Is crushing Iran’s oil production down to zero a crime against humanity?


Sanctions failed to stop Iran’s oil industry

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by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with PressTV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: As the NeoCon and Zionist Lobby cabal grow more and more angry over not being able to destroy, Balkanize or subjugate Syria, Iraq and Iran, they are getting more and more dangerous.

Senator Lindsey Graham’s comments recently about bombing Iran’s oil refineries and sanctioning US EU allies down to zero if they conduct any business with Iran have triggered talk of getting him a check-up for early dementia. The Senate needs to hire a shrink to explain, during hypnosis, to Graham that the US broke the JCPOA deal, not Iran.

General Mattis addressed this insanity in his new book, “We are dividing into hostile tribes cheering against each other, fueled by emotion and a mutual disdain that jeopardizes our future, instead of rediscovering our common ground and finding solutions.”

If Iran were hit with such a preemptive attack and did not respond or surrender to US domination, Graham would just call for more strikes, with Netanyahu cheering all the way.

But the repercussions of a disastrous Persian Gulf war would be felt around the world, with tremendously bad economic consequences. Just look at what poor Yemen was able to do when it closed down 50% of Saudi Arabia’s oil production with ten of their first generation combat drones. Think what Iran could do if the US starting bombing it.

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The way that Graham is talking, a new visitor from Mars would assume that Iran had broken the JCPOA, but wait a minute, wasn’t it the US that did that? And the penalty now is to bomb Iran?

Graham keeps pounding the drum on Iran being a malevolent actor in the region, when it is an open secret of the West’s huge effort to use proxy terrorism to create and exploit chaos there. The former Foreign and Prime Minister of Qatar admitted on the Charley Rose show that the US Coalition had spent $160 billion trying to balkanize Syria, and that “mistakes were made” regarding some of the groups supported.

We continue to hear the internet campaign talking-points, which accuse Iran of the tanker bombing in the Gulf area; no one, including the US, Israel, or even the UAE, has put a shred of evidence on the table to support the allegations.

The public is being played for chumps in this thing. The hawks are spitting in our faces, “fueled by emotion and a mutual disdain” as General Mattis terms it above.

In fact, the UAE went to so far as to sign a joint security deal with Iran, something conveniently ignored by the media, like that is not confirmation that the war hawks are making their crap up.

Right now I would consider Graham a major threat to the security of the US; and I am sure many would agree with me, including a lot of people in the EU Jim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … September 14, 2019


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  1. Until the American fools wake up and realize that every member of the 535 in Congress is and has been a whore for Israel, bribed and if that failed, threatened or more, to send $3 billion of borrowed and printed dollars to them every year and basically commit any unspeakable criminal act in the world with impunity and the whole world looking the other way. Land theft, murder of innocent Palestinians, torture of innocent people, nothing is off the table for these international criminals in Israel. They even did 9/11/01 aided by traitors Bush, Cheney, four star generals and other criminals in New York but some still don’t get it. Israel is and has been the master con artist of the planet for a long long time. They are masters at lying,cheating and deceiving others. This is what they do every day fool fool fool… all the fools on Earth who love to be fooled and had and fleeced out of their hard fought freedoms. But freedom is a very fragile thing and is easily removed. Look at how the whores in Congress did so after passing the illegal Patriot Act following 9/11/01. This also shows they had prior knowledge of it and are most certainly part of the con along with all the rest especially the lying general officers who did not lift a finger to defend the country that day did they? These are criminal traitors walking free and enjoying the good life while they give us all their large middle fingers. What a disgrace these expletives deleted pieces of human garbage are.

    • Suppose General George S. Patton had been alive on 9/11/01 and observed other four star generals dismally fail to do their “sworn” duty? What would he do? He would not lie to the public about it. Before he was murdered by Ike and his cronies in 1945, Patton planned to return home and speak candidly to all Americans about Ike’s failures over there. Ike was not the saint portrayed in the lying media then. This is basically why he was murdered but falsely reported as a fake car accident. Two Star General Donovan, in charge of OSS then, hired a military hit man, paid him $10,000 in 1945, to plan and carry out the murder of General Patton. It was done with a fake staged car accident using rubber bullets to cover his tracks. Patton did not die at the scene but was finished off at the hospital. Patton and other general were out on a bird hunt in his limo in Germany. This was a cowardly act. The author even interviewed the assassin who was still alive years later and basically admitted he did the dirty deed. I hate to think of what Patton would have done if he had been alive to observe the traitors on 9/11/01 in the same uniform.

    • General George S. Patton, from San Gabriel California near Pasadena, was considered the greatest American General of WWII by the German Generals. He is buried over there with his men as he desired. Almost none of the top brass of the U.S. attended his funeral over there.
      Shame on them. He is he last greatest officer of the U.S. Military. He also kept a daily diary. The only blight on his record is when he was part of the group who cleared the lawn of Vets demanding their unpaid back pay from WWI.

    • When the German generals were interrogated post-war, they hadn’t even heard of Patton. He had a few more blights on his record than that, such as slapping a shellshocked and wounded soldier, branding him a coward; he wasn’t always a great general either, his attack on Aachen was an incompetent disaster. Patton was also largely incapable of working with others, which is why Omar Bradley was promoted above him.

  2. Yes of course. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Trust has already been irreparably shattered that no de’tente can repair. Sure you can glue it back together but the abysm & chasms remain. Zionist’s & their ilk ideological/religious secularist’s theosophy own it.

  3. I remember in Europe back in 2001 gasoline used to cost around 50 cents per litre, and only in a few years after Bush administration crusades in Iraq, it reached 1.50 dollar per litre and has remained so. Probably the various Cheneys and other oil vampires are now feeling very reflective on those golden times.

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