Roger Stone believes and has stated that Roy Cohn wasn’t really a homosexual, though few or none agree with Stone on this or much else. Stone claimed he simply liked having sex with young men like Donald Trump. You see, as a young man, from the photo above, onward, until his death from AIDS, Roy Cohn was the constant companion of Donald Trump.

Roy Cohn, dead of AIDS a few years later, on the right, Donald Trump on the left, no wait, the other way around. Do check the eye makeup and powerful right bicep on Trump. Cohn is 5’8 and Trump, 6’4″ towers over him by as much as 2 inches. Perhaps both are wearing high heels, we can’t tell from this photo.

Our sources say Trump hired publicists to spread rumors of his sexual conquests, women in this case, and that he often, in public, would sexually assault women, often in crowded New York clubs.

I have direct access to an insider here who had spent many an hour with Trump and Epstein, the accused pedophile who we believe was murdered to protect Donald Trump. We have evidence that Epstein was in a 20 year plus homosexual relationship with a fashion billionaire who gave Epstein a private plane, a home with over 70 million dollars, another home as well, and the money that made Epstein seem wealthy.

Behind this, it is alleged, was a CIA/Mossad homosexual blackmail ring; and those stories are now all coming out. What is less known is that Roy Cohn was accused of starting it all while he and “the Donald” were the “gay blades” of the New York club scene.

…from Vanity Fair

Sometimes, finding a title is the hardest thing about making a film. For Matt Tyrnauer, on this occasion, it was the easiest. “Never before has a sitting president delivered a film title for me,” he told me. During the first month of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged corruption, in a moment of frustration with the legal and public-relations walls that seemed to be closing in on him, the president blurted something out to his White House advisers: “Where’s my Roy Cohn?!”

Watching Tyrnauer’s new documentary about Cohn, which premieres in competition at Sundance today, it’s easy to pinpoint what a young Donald Trump was yearning for back in January 2018: a ruthlessness that somehow came off as charming, a toughness punctuated with a wink at supporters and a jab at detractors, a commitment to getting one’s way no matter what. And what did Roy Cohn, the notoriously malicious lawyer most infamous for helping Senator Joseph McCarthy carry out the Red Scare, see in Trump?

“I think he saw an up-and-comer, a tall, blond, handsome rich kid, to whom he was always attracted as a short and unattractive, albeit brilliant, frustrated person,” explained Tyrnauer. “And he had a long track record of befriending the handsome scions of certain privileged families in the world that he inhabited.”

For Tyrnauer, a Vanity Fair contributing editor whose previous documentaries include Valentino: The Last Emperor, Studio 54, and Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood, Where’s My Roy Cohn? was born in two parts.

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  1. Given the narrative to which VT tipped its hand years ago – that you are in fact agents of the Democratic Party principally (which de facto makes you criminals) – this image of Trump as gay should in fact endear you towards him. But… instead, you appear to be attempting to slur him further with it. Does that make sense… slurring him using a value (the value of gayness as in and of itself virtuous – the song of the American “liberal” at this point)…
    Further, given that the other narrative that you have joyfully advocated, that there was a “russian collusion” which has utterly collapsed and shown itself to have been a fabrication of the Presidential candidate that you supported… is this all you’ve got?
    And it’s odd: I, someone with better credentials for disliking Donald Trump than yours, nonetheless see you for what you are – spreaders of whatever canard you wish to promulgate as you mix fantasy and fact together to produce your own noxious elixir of bullshit – have you no shame?

  2. Oh I love this helmet Roy, how do I look ?

    You look like a real soldier kid. True blue Trojan.

    Yea ! I’m a soldier ! Roy says I’m a soldier ! Look everyone , I’m a soldier !

    • The motif on the shirt is fleur-de-lis, which means flower or lily. The photo is a proud queen presenting his trophy to the party. I really wish it didn’t have to be discussed, but we really need to know with clarity how unproud we should be, as the electorate. While it is admirable and correct to tolerate and accept one who is relentlessly disingenuous in the human family, it is most unwise to make them a leader.

  3. When Roy Cohn says, I’m not a homosexual, I just like having sex with men. Reminds me of the comedian that retorted; “I don’t like Cocaine, I just like the way it smells.”

    • Almost as good is that “but I never inhaled line”. All presidents could be comedians except W who was just too stupid to be funny.

  4. Currently not a big fan of Trump since much like Obama he’s been a disappointment but proving that he was once Cohn’s boy toy doesn’t prove that he’s a homosexual. All it proves is that Trump was just another victim of sexual abuse and manipulation perpetrated by a man who is the incarnation of evil.

    Besides even if it can be proven that Trump is gay. So what?

    Are you into gay shaming now?

    This much the same as going after Clinton for playing around with interns which I thought was pure pious idiocy by the hypocritical Republicans who were secretly humping young boys like Trump for example.

    It’s like the old saying that the only way an incumbent could lose an election is being found in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.

    • I agree with Gall that having sex over and over with another man for years doesn’t make someone homosexual.

      As both Trump and Bush 43 are openly “gay haters,” I think any fucking moron, and we aren’t talking about our commentor here, might well find offense. One who is not a fucking moron might also note who the Vice President is…..other than a piece of human garbage…but America’s foremost gay basher.

      What I wonder is how and why a VT reader might not have figured these things out unless we have a shill on our hands. Hey, thanks for coming. In the interim, check your local listings under “schools.” Find one.

    • You obviously missed the point of my response. Maybe you should attend one of those schools you mentioned that is if they actually taught anything of value these days other than propaganda with rare exceptions for the most part.

      Thankfully I’m pretty much autodidactic and read a lot and never had that brainwashing exercise known as a “College’Education”” . As far as shilling. I shill for the truth. Nothing more.

      As far as gay-bashing I’ve never noted that with Trump but true Cohn and Pence were and are rank hypocrites respectively.

      Pence obviously because he’s a Bible thumping Zionist Puritanical moron and Cohn like J Edgar to deflect from the fact that they were both actually as queer as a three dollar bill.

      My point is why go after Trump exclusively when the Republican party itself consists of a raving bunch of queers who worse like Cohn feed off young men and little boys. Remember the Franklin scandal?

    • Trumps outfit conjured the following skit from “The Life of Brian” from the near recesses of my narrow minded attitude to any unnatural sexual deviation. Take Trump how you want – Incontinentia Buttocks, or whoever, but if a picture could tell a thousand words some imaginations are inclined – of course they are, to seek a laugh at the buffoon’s expense. He gives us little else.

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