saying they really came from Atlantis and the circle will be complete.

    • actually, Gall, you have a good point too. it’s entirely likely that all the cultures on Earth (for better or for worse) came from Atlantis. With the possible exception of modern Australia. You go to a different country, you get culture-shock. Go to Australia, you get lack-of-culture-shock.