The article below is from Russia Today. With regularity, both Russian publications, Sputnik News and Russia Today, despite the fact Russia is fighting Israel in Syria and that Israel is pushing American sanctions against Russia, publish crap like we are reading below.

Yesterday, Hezbollah, in retaliation for Israeli assassination drone attacks over Lebanon, hit an Israeli vehicle that probably had one of their top military commanders in it. The weapons used, either Russian or Hezbollah’s new stock of TOW missile that it took from ISIS…who got them from the US…who arms terrorists around the world…don’t fool around.

Nobody survived this attack and it didn’t miss.

We do know that Trump’s boss, Netanyahu’s too, Simon Mogilevich, yes, you’ve never heard of him, has power beyond imagination inside Russia, Ukraine, Israel, America, Britain, France and other compromised states whose governments are controlled by organized crime.

It gets better, to cover for Israel taking a major hit from Hezbollah, despite the fake article below, this one goes even further:

IDF fires at targets inside Lebanon after anti-tank missile lands near Israeli border town

Those of us who aren’t morons know that much more happened in Russia than Donald being pissed on by sex workers. Of course he was, Trump knows that urine is surprisingly sanitary and Trump is a nutso germophobe.

Reading court documents from the State of New York, Trump even demanded that a 12 year old girl he met at Epstein’s apartment in New York, where Trump spent many many many evenings, wear rubber gloves to give him a “hand job.”

Then he beat her with his fists, according to statements, and threatened to have his mobster friends kill her family…as he had done before, or so documents we have posted so many times claim. (google “trump, new york lawsuit, scribd)

I can’t compare Trump and Putin. Putin is statesmanlike but he is also, when it comes to Israel, a total coward. They can kill Russians by the hundreds, brag about it, and nothing happens.

It’s just that we see this crap every day from Russian media. Check for yourself. It is an embarrassment.


Psychological warfare? IDF staged evacuation of ‘wounded’ to dupe Hezbollah after attack – reports

…from Russia Today, Moscow
Images showing two IDF soldiers being carried away on a stretcher after a missile struck a military vehicle were staged in order to deceive Hezbollah, according to Israeli media reports.


An anti-tank missile fired by Hezbollah from inside Lebanon landed just inside the Israeli border on Sunday, hitting an IDF armored vehicle. The Israeli military then dispatched a helicopter to evacuate two soldiers who were apparently wounded in the attack.

But appearances can be deceiving. According to Israeli media, the rescue operation was staged in order to trick Hezbollah into thinking that its attack had been successful and that further strikes would not be necessary.

רועי שרון Roy Sharon@roysharon11

(נדרשתי לצייץ מחדש) תרגיל ההונאה שצהל נקט אחה״צ: המסוק לא פינה פצועים כי לא היו פצועים. הפינוי המוסק כולו תוכנן מראש כפעולת הונאה, שמטרתה לגרום לחיזבאללה לחשוב שהצליח לפגוע בחיילים. שימו לב לרמת ההפקה

Embedded video

Footage of the soldiers being evacuated were circulated in the media, but the ‘wounded’ servicemen were immediately released upon arriving at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, the hospital said. The IDF later reported that there were no casualties in the attack.

The alleged deception appears to have worked, with Hezbollah even stating that it did not interfere with the medical evacuation.

The IDF declined to comment on the purported ruse when contacted by RT. If genuine, the staged evacuation wouldn’t be the first time that the Israeli military has tried to mislead its enemies. Last week, Lebanese media spotted a military vehicle parked along the northern border with dummies dressed in IDF uniforms inside.

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  1. Did you note how many high diplomats from Russia in the last few years have been murdered or anyway suddenly died in suspicious circumstances? Did you note hom many civil Russian flights crashed? Then you have a possible answer. It is hard to fight against hidden criminals under their threat of mass killing of civilians as retaliation.

  2. The fact remains that Putin decimated ISIS which was created in the name of the project for greater Israel so how we can conclude that he is kissing Israel’s ass is beyond me. It was the same Putin who decimated oil tanker convoys smuggling stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil via Turkey putting and end to 8 years of US/UK investment into ISIS. If it wasn’t for Russia, Syria would have been a kalifate a long time ago.

    • Putin did just enough to keep Syria going and no more. Just one division of Russian troops could have ended the war in short order but they never arrived. Iran and Hezbollah did much more of the fighting than the Russians. Then there are all the provocations by Israel, not one of which did Putin respond to, he just let them humiliate him time and again.

  3. As George Wallace once said, “Republicans, Democrats, there ain’t a dimes worth of difference.” If he was still above ground, he could say,” Western leaders, Putin included, all get their orders from the same group, and there ain’t a dimes worth of difference.”

    • No, the evidence says Putin is controlled opposition. Semion Mogilevich lives openly in Moscow without fear of arrest or prosecution, that alone should tell you a lot.

  4. The Kremlin will not only let Tel Aviv kill Russians by the hundreds but a whole lot more. I understand Gordon is referring to the AMRAAM hit airliner over Egypt. I read an article explaining the Russian mindset is different after having lost 21 million during WWII. So they will let the Talmudists and Kabbalists in Tel Aviv and the West kill a whole lot more just to avoid being provoked into something the hegemon will turn into WWIII and Armageddon. The Bear is not kissing rabbit ass, it is simply using spatio-temporal strategic deapth and of course avoids to go where the Enemy wants him to go. The rabbit will make excellent TP for the Bear in due time.

  5. Shekels! Billions and Billions of Shekels!
    Or maybe the gold bullion that “disappeared” from the underground vaults in the World Trade Center.

    • No, at that level, money is almost meaningless. Think of the apartment bombings, the Beslan school siege, the Moscow theatre siege, the war in Donbass, those are the type of events that are used to coerce and control.

    • Since the days of Joseph Stalin, Putin has been in the Kremlin longer than any other ruler and has been able to capitalize on high oil prices, antagonism with the West, and his promise to restore Russia’s greatness. But after 20 years in power, the effectiveness of these approaches has dried up, and the Kremlin itself seems to be struggling to find a new unifying slogan.
      What makes the current riots (like in Moscow and St.Petersburg) extremely dangerous for the Kremlin is that for the first time they are accompanied by economic stagnation and signs of concern among the ruling elite.

  6. If some hothead were at the Russian helm we would have been no more. But Putin will not be president forever, he is probably at his last mandate, and if some hothead should come after him, it will not be good for Israel, but as well it will not end good for anyone. US would probably pay dearly billions sums now to see Communist party win in Russia again, their so called commies archnemesis. Because communist Russia is an unstable one, without control over its borders. Putin’s Russia is nothing like that.

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