All is Chaos And Confusion – Britain’s Parliamentary Democracy On Brink of Collapse


by Ian Greenhalgh

I am finding it increasingly difficult to write about the current state of British politics for the simple reason that the current state is one of utter chaos and confusion, where unprecedented events are occurring on a daily basis, and the overall impression increasingly becomes one of an utter farce being played out.

In this sense of farce, chaos and confusion, I am far from alone; almost everyone in Britain, from the plebs to the Tory cabinet, is confused by recent events.

However, this is exactly what I predicted was going to happen – that the BREXIT process would lead to chaos; I also predicted that Britain would crash out of the EU with no deal and I still strongly feel this is what is going to happen.

I am not alone in this suspicion, Amber Rudd resigned from the cabinet last week for this very reason, and I am pretty sure her allegation that the Johnson government is devoting 90% of its time and effort into preparing for a no deal BREXIT and only 10% on negotiating a deal with the EU is accurate.

I wrote over a year ago that Boris Johnson was going to be used to ensure a no deal BREXIT and it looks like that is exactly what is happening – that Boris is deliberately engineering a no deal scenario. A majority of parliament also thinks that is what Boris is up to, hence they have forced through a bill to prevent him from carrying out a no deal exit; instead, if no deal is reached by the October deadline, Boris must go to the EU and ask for an extension to give further time to work out a deal.

This bill, having been passed by both houses of parliament, is now on the law books; therefore the Johnson government has to adhere to it, to do otherwise would be to break the law and the government is not above the law.

Boris could be arrested and prosecuted if he failed to follow this new law, something he has failed to confirm he would do, giving the strong impression that he fully intends to ignore the rule of law, a truly unprecedented stance for a British government.

Parliament is so strongly against a no deal because it would be a disaster for Britain, in fact, it would likely be the death blow to the United Kingdom as it would crash our economy, send us into a deep recession and worst of all, would see the Scots demanding their independence and a very likely return of sectarian violence to northern Ireland.

This would see Britain become an insignificant cluster of weak nation states on the fringe of Europe, as no longer would we have a seat on the UN Security Council, no longer would we be a member of the G7 group of wealthy, powerful nations, we would cease to be the 5th largest economy in the world.

This scenario is almost certainly what Boris has been placed in power to ensure comes to pass and more and more politicians of all parties are coming to this realisation, or rather, they have a strong suspicion Boris is up to no good and his sneaky, Machiavellian tactics will lead to disaster for Britain.

You see, no-one believes Boris, everyone knows he is a liar, he has been sacked from almost every position he has had for telling lies; therefore Parliament has taken the unprecedented step of passing a law to make sure the Prime Minister of Britain can’t act on his lies about a no deal BREXIT. Even Boris’s own brother thinks he is lying, hence he resigned his cabinet post last week.

This destruction of the United Kingdom and the fatal weakening of Britain and its parliamentary democracy is a deliberate, pre-planned agenda that has been propelled and guided by Boris Johnson from the start. It is a cruel ploy – to engineer within the British people a deep desire to leave the EU, then to ensure that their wishes for BREXIT turn out to be disastrous. This is the old saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ made all too real in a most dangerous manner.

The destruction of Britain, thus ensuring it loses its influence on global affairs, is only one of the goals of the agenda Boris is propelling us towards. A second, perhaps even more significant goal is the weakening of the EU – removing Britain from the EU greatly weakens the EU economically, politically and militarily.

Britain is the second largest EU economy after Germany, we possess arguably the most potent military, certainly the largest nuclear arsenal, with the French being the only other nuclear armed nation in the EU. Then there is the loss of political influence if Britain ceases to hold seats on the UN security council and G7.

Worst of all for the EU, Britain managing to exit will stir up the nascent anti-EU movements that exist in many nations across the continent and lead to other nations such as Italy and the Netherlands being at risk of experiencing their own versions of a BREXIT fiasco. In such a scenario, Britain would be the first wound in a death by a thousand cuts the EU would undoubtedly suffer.

I expect that once Britain has crashed out, France will be the next victim to be subjected to the agenda of weakening and eventual destruction, for it too has its regional independence movements. European nations will be weakened and destroyed one by one until the EU collapses and all sense of European unity is lost, thus one powerful and influential player on the global chessboard is removed.

So, now that I have explained the BREXIT agenda, I suppose I had better explain who is behind it and why they are carrying it out.

Who is pretty obvious, it is the same people who carried out 9-11, who decorated Dealey Plaza with JFK’s brains, who now control the USA completely since their puppet Trump was installed. They are an organised crime syndicate of global scope, but their base is to be found in Israel — the imposter nation that exists as a haven for this criminal elite to sun themselves, protected by their own large and well-funded military and intelligence/espionage agencies.

They have other centres of activity, primarily in Washington and London, but they operate on a truly global scale. I still haven’t decided on an appropriate name for them, some call them the Rothschilds, but that is inaccurate; they are just one of several old banking families that form part of the syndicate. Others call them the Khazarian mafia, but that too is inaccurate, as most of them are descended from Sephardic Jewish families. The Rothschilds themselves are Sephardis who can be traced back to Renaissance Venice.

Which leaves us with the issue of why? Why does this criminal elite seek to destroy first the United Kingdom and then the EU? The answer is both simple and deeply disturbing; they seek to remove two players from the global chessboard, two entities that have demonstrated the ability to get in the way of their nefarious agendas and throw their plans off track. You may recall that in 2013, it was a vote in the British Parliament that prevented David Cameron emulating Tony Blair in taking Britain to war in the Middle East alongside our American allies.

