Are Terrorists “Watch Lists” (really Trump enemy lists) Expanding?

Growing harassment of Muslims, activists and journalists.

Joyce, and I recently traveled to Vienna for a week, where she had been invited to perform on Austrian state radio. Passing through Heathrow on our way home, we were separated by an automated security gate. The gate, which required you to scan your boarding pass, allowed Joyce through, but when I ran my pass, it flashed “Invalid.”

A security attendant pointed me to a transit desk where I could get a new boarding pass printed. An agent there ran a new card and then pressed a rubber stamp on it before handing it to me. Spotting, in fresh red ink, the words “ICE Security,” I asked, “Why’s a stamp from the U.S. Immigration and Customs service being put on my boarding pass here in the U.K.? I’m not an immigrant.”

The ticketing agent replied, “That’s being done at the request of your Homeland Security Department, sir. You are on their list.”

Interesting, I thought, given that I was born in Washington, DC, to two native-born U.S. citizens. I walked back to the security checkpoint, put my new boarding pass on the scanner, and the gate opened. I rejoined my wife and we continued on to the main lobby of Terminal 2, where we ordered lunch. Suddenly, I heard my name on the terminal’s main PA system: “Mr. Lindorff, report immediately to your gate for a special security check!”

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  1. couple notes, moa, as some still tend to conflate blond hair with other assignation, it’s acutally anomaly, simply lacks melanin as to be light brown or darker, which as you used phrase ‘pretty blond’ it’s past time to reconsider as attractive in general sense. Remember phrase ‘dumb blond’, also by race type there are as many blond criminals as others, it’s not ‘pretty’ when attached to theives murderers etc including females, therefore the phrase has always been conflating. Just thought to mention. In any case as to Odell’s post, too long people chose distraction rather than focus on what mattered. So it goes for most everyone.

  2. People see what they ‘think’ they want to see. In Psycho-babble, ‘confirmation bias’.
    Because ‘belief’ is largely generated from the point where ‘hope’ and ‘faith’ intersect,
    brainwashed fools march toward the wrong end of the cave.
    It’s really all about the zY00’s. N’est-ce-pas?

  3. The Zionist instrument of terror known as the DHS should be abolished and the Congress and the President who signed this unAmerican abomination into legislation should be hung for treason.

  4. Environmental activism or supporting any life that is not an unborn fetus, is considered terrorism under the new Handmaids Tale style government. Please report to your local evangelical church for reprogramming.

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