Breaking: John Bolton, Perhaps Even Stupider Than Trump, Resigns….Why?



Bolton, perhaps the most poisonous toad of the neocon’ aquarium, is gone, again.  Is he dying?  Is this an indication that Netanyahu’s total and absolute control over Trump is waning?

Look at the failures:

  • North Korea shits on us every day and Trump looks like a total dick every time they launch a missile.
  • The Taliban could care less if Trump won’t invite them to Camp David, they might well take it themselves, militarily, given enough time.
  • The US is now pushing for peace in Yemen, knowing the Saudi’s are beaten.  Trump lauded their fake military purchases, but we now know they are screwing us and reselling Russian hardware behind our backs.
  • Venezuela made fools of us, and Bolton, except we are planning on beating them next year in a TV series, “Jack Ryan, the Zionist Tool”
  • The US economy is starting to tank…
  • Trump and Netanyahu’s boy in Britain has become a total liability.
  • Russia secretly opened up a land route from Iran to Lebanon, by setting up an air base in al Bukamal on the Syria-Iraq border.
  • Turkey, our partner in the fake safe zone inside Syria is now pouring in starving refugees and blaming Trump, another US defeat.
  • Iran smuggled a supertanker past our naval blockade in daylight…making the US Navy look like total dicks, better than the pirates they would have been otherwise.  Why?  Did military commanders tell Trump to “go fuck himself” again?

…and we can go on forever….

Russia Today: National Security Advisor John Bolton, one of the most prominent war hawks in Donald Trump’s administration, has handed in his resignation, the US president has announced.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House… I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning,” Trump tweeted. The president said that he and others in the administration “strongly” disagreed with many of Bolton’s decisions.

Donald J. Trump


I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore….

Donald J. Trump


….I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week.

Trump fires John Bolton, national security adviser close to Israel

and from Israel…an even more fictional account

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Donald Trump fired John Bolton, his national security adviser and one of the administration officials seen as closest to the views of Israel’s government.

“I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House,” Trump said Tuesday on Twitter. “I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration, and therefore I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning. I thank John very much for his service. I will be naming a new National Security Advisor next week.”

Trump did not elaborate on what strong disagreements he had with Bolton, but reports said the two disagreed over the scope of a peace plan Trump hoped to extract from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Traditional conservatives who identified with Bolton were especially appalled that Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David to finalize the peace agreement so close to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks carried out in 2001 by the Taliban ally, al-Qaida.

Editor’s note: Any idiot knows that al Qaeda and the Taliban hate one another…

Trump canceled the peace deal this weekend.

Bolton also reportedly was displeased that Trump indicated he was ready to meet with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran to renegotiate a nuclear deal. Bolton has led efforts within the administration to squeeze Iran with sanctions and the threat of military action.

Bolton has deep ties to the mainstream pro-Israel community dating to his outspoken Israel advocacy during a stint as U.N. ambassador in the mid-2000s and then to his pivotal role as a State Department official in the early 1990s in repealing the body’s infamous “Zionism is racism” resolution.

Bolton is Trump’s third national security adviser in three years.


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  1. The US Admin. was proposed and Trump received personally the following frame-work in a non-official capacity (not from Iran or US governments, but via a civilian corridor): lift the sanctions and Iran will phase back its milestones of maneuvering under the JCPOA proportionally in sets. The sanctions are more numerous in instances than the three phrases of JCPOA reformation employed by Iran. It was suggested that the sanctions be packaged into a similar number of groups; i.e., Iran scales back phase 3 of the JCPOA countermaneuver in return for the US undoing the first of three sets of sanctions packages immediately.

    It was strongly emphasized additionally that asking Iran to nonsensically undo its sub $10B defense budget and its regional strategy without any good reason was going to detonate the entire process. It was equally emphasized that tangible US and Iranian mutuality in strategic and political theaters were being completely ignored to advance war agenda sabotage goals via obnoxious Likudist proposals that Iran basically just surrender frivolously instead. This is where Bolton became an obstacle. His being a Jonathan Pollard Ziocon was also pointed out in the days following a reveal that Bolton appeared on a Russian gun rights video for Marina Butina.

    And, given the outcome in the following days since the proposal, this apparently appealed to President Trump.

  2. 9/11was an illegal demoltion,by CIA,MOSSAD,,USED,TO GET US INTO WAR,,,The Twin Towers had asbestoes in them,and had to come down,it was iilegal to do it in downtown NYC,,SO…AND THE Israeli owner of them got ins.,for them, the day before it happened.

  3. It’s Kabuki Theater. Bolton had been bestowed the Defender of Israel Award, and was surely hand-picked by Stephen Miller, Kushner and Netanyahu. The Adelsons’ are distancing themselves from Netanyahu on spurious reasons, while he has been attending war-room meetings to prep for war with Hizballah (and Iran). Iran, btw, stated it will automatically react to any further aggression by Israel. Both Netanyahu and Trump need ratings to get re-elected and want to be perceived as the Good Cops, not as a warmongers; so Trump gets Bolton to resign, but probably will keep him on a short leash for advice while he makes noises that he wants to meet with Rouhani. Next, expect a false flag on a US or Israeli assets that will be pinned on Iran.