The US and Britain going to war with Syria was prevented by that one single vote in parliament. This deeply displeased the criminal elite, so they intend to ensure their plans for genocidal wars for profit are not derailed again by destroying the parliamentary democracy that proved fatal to their plans for conquest of Syria.

Boris Johnson is the tool they chose to accomplish this, first by having him ignite the BREXIT movement, then ensure he wins the BREXIT referendum (it was probably a rigged result); then use him to destabilise the May government, until finally installing him as Prime Minister in order to complete the job.

The EU is also proving troublesome; currently, it is opposing Trump’s aggression against Iran by refusing to tear up the nuclear agreement. This is just the latest example of the EU not following the agenda, therefore the EU has to go. It must be destroyed so that it can no longer get in the way.

I feel quite depressed after writing all that, for it is a pretty gloomy scenario. However, I truly feel this is the best analysis of a very chaotic and confusing course of events that I am able to give you right now.

The situation is nothing if not fluid, with momentous events taking place at almost daily intervals; therefore analysis is fraught with difficulties as there can be few certainties during such chaotic times.

I will write a new analysis when I feel events warrant it, but I don’t see the main tenets of my analysis changing — Britain and the EU are being slowly weakened, will eventually be destroyed in order to remove impediments to the agenda of the global criminal syndicate, especially their wars of genocide for profit.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. In response to Ian,
    any organisation worth its salt will prepare for the worst case scenario. Failure to do so would be stupidity of the highest order.
    And seeing as all the negative nonsense which ‘should have happened’ by now has failed to materialise, why believe any more nonsense? Especially as these catastrophic end of the world doom merchants are all anti-Brexit state apparatchiks who never wanted Brexit in the first place, and are now determined to stop it at any cost

  2. ”… would likely be the death blow to the United Kingdom as it would crash our economy, send us into a deep recession ”

    Ian, please, no it won’t. Grow up

    • What evidence do you have that it won’t? You are aware that government bodies at all levels are making plans for a disaster including an economic crash, a food and medicine crisis, a shortage of drinking water, of widespread civil unrest requiring the intervention of the army? The army has trained 45,000 troops in civil policing duties in preparation. Of course, this doesn’t mean there is going to be a disaster, but a great many in Britain’s governing bodies are very concerned at the possibility.

  3. I feel for you Ian. I lived for most of the seventies in London, and learned to love the city, it’s various peoples, as well as the whole of England, Wales, and Ireland, and most of Europe. We here in the U.S. have already lost any certainty of what we thought this country was and is, as well as what the world of humans is all about. No matter what our political bent is, we need to find a way toward a common language of revolt, but a revolt of truly international dimensions. I know, this sounds nearly impossible, mostly because of the complexity of human institutions (read the excellent Joseph Tainter’s work, ‘The Collapse of Complex Societies). These are truly, ‘interesting times’. I look forward to all of your writings Ian, and hope you will not lose heart and keep at it.

    • Thankyou very much, I appreciate your kind words. I’m not planning on giving up any time soon, although recent ill health has been somewhat of an issue. I appear to be slowly improving now, so fingers crossed. It’s quite sad, I remember 15-20 years ago, we felt pretty European, but since then, immigration and some other, less significant factors have driven a wedge and you ca bet it’s not by accident, it’s social engineering for nefarious purposes. I’m only 44 and Britain has changed such a great deal in just my lifetime and it appears that the pace of change is quickening and it is not change for the better, more like a steady decay.

  4. Brexit will be like upside-down Crimea vote, noone in Europe will acknowledge it as legitimate, while the time will pass and the Britain will be forever remain-leaving the EU. It would have been more progressive if the Brexit vote was to join Five eyes economic Union, then some undecided would have understand what they are gaining.

  5. I don’t see how Britain leaving EU would weaken Europe politically or militarily, since there has never been political or military cohesion between Europe and Britain, Britain had almost exclusively detrimental effects on any Eurocentric history and Brexit agenda is only a continuation of such idea. US or NATO influence on Europe might weaken and that certainly could help Europe. Economically the Brexit will weaken both Britain and Europe but both will have soon opened different markets to place their goods and services. Even if Brexit happens, which I don’t believe it will (it will be perpetual charades and BoJo’s until they remain), Britain will still exercise lot of influence over European economic policy.

  6. 💯! By Jove, he’s got it!
    Reality is the exact opposite of how Bojo/Trumptards* are led to see the world.
    Their insecurities played on to the extent they can’t even handle basic, fundamental, self-evident truths, like that… #OpenBorders #MadeAmericaGreat (#MAGA!)
    TradeWars fueled Nazi fascism & WWII (WHICH WOULD’VE BEEN FOUGHT ON AMERICAN SOIL 1st, IF NOT FOR SMEDLEY BUTLER EXPOSING THE FASCIST “BUSINESS PLOT” TO SEIZE THE WHITE HOUSE). USA founded globalism & the Globalist WTO in response. And most importantly, along with that un-bombed homeland Smedley provided while the rest of the world lay in rubble, USA got the world reserve currency franchise.

    USA is #PlayingWithHouseMoney. Which daddy’s franchise casino brat POTUS should understand better than anyone, but his #TrumperTantrum whining & world vilification hasten its end, on the…

    • * Pronounced “turd” like dotard.

      “We shall #UnleashTheNihilists” may have been a forgery, but Trumptards are really trying to fulfill it.

  7. Maybe the Queen is also a puppet of the Rothschilds and the handful of allied old banking families? If the widespread allegations are correct, her family are blood relatives to the Rothschilds and Goldsmiths anyways. Regardless, the House of Windsor/Saxe-Coburg is definitely part of the game.

  8. Cheers Lyra. Good exposition on the roots of this global crime phenomena, it really is ‘as old as the hills’, as we say round these parts.

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