Zero Hedge: Will McCabe Bring the FBI Down With Him? Will McCabe’s Indictment and the DoJ Memo Exonerate Mike Flynn?


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Will McCabe Bring The FBI Down With Him?

Authored by Daniel John Sobieski via The American Thinker blog,

The DoJ’s rejection of a last-ditch appeal by the legal team representing fired FBI Director Andrew McCabe and the recommendation by federal prosecutors that charges actually be filed against the documented liar, leaker, and co-conspirator in the attempted coup against duly elected President Donald Trump puts the deep state in a face-to-face confrontation with a potential legal Armageddon. An indictment will leave McCabe with no excuse for not carrying out his threat to bring them all down with him.

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ROBERT STEELE: It has come to my attention that the DoJ memorandum exonerating Mike Flynn, and multiple other documents, are now “in the wild.” If DoJ does not release these documents voluntarily, I can see a judicial nuclear strike forthcoming on both the FBI and the Attorney General. The time has come for Barr to get serious about defending the US Constitution (1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments particularly) and also get serious about enforcing the rule of law within federal, state, and local law enforcement, many of which are completely out of control and so far down the abuse of power rabbit hole as to warrant a special prison being built just for law enforcement officers.  Perhaps we can repurpose one of the FEMA camps?  This is OUT OF CONTROL.  Barr has until Christmas to get it right, and he would be wise to fix this before Thanksgiving.

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A former US spy and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, he is today the Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 and now also CeO of Open Source Everything (OSE Inc.). He continues his education with non-fiction reading, posting over 2,000 reviews across 98 categories; his hobbies include off-shore sailing and racketball.

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  1. Let me try to articulate my thoughts without enraging anyone, a real talent of mine.
    Why is now, this time, any different? The Kennedys, Watergate, Franklin Scandal, ABSCAM, Irangate, CIA coke dealers, PROMIS, Olly North, Ron Brown, Hillary’s server, Bush/Cheney, The Deutroux affair, Scaliagate, Michael Aquino, Kay Griggs, Seth Rich, Marc Rich, Yellowcake, plutonium pits, Fukushima, Aum Shinrikyo, Roy Cohn, Trