…by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

– First published … September 16, 2019

In his panic to play the war hero to get a few extra votes, Bibi wanted to use a little one-rocket incident where it was fired at the city where he was giving a campaign stop last Tuesday. This was not volleys of rockets, just one fired by Islamic Jihad to say hello in honor of all the Palestinian children that the IDF has killed in the past year.

Netanyahu rushed back to Tel Aviv to hold an emergency high command conference, where he asked for a strong attack on Gaza to show them who’s the boss. Mind you, this is all for one rocket and no casualties.

Israel’s Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit put the hammer on the effort, saying that it would require the approval of the security cabinet because it could trigger a war. Bibi did not want to risk the news of his losing a vote like that being made public just before the election.

Hamas had already warned Israel that a major attack would trigger a major full scale retaliation, and the generals were not about to go through all that plus putting the election off while the two sides slugged it out again….over one rocket. Only Bibi is that crazy.

And yes, there was more than a little whispering that he was willing to send the IDF out to put on a “tough guy” show to bump him up in the polls. Gosh, imagine that. To pacify Bibi the IDF conducted a minor raid, a more measured response to one rocket fired “at” Ashdod.

This news made me long for a similar system here in the US where one man, the President, could not launch an attack on his word alone. He would have to have war cabinet approval.

I don’t remember the details, but I remember there have been such attacks in the past that were stopped by one vote in the Israeli war cabinet. It makes me wish we had such a system. With ours the military chiefs get to have their say, but Trump makes the final call, one hell of a scary situation.

But tomorrow Israelis go to the polls for another bruising election, where whoever wins the lead slot will still have to form a government. Lieberman is running again as a spoiler for Bibi, with his wanting to end the no draft status of orthodox Jews who refuse to work and do their Army tours, preferring to have the Israeli population support their large families.

Because of their high birthrate, they will eventually dominate Israeli politics and will make Bibi look like a choir boy.

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  1. Such a lose lose here if SatanYahoo gets busted which will be justice for sure then there is Barrak who was one of the main architects of the so called GWOT which really replace “on” with “of” as in Global War of Terror.

  2. AG Mandelbilt did the right thing, insofar as my capacity to agree with anyone of his political tribe/1666 cult goes. Netanyahu’s Kabuki theater prior to elections is an interesting and desperate routine to watch nevertheless. By the way, Lieberman’s platform point about Netanyahu “paying Hamas $30 million” and Naftali Bennett’s point about Netanyahu purposely delaying the “deal of the century” unveiling until after elections came both from me. This indicates that as much as some think there is a brain trust or thought leadership in Israel, there really is none. Bibi is operating and successful with his political ponzi schemes because he inhabits a vacuum/gap of unsophisticated morons aka the current Israeli electorate (Kahanist or Kahanist-lite). Most of their actions since 2008 have been INCREASINGLY reactionary/slopped by a lack of calculation or adaptation. Meir Dagan might have been their smartest one tactically and he’s gone.

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