Nuclear 9/11, a German Physicist Explains and Debunks the Cover Story (Updated)



First of all, this is great work by Heinz Pommer.  Second of all, it is horrific work based on the fact that VT published all of this years before with much more detail.

Pommer does a great job.

What we see now is the effort by those responsible for 9/11 to manage the “truth movement,” something Pommer is out of his element on.

Pommer, a physicist is in 100% agreement with other physicists, whose work he has never seen.  His drawings directly parallel those done by the DOE/IAEA whose work he has never seen as he followed the road fed him by the perpetrators, the truthers, the secret ray gun weapons, nanothermite and the half-truths.  The answers he wanted have been there all along and we can’t help but ask how much more work would he have done if he had known that all of his basic work had been done years ago, superseded and that the who and why had been solved.

Still, Pommer is correct…and gets so much right.

Which raises so many questions, how have so many others with his qualifications been co opted by criminals?

Why did he miss Khalezov’s early work, Prager and then the real solutions from Jeff Smith and others.

The answer is censorship, intimidation, Google Corporation and those who are really responsible for 9/11 and their 100% penetration of the fake 9/11 movement.

Worth the watch.  Then read the information millions have read that gives the answers to the questions he has searched for answers to for so long….information that should have been right in front of him from day one.

How was he kept in the dark?

The Secret History of 9/11

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  1. I’ve been following 911 for years, since about a week after the event seven or so of the alleged hijackers turned up alive. No hijackers were needed, they were invented. The four Airliners were substitutes, remotely piloted designed to find ‘homing devices’ in the WTC Towers, God alone knows what happened to the passengers of the ‘Real’ Airliners.. I have seen it described as the ‘Mona Lisa’ of all building demolitions. And the subtlety, the blue lights rising from the Earth at ground zero put there to cover the strange blue lights which often (but not always) emanates from some nuclear events, imagine the embarrassment were that to have happened and the perps had NOT installed the twin blue light sources!

    So Herr Doktor Pommer has independently confirmed your findings stolen Mini Nukes were placed
    under the massive liquid Freon Air Conditioning gas tanks deep underground in effect designed to mimic a massive ‘shape charge’ while a series of extremely well co-ordinated detonations moments before the Aircraft impacts weakened the structures. The Aircraft impacts at floors 80 served two very important purposes; fooling the boobs into believing Aircraft actually caused the collapses (ridiculous) and PUNCTURING the massive skyscrapers to ensure the Mini-Nukes

  2. hello. actually, Heinz Pommer knows very well Khalezov’ work, he has used it from the beginning, but Pommer has improved Khalezov’ model and Pommer seems to have come closer to 9/11 truth.

    see, Pommer thanks Khalezov at the end of that 2017′ document (not available anymore on his website).

    “My sincere gratitude also goes to Dimitri Khalezov for being the first man to expose the real energy source behind the WTC destruction.”

    by september 2019, Pommer will release a new version, perhaps Jeff Prager told you about it.

  3. I think that was somewhat misleading. When a small nuke is about to be exploded in solid rock bed, the rock bed hits back as said in the video. Upwards, but there was no such explosions explained when a 500 meters tall building stands above epicenter. The Building will emit the most of the energy, and the smoke cloud will not emerge at that point. I Still think it was done in three stages, first a small nuke will “pulverize” the concrete, thermite will be used to cut the core steel bars and finalluy relative small exploses will deal with the outer core.

    • No, no thermite or demolition charges used, it was all done with nukes – some in vans in the underground parking garage, some in the core, placed on various floors throughout the towers.

    • As Ian said, the thermite ploy is pure misdirection based on junk science. Past that, for the twin towers, the freon tanks make up the difference as they emitted deuterium, a “boost gas”

      or so I was told by the team at Univ at Calif and the DOE.

    • Certainly some conventional explosives were used to create the pyrotechnical display of the “aircraft hitting the buildings”, starting the fires “after the aircraft hit”, cutting the buildings off the electrical grid prior to the SADMs being discharged, and perhaps even to drop the roof structures into the buildings 2 to 3 seconds before the SADMs were set off.

  4. Great vid, thanks, and keeping the topic alive. My question is why are the perps still walking free? We know who did it, we know why. How is “subtle”, but we already know enough. In the U.S. alone, there are hundreds of thousands of people, judges, lawyers, policemen, journalists, trained in observation skills, logic and somewhat articulate. I suggest that they all get jobs fruit-picking and garbage- collecting: maybe they should all give back the money they have made (not earned) since 9-11, to the public purse?
    The obvious problem, which is scantily addressed, is that the super-rich are above the law. Human beings cannot handle obscene wealth, and we should not admire the super-rich, or the wannabe super-rich, either.

  5. Funny that the Encyclopedia Brittanica still promotes the since discredited magical Arab hijackers, planes and jet fuel myth when anyone with at least a Grade 12 understanding of physics knows that it is total BS.

    Thanks to FEMA, NIST and the 9/11 Commission we have entered a new Dark Age.

  6. 9/11 was also the day 11 of the twenty days, and the # 11 hexagram is the correlate. To fix what perpetuates the subtle hypnotism, is the antidote to subtle hypnotism used at the proper time repeatedly.
    “The first NINE, undivided, suggests the idea of grass pulled up, and bringing with it other stalks with whose roots it is connected.”
    “The sixth six, divided, shows us the city wall returned into the moat. It is not the time to use the army.”
    Every major event, has an indicator, that reveals the intent. 9/11 was the theft of a country.

  7. Well Professor Pommer- Better Late than Never – Welcome to the real world of Professional Scientists and Researchers that are 9/11s knights for truth. The Professor is very, very thorough and very professional – great Video/documentary. The German/Swiss professionals that have always been keen enough to use their gift in Engineering, Architecture and Science are missing in todays – free world- sometimes.I had an Italian architect friend in Lausanne and we traded blue prints when I came to town – we couldn’t really get into them until we were drunk and talked Spanish/ Italian mix – he didn’t speak english and my French was crude -lol

  8. The link worked for me to Oligarchs Wargame. It’s a good analysis and similar to AE911Truth…glad to have more proof that our cowardly politicians are cowering to inside terrorists working for Israel.

    My Rep. Wallorski, still insists that Muslims with boxcutters did 9.11….all of it.

    • My 86 year old mother sat down on a monument to 911 in the Baltimore inner harbor, to rest. A rent a cop came over and informed us that she was desecrating a memorial. I laughed so hard and informed him that if he bothered dear mom I’d hold a 911 truth expo every weekend at the monument until he got fired. We talked, he didn’t believe the bullcrap either. Mom got her rest and we moved on.

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