Trump; King of Israel.

Trump asked friends in Israel to erase this photo from our servers...and of course now we secure it and will use it continually

If Trump is King of Israel, then he should resign his office as President of the United States. We could not have a king here in the US.

Never in my life did I expect a sitting president stand up and declare himself the “King of Israel”, i.e. the King of Jews declaring his first loyalty to Israel and to the more than 500,000 Americans with dual citizenship with Israel. Of course he said that as a challenge to the American Jewish community who are for the most part “Democrats” to abandon the Democratic Party and join his Republican Party as the party of the “Jewish Community”.

We have heard Bibi Netanyahu referred to as “King of Israel” and we have heard many of the criminal murdering political and military leaders of Israel hailed as the “Kings of Israel” but for sitting US President of the United States to declare himself “King of Israel “ this is a first, unforgivable treasonable crime pledging loyalty to a foreigh country.

My problem with this declaration is that Trump is doing his best to corral all the “American Jews” to his Republican Party challenging them to abandon the Democratic Party which in his view have failed to take stronger action against the two member of Congress for their anti-Israeli view, which in his views are blasphemous and treasonable for anyone to dare to criticize Israel.

The strange this about all of this is that Trump failed to see that most of his White Nationalists, his main base, hate Arabs, Muslims, Hispanic, Brown, Blacks, Asians and Immigrant also have a very strong dislike for Jews, even going as far as being Anti-Semitic.

Now how will this will fair with his basic constituents is hard to predict but then the “Right: is well known for its support of Israel but have hate for Jews at the same time.

President Trump once again, shows us the ugly corrupt face of American politics where the catering to a Benjamin’s and to the American Jewish community takes a priority.

I like to end this with a declaration that one of the Democratic candidates the presidency made recently. Cory Booker the Senator of New Jersey, who hail from poor run down Newark that never recovered from its glory days of the 50s, declared that he “decided to run for the senate to defend Israel”. Now is this the most stupid thing anyone running for the US presidency can say? Almost without exception presidential candidates are prostrating before American Zionists to the exclusion of the rest of the American public. How Main Street America will vote for its next president or for the “King of Israel” is up for grab.

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  1. Usually people who think they’re Jesus Christ end up in mental institutions. Yet in this case they’re elected president. At least up to and including Obama we had presidents who at least pretended to put the interests of the American people above any other nation. Whether they did or not is another matter.

    Now we have a “President” who has now crowned himself as the “King of Israel” despite what the Constitution says in Article I Section 9:

    “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

  2. The consistent push has been to advance the religious front line which has crossed the separation between church and state. There can be no law !
    It is not anti-religious to demand that separation be maintained, and it is critical to the success of a secular democracy in the new world of “online herding”. The citizenry clumps into religious groups instead of voting on issues important to the civic governance for the people and by the people.
    It becomes a government for Corporations and Religions. That is where we are. Politicians are increasingly forced to make pledges to a religious cause, in order to be elected. Appealing to zealots is the most effective way to interfere in US elections and Israel and the Vatican, work with Monarchy on this.