Shit Can’t Be Piled That High: Trump, Claiming 6’4″, fails to tower over Macron at 5’9″

Who is wearing taller lifts, Macron or Trump? Whose wife has more plastic surgery? ..and to think we won't let Boris Johnson's totally normal girlfriend into the US. (What does she see in him?)


Oh the pain.

Increasingly, not only is Trump getting crazier but shorter as well, down to 5’9″ from 6’4″ making his claimed 220 weight plausible instead of the 320 we would be seeing.

Moreover his years of constant companionship with Roy Cohn and Epstein, not “occasional” nights on the town but “every night on the town” with his very very gay “besties” makes the claims of “doing porn queens” and pussy grabbing pure theatre which we are now tracking down to publicists.

We are all told, have always been told, Trump is a fraud and conman.

Now we are told he is short and gay.

Short, fat and gay.

Now we wait.  Is he secretly brilliant as well?  Can he “so order himself to be taller?”

Perhaps he is simply a man for our times, short, fat, gay and crazy.

This is what the world thinks of us all anyway.

The public persona is that of a total asshole.  There may well be another Donald Trump but I have not been privileged to see that one and too many assume with “0” evidence that such a creature, one that is reasonable and human, exists.

I am not writing him off yet, not while I have Robert David Steele in my ear daily.

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  1. I think he’s doing a great job. Venezuela coup-Fail, Syria coup-Fail, Iran Coup-Failing. Middle East being taken over by the Russians and Israel’s dream of a Greater Israel circling the bowl hopefully along with Israel as well. The situation in North Korea (if there ever was one) pretty much defused. The myth about America being the “exceptional nation” (exceptional also is a nice way of saying retarded) and ‘the only super power” with “full spectrum dominance”. Exploded kaboom. Americans not only questioning Trump’s sanity but the whole rotten system.

    I mean what more do ya want?

  2. “There may well be another Donald Trump but I have not been privileged to see that one…”

    I expect we will see a live Sasquatch before we see this “intelligent and reasonable” Trump.

  3. The ever-changing trump, who along with flipping promises and personas also has his own version of history. Reminds me of his fourth of july speech, reminiscing on the revolution, the one in the 1700’s –

    ‘in June of 1775 the continental congress created a unified army out of the revolutionary forces… our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts. It took over the airports. It did everything it had to do.’

    rammed ramparts. colonial planes and airports.

    How special.

  4. Excuse Me but can’t You See This Clown make a Perfectly Fool of Himself everytime he opens his Fat Pig Mouth ….. just the Other day He Offered to Buy Greenland ? I’m going ” God is there any End to This Madness ?????????

    • As I recall Denmark’s Honorable Prime Minister’s reply came that Sale of Greenland is neither under consideration nor thought …. then Trump heard it and then he gave one interview about it okay and without any idiocy ….. However soon After Trump Most Probably the most torturous diarrhea and Simply could NOT Walk away From One Situation with being the Trademark Stupid …… so then later he starts calling Danish Prime minister ” Lunatic ” sort of telling about himself to Everybody …..

    • Trump cannot Walk away from Any Single Situation without Proving Thoroughly that He’s a Genuine Ass unworthy of Any kind of Respect …… Already he has , One by One , Already Pissed Off most Individuals and then most groups of people too …..

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