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Ernst Zundel With David Irving (video)

Ernst Zundel relates his time with David Irving and Jim Rizoles comments at the end.

Caught: Trump Lying in Attempts to Derail Whistleblower Filing, Adjudged Correct and Proper

The inspector general (IG) has addressed a false claim pushed by Trump and some of his allies on Capitol Hill that the whistleblower lacked firsthand knowledge of the conduct outlined in the complaint. But the statement from the IG made clear that the whistleblower was not simply communicating secondhand knowledge.

Murder of MBS Bodyguard Likely Tied to Khashoggi Coverup

TEHRAN (FNA)- Major-General Abdul Aziz al-Fagham, 47, who had been widely known as the king’s most trusted personal protection officer was likely killed for...

Jail for the “Other Fatman?” Pompeo Was on the (allegedly) Felonious Ukraine Call

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on the July 25 call between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart that was the subject of a...

REVIEW: Adopting Mission Command – Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture by Donald...

Donald E. Vandergriff, Adopting Mission Command: Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture (Naval Institute Press, 2019) 5 Star Potentially Epic – Could Turn US...

FM Zarif: No talks unless US respects JCPOA

Iran has drawn a line in the sand. It will not negotiate with a "reneger", which is a quite reasonable stance. If the tables were turned, that might very well be Trump's position.

2016: Have We Forgotten 2016 Putin Assassination Attempt?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Putin ride around in a tank, a pretty amazing vehicle, and now you know why. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qucy9Mc2nPc The story was quickly buried, Putin's...

Twitter Exposed: Platform Tied to Spy Agency

Our Man on the Inside: Senior Twitter Executive Exposed as British Army Information Warrior Gordon MacMillan, a senior Twitter staffer with editorial responsibility for Europe,...

Destroying an AK, Russians “Stress Test” 70 year old “supergun”

RT: Russia’s Kalashnikov arms maker has surely met the internet’s demand for destruction videos of, after showing footage of a stress test of its...

Russia Discusses Putin’s Successor? What Should the Middle East be Ready For?

By Abdulaziz As-Sabhi for VT Damascus The analysis of the Russian domestic political situation indicates that the country’s authorities have started preparing for the upcoming...

Breaking: Crown Prince bin Salman admits VT was right on Iran war

Saudi crown prince: War with Iran will lead to 'total collapse of global economy' ...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... September 30, 2019 - Saudi...

Ten Most Intelligent Animals

Health Editor's Note: I am inclined to agree with this list although I do not see cats listed here.  With the large variety of...

“Tylenol Terror” Led to Monster Packaging

Seven people lost their lives after taking poisoned Tylenol. The tragedy led to important safety reforms

Saudi Army Suffers Major Defeat by Invading Yemeni Tribesmen -(beware, graphic video)

The spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces highlighted that almost 200 Saudi troops lost their lives as a result of the operation in Najran.

“Life” in the Abrahamic Holy Books, Siljander (video)

Life-Giver: PART 1 A New Way To "Speak Life" “Life” in the Abrahamic Holy Books: Old Testament: The Hebrew root word - chay - used for “save”...

NEO – Can the Middle East Survive with Israel Gone?

Gordon Duff - What is clear is that, after years of American military presence pushing Israel’s policies on nation after nation, America’s military credibility in the Middle East is non-existent.

SNL Best Trump Reporting So Far

You know, the longer Trump is around, the more weak and confused people try to normalize him or accept him.  The stress of living...

Storm in Brussels: under investigations the president Von der Leyen and 3 next EU...

The Legal Affairs Commission stopped the Romanian and Hungarian candidates - instead approving the French Macron's ally, despite being involved in a hot inquiry

ALBUM REVIEW: Paul McCartney’s Egypt Station

Paul McCartney puts his heart on his 76-year-old sleeve saying "I am alive and sharing my life with this lovely person". He is just singing about it; a joyful record of mature love and passion.

Caught! Biden Totally Clean, Trump Up to His Ass in Treason

Trump’s Big Lie About Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Ukraine Falls Apart By Casey Michael for Daily Beast In pushing to oust the former prosecutor, Biden...

Britain was never “Great,” and America was “Snuffed Out” long ago

Introduction - The Library of Congress has now digitized American newspapers from the late 19th through late 20th century.  You can search births and deaths, bankruptcies,...

Afghan Villagers Did Not Participate in the Recent Rigged Election

  By Kadir Mohmand for Veterans Today Why did the United States waste so many tax dollars on a fraudulent Afghan election (U.S. selection) when so...