    • One of the effects of 9/11 was to ruin it for future false flags. Remember when the phrase was considered lunacy? False flags can be done, but they have to be small and with good cover. The internet army of investigators cannot be turned off like a light switch. So, the replacement for false flags is a simpler less effective method of “driving” , and a retreat is visible. The point is to look to the next layer, not dwell on past methodology. Any repeat of a 9/11 type event, carries an unacceptable risk by any advisors view.
      It is time to advance. Let them react.

    • Don’t be so naive, they could easily pull off another big false flag. This ‘army of internet investigators’ is worthless, not one of them has ever come close to figuring out what happened on 9-11, most of them don’t even accept that it was a nuclear event, they prefer to believe disinfo like Judy Wood or are dumb/crazy enough to go way beyond that into the whole ‘nukes don’t exist’ nonsense.

    • Yet there have been so many opportunities. It is only feasible with long stretches between. Complacency is a key element. And.. maybe I can be accused of being an optimist, but the insiders are not so willing. Skepticism has infected more than the populace. The background trend is ethics.

  4. I’ve been listening to audio books for the last couple of weeks; including some of the Jack Ryan (Jr.) genre. Totally enjoyable, truth laden, not likely. That’s why it’s called fiction. For a big laugher, see if your library has a copy of ‘Razor Girl’ on Audio, by Carl Hiaasen. Tomorrow young Jack will be wrapping up his latest by the time I hit Rockville. Can’t wait. Audio Book fiction truly makes the tedium tolerable. I highly recommend checking it out. Perhaps a Gordon Duff thriller with Tom Cruise is in the making!

  5. Now if he could get rid of the rest of the Neo-Con claque like Pompous Ass and his Zionist-inlaw and his daughter the JAP and put his attention on actually draining the swamp and actually putting America First instead of Israel. I might forgive his transgressions so far.

  6. What is desperately needed in America today, 18 years and counting after the 9/11/01 scam, is for some well respected American to spill the beans on this false flag event. Many people know all the sordid details. For example it is certain every one of the 535 whores in Congress knows what happened but have clammed up. Every general officer of the military knows too but have all cowardly clammed up. Think of just these two groups. This is a large number of people who all know all the sordid details of that crime against America. How about it? All we lowly citizens ask is for one good man or woman , with some “George Patton” guts and courage to stand up for the truth for a change. What if Patton had not been murdered by the very corrupt government which participated in the later 9/11/01 crimes against this country, and were alive today? If he knew all the dirt the four star generals know, and are cowardly hiding inside their small cowardly bodies, he would disclose the truth. I am 100% sure of it. No matter what the potential consequences for him personally either.

  7. Bolton always viewed himself as co-president, getting out in front of Trump on policy, knowing that with Trump’s laziness when it comes from having a deep background on the issues that others had to step in to get the job done. Trump is anything but a leader. I guy named Jim W. Dean once bet that Trump would run the Whitehouse like a reality TV show as it saw that as his strength and it was a golden tactic in the primaries. Has Trump got more on his plate than he is capable of handling with his fake education. You betcha. And that is his real vulnerability to losing in 2020. He never was capable of doing the job, and would be the last one to ever know. The question now is when he goes down will he take the NeoCons down and will the public have any confidence in the “Slice and Dice” Democrats that they would be just as inept as Trump, just in a different way. For example Bernie has already chosen to make his presidential legacy via free Medicare for everybody. And it true Dem fashion has ducked how the huge cost would be paid for with trillion dollar annual deficits already. Bernie ignores dealing with that like Trump ignores paper briefings. God saves from all these people.

    • Also you can stop all these wars for the zionist entity and can use the money to get free Medicare for everybody in US or also you can get it from the Pentagon funds

    • The way I understood it, at present ordinary Americans pay huge profits for nonproducing insurance companies to get health care. Bernies model just skips that step and hospital companies are paid directly by ordinary Americans taxes. That should be cheaper in the long run, of course insurances don’t like the idea.

      Bernies idea is not exactly Nordic, in here the heavy duty hospitals are nation owned. At the same time we got private owned hospitals for working age and working people funded by employers and worker unions. The big difference here is that working aged don’t usually get seriously ill like cancer and heart problems, but more like orthopedia etc. And after working career they are customers of nation owned hospitals.

  8. Appoint Col Ann Wright, she has experience in all the fields, and would bring lots of votes.

    And make sure she has the green light and a full tank to open a new investigation of 9/11, and send Javanka home.

    Do that and even I would vote for Trump. It would be a brilliant play. All would be forgiven. Clearly there is nothing to lose. Be a real soldier this time.

  9. National security advisor resigning just before 9/11 hmm.. sounds familiar… Israeli elections are around the corner… who knows what subsequent international gangsta psychosis is ahead of us…

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