Will It Be a Lucky Harvest Moon?


Health Editor’s Note: You might want to take in the nationwide micromoon, tomorrow, Friday the 13th.  There will not be another one until August 13, 2049….Carol

A Rare Harvest ‘Micromoon’ Will Light Up the Sky on Friday the 13th

by Brigit Katz Smithsonian.com

A harvest moon—or the full moon that happens nearest to the fall equinox—is due to appear in the sky on the night of Friday the 13th. It may be an inauspicious date, but fans of lunar phenomena will find themselves feeling lucky, because something rare is set to happen this year. The harvest moon often appears large and orange, since many people observe it as it surfaces above the horizon. But in 2019, the harvest moon will seem unusually small.

As Jenna Amatulli reports for the Huffington Post, this phenomenon is known as a “micromoon,” which occurs when a full moon happens close to the lunar apogee, or the point at which the moon is farthest from Earth. (A supermoon, which appears large in the sky, happens when the full moon coincides with the perigee, or the moon’s closest approach to our planet). To people watching from the ground, a micromoon looks around 14 percent smaller than a typical full moon, according to the Time and Date.

The Harvest micromoon is a rare occurrence, according to Amatulli. Typically, the moon rises at an average of 50 minutes later each day, but around the time of the autumnal equinox, that difference shrinks to just 30 minutes each day. “The reason for this seasonal circumstance is that at this time of the year, the path of the moon through the sky is as close to being along the horizon as it can get,” the Farmer’s Almanac explains. “Thus, from night to night the moon moves more horizontally than vertically and thus rises sooner from one night to the next.”

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  1. Gee Carol, Lucky? Everyone in LE, EMS, or fire are stocking their units with extra Laerhdal suction units, IV’s, bandages etc. As a nurse, you should know. Especially if you have ever stood an ER shift on the night of Friday the 13th on a full moon. That’s when the crazies come out. It’s Halloween come early, and it is a very busy night indeed.

    • nawlins, If people just went out to look (for a few minutes and reset their brains )at the micromoon and did not stand in the road or on a plane runway while doing so, that might keep a few out of the ER….right?

  2. Technically the full moon is Saturday but with the 3 day window is Friday Saturday and Sunday.
    Friday is Venus and the name is assigned due to the 7 day work week which has no validation in any system except for finance and the slave driver.
    13 is not considered inauspicious unless you have been conditioned by those who do not want any positive attention to that number. But even that , as a calendrical date or number, is arbitrary , wrong, and meaningless, as the sun signs have all been offset by ten days or so by the Catholic authority. Septe is 7 so why is it the 9th month ? It can be proven with science that the day of the full moon is #5. Let that bake your noodle. Can it ever be proven with science which day is “Friday or Saturday” ? No. That is how you know who the liars are.

    • The Romans added July and August in honour of the Emperor (Julius Augustus), that is why September is the 9th month.

    • All the months were offset by 10 or so days, to make the start of the year Jan 1rst. The only reason to do so, is finance. But in most peoples minds, the entire thing is arbitrary.
      But then, the question becomes, why would Rome fight to keep it that way ? George Eastman had signatures from around the globe to simplify the calendar, only to be stopped by the Catholic authorities.
      Our time , and our clocks , and our yearly calendars, are distorted for a reason and a purpose, and it is not your friend. Any honest assessment or knowledge of time and how it impacts our lives, begins with knowing the 20 days. The Vatican uses that clock and others. So, they do one thing, and say another. We call it lying.