Agenda 21, Environmental Responsibility or Depopulation by Alien Overlords


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The video above is useful but the real problem is that all information we get is filtered through  paid for agents of deception.  David Koch is dead, but his brother lives, the fabricators of global warming denialism.

CO2 is killing us.  Global warming is real.

But, the warnings from this film are real as well as the UN itself is beyond suspect and certainly not an organization that deserves our trust.

Past this, why depopulate the Earth?  I can see saving it. I can see “walkable cities” as well.

The darkside that so many of us who are obviously insane think of is that our governments are controlled by alien overlords who operate through non-corporeal entities, seemingly satanic in nature, that rule through banking, endless wars, fake governments and a vast network of organized crime, with the eventual goal of depopulating the planet, for humanity to be replaced by lizard people and for the ‘elites’ to be allowed to serve them in some capacity after the rest of us have been turned into frozen dinners.

This is of course the ramblings of an unbalanced mind.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. Gordon, please look up 500,000 years temperature. It’s good science from ice cores in Greenland and Antarctica, which has produced the graph. Look at the graph for a few minutes. It becomes clear that there is a big engine behind climatic (temperature) fluctuations, and it would seem very likely that the sun is the major component. Earth’s wobble? Galactic conditions? Probably. Look at the graph for temperature for the last 60 million years. The Earth is cooling steadily, over the long term.
    Now, look at the criminal operations of HAARP and chemtrails. The operators always like to do it cheaper. They want weather manipulation legitimised. Look again at the half-million year temp graph. Imagine if the crims were successful in forcing temperatures up or down….can you see a log-jam effect? Can you see a runaway train effect?
    As to the alien question, it is astonishing, when you consider the conservatism of indigenous societies, (the same design of flint knapped points and blades was adhered to for millennia, then an improvement came, and in its turn, was adhered to for millennia) how weapons development has accelerated out of sight, in the last few hundred years. You’d think there might be an element behind the scenes, pushing this development for the sake of tooling up for a war in some other region of space. You can see this gorgeous planet being turned into a dedicated weapons factory.

  2. Rahm Emanuel once said, we shouldn’t let any disaster go wasted. And that’s what they do, always make it double time worse. No one can say, what exactly does the increase in CO2 concentration cause later on, credible evidence is always empirical and when we got the evidence, it may already be too late.

    The only thing globalist Emanuels are working on is Carbón Tax to create global poverty. But in here we do have empirical evidence, those countries where majority is living in poverty have also exponential population growth. This is much more complicated, but I would say that the girls education is a very important issue to reduce the population explossion. Of course the western edu today is complete bs, but it can be updated, that is to take few steps back in time.

    • Or on the other words, for climates sake, tax the shit out of them multibillionaires, and there won’t be no Soroses to decide which lives matters, just to make matters worse.

  3. Overpopulation is a real problem, humanity is consuming more and more resources accelerating the environmental degradation and resource starvation that one would expect from a FINITE PLANET.

    Climate change is real and even worse than what people think, carbon dioxide doesn’t cause it:

    This becomes even more unlikely when you account for the CO2 produced and consumed by plants, animals, volcanoes… and their seasonal/eventual cycles.
    Pollution, deforestation, geoengineering, solar activity and terrible urban planning cause it and much more devastating effects.

    The “entities” are mental and this is the reason they are so dangerous: all they need to work is a handful of useful idiots.

    This is the kind of carefully constructed controlled opposition to the MSM narrative designed to appeal to rednecks, christians and other people who think themselves as some kind of “resistance” to the establishment.

  4. There is global warming, sure, but I don’t believe it is man made.
    There are two videos I would suggest:
    YouTube: Gregg Braden Missing Links Episode 1
    YouTube: CSIRO Lacks Empirical Proof: Senator Roberts tables climate report on the CSIRO
    Both are half an hour long so not too bad.
    I would strongly suggest watching both if in any doubt that climate change is not a hoax, I believe it is.
    I hope I don’t prove myself wrong but on this occassion I don’t believe I am.