UkraineGate: Trump Totally Fabricated Claims Against Biden…Criminal Slander by the “Liar in Chief”

Introduction Trump, Pence, Giuliani, Barr and up to 200 party operatives, ADL public relations specialists and White House employees are responsible for attempts to fabricate...

Low turnout for Afghan election

It is time foreign forces including the CIA paramilitary and contractors/mercenaries leave Afghanistan. It is time the Afghan people unite and determine their own destiny.

Iraq-Syria border crossing finally opens at al-Qa’im

Jim W. Dean - Who in the US, including the veterans' orgs, has been protesting the complete blackout on reporting in the US occupied areas in Syria?

Bunnies Thrive on Island Japan Used to Manufacture Poison Gas During WWII

The Dark History of Japan’s Rabbit Island by Andrew Amelinckx, Modern Farmer/Smithsonian.com This article originally appeared on Modern Farmer. There is an island where rabbits rule. They are...

Bush Senior, Senior, Skull and Bones’er, Cited in WWI Satanist Act

Tracing the Bush family could be a lifelong occupation. They dart in and out of existence. With a search of every newspaper in the US,...

Guardian: Dan Coats firing by Trump tied to UkraineGate coverup (censored in US)

Three days after his now infamous phone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Donald Trump abruptly fired his director of national intelligence in favor of an inexperienced political loyalist.

Yemeni Tribesmen Capture Senior Saudi Officers in “lightning raid”

Introduction If you didn't think the Saudi military is a joke, you have to watch the column.  A Saudi military convoy is taken down by...

Bill Maher: Giuliani, “America’s Traitor”

"Trump's got treason on his computer like most men have porn" "Trump behaving like a bed wetter trying to hurry up and wash the sheet"  

Mar-a-Lago: Trump’s Military Communications Director Sentenced as Pedophile…

Introduction This guy traveled with both Trump and Pence, worked both the White House and the Florida sites of so many sexual misconduct allegations against...
YRTW 2019-34 - Million A Week Club - The Movievideo

Million a Week Club – YRTW 2019.34 – The Movie

TOTAL GAMMA RADIATION (TGR) USA - THE MOVIE The radiation increases in the last six weeks are sudden and abrupt from these dilapidated nuker plants...

Lavrov: New World Order is miserably failing

Another concept the West frequently invokes is the so-called 'rules-based order.' However, the 'rules' in question are being invented by the Western politicians themselves and ‘selectively’ applied to serve their own needs, using this trick to ‘usurp the decision-making process’ from others

IK: Pakistan Will Not Recognize Israel Until a Palestinian Homeland is Guaranteed

Pakistan will not recognize Israel until there is a homeland for the Palestinians, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said during an event at the Asian Society...

RT: Fortified Caves Where White Helmets Planned Gas Attacks Filmed

The Syrian Army has discovered a huge cave network near the recently liberated city of Khan Sheikhoun, a former terrorist stronghold in Idlib. RT...

CBD Oil is Making a Splash in Health Care, Thanks to Studies

Hopefully, this information shows you and others how big of a role CBD oil could have in people's lives. Be sure to give CBD oil a chance, and let it surprise you.

Forgetting Your Dreams? Your Brain Does That

NIH-funded study suggests REM sleep may prevent information overload.

Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

Zambia’s Lions Roam Areas Previously Believed to Be Uninhabitable by Meilan Solly Smithsonian.com Approximately 1,200 lions call Zambia—a U-shaped country in southeast Africa known for its abundant wildlife—home. These...

Wow! Gigantic Tree in the Amazon: Over 290 Feet

Satellite images and a trek into the rainforest reveal a group of trees over 80 meters, or about 260 feet, and one as tall as 88.5 meters

Volker Resigns, Accused by Russia of Conflicts, by Others of Standing Up to Trump...

Volker’s appointment was unusual, as he continued to draw a salary from the McCain Institute, partly funded through donations from the lobbying firm...

Three US House committees subpoena Pompeo for documents over dealings with Ukraine

Trump made a big mistake by piling on all of his heavy hitters, as they all are subject to UkraineGate subpoenas, something a wiser president would have used one person for.

FFWN: $10,000 WTC-7 Challenge and other blacklisted 9/11 news

"The official investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide has determined that Epstein hanged himself with the DC Madam’s chastity belt..."

Trump Humiliated: Stormy Daniels Gets $450k over Arrest in Ohio by Crooked “Trumpster” Cops

Adult film star Stormy Daniels, who sued the city of Columbus, Ohio, after she was arrested in July 2018, will reportedly receive $450,000 in...

Hamas fully accepts initiative to end inter-Palestinian division

...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... September 27, 2019 - The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement says it has “unconditionally and fully” endorsed a recently-proposed...

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