  5. The scientific method, does not require math or measurements or instruments for something simple enough for basic observation to solve. People have just lost sight of the primary control group of the study. Pristine water, no dams, no roads, no planes, no ships, no bombs, no factories, old growth forest everywhere with 200 foot trees common throughout the northeast. No massive farms, no mountaintop removal, no giant pits, no raw sewage running everywhere. The first thing to be slaughtered was the beaver. The one animal that creates the most habitat for the most animals. Finding a natural trout now takes a full expedition. Finding clean air is impossible. Finding clean water is impossible. Desolation and toxins are everywhere. Garbage and death, is everywhere. Those who think they are innocent, are everywhere. Lies, are everywhere. There is not a single shred of evidence, that we are not responsible. It is the stance of the spoiled child bereft of self awareness, and no knowledge of position. They do not know where they are. They do not know what day it is.

  6. Adrian, its very simple

    we are god

    what did crowley say

    do as thy will

    i do as i please in retirement

    following crowley to the t

    as i provide for my family as it grows

    skin in the game as they say

    gospel i see

    family i see

  7. Global warming is real yes but, the human is guilty ?? I’m not sure, maybe we make a little contribution but we’re not the determining factor. About alien overlords I’ve always wondered where they went the ancient Gods who were living and rule with the ancient civilizations ??? Maybe they never left and are still hanging around here but hiding out of public view…..

  8. I believe it’s the carbon cycle Mr Haller like the water cycle as these two cycles are affected by human activity and only scientists played by the fossil fuels industry dispute these basic facts of science as Mr Duff states whom these folks serve are hardly human!

    Someone smarter than me should calmly explain these natural cycles and why human activity is damaging them and the simple fix?

    Free energy and the end of fossil fuels burning!

    Thanx for listening…

  9. I would love to see real physics of why 400 ppm CO2 affects climate. Without the weaponized words such as “greenhouse gas”. Never have seen a real P-Chem/Physics explanation. Print it without the Ad Hominum attacks. Why does the CO2 molecule effect climate? And not some ancillatory nonsensical bs report. Real physics.

  10. The template for Agenda 21 was the Americas which at one time had thriving civilizations that were wiped out using biological warfare intentionally and unintentionally.

    These “walking cities” is not a new idea. In fact it is very ancient. The City of London is a perfect example. They are actually traps and act like fly paper attracting the bulk of the “excess” population which can easily be annihilated by small pox or the bubonic plague or a nuclear attack or whatever.

    Another interesting thing is that JSOC just released a indoctrination video that was leaked by the Intercept on they plan “drain the swamp” using Urban Warfare tactics.

    As far as an alien presence. I think you and David Icke are probably closer to the truth than a lot of other researchers. These “elites” are alien for sure whether extraterrestrial or terrestrial is another question. One thing for sure is that they especially bankers believe they have magical abilities by creating money out of thin air and then through usury and deception acquire or more accurately steal all actual production and resources using this deceit.

  11. Mr. Engdahl mentions that CO2 is the neccessary element of photosynthesis which creates oxygen, and so do the first grade (bio)chemistry handbooks. So why should we fear CO2 hysterics? For example CO is killing much more than CO2. Oxygen gradually kills too, but also is neccessary for breathing. Vacuum or nytrogen or anything that pushes oxygen out kill too. Ecology manifestos are important statistical data but are not to become religion. UN are a private anglosaxon golf club, their impact is remarkably laughable. Non-rotating Crop selection also largely affects ecosystems, like corn, soy or rice perpetual harvests. Then you basically mutilate the soil. Temperatures rising – I have never witnessed that except in the spring or summer 🙂 .

  12. We tore the hell out of the planet and the life, and now we have to clean it up or die. The small minded cannot see past next week or beyond their own grass farm (yard). Sentient cultures plan 7 generations ahead, minimum. Where are we at right now, month to month ?
    If there is one consensus on this planet, it is found in communication with invisible beings. Clean it up, you guys are killing everything. It is a question that does not need to be asked. It is , “that which need not be mentioned”. It goes without saying. It is self evident. Overwhelmingly obvious to any observer. Plainly clear.
    And who opposes ? The ones still making a mess ! Spoiled children. Those who use fear for profit ! mine mine mine mine, gimme gimme gimme, more more more dumb dam domination, Where are the wise ? Why are we led by the small ? What happened to all the animals ? Who are you ? Where are you ? What are you doing ? Only liars and frauds blame their own mess on the invisible man.

  13. Nope – I think you are spot on – and the alien factor is as real as American Pie – except it isn’t pie – it’s far worse. Would love to have a No BS sit down with Patriarch Krill or Putin. Thanks VT

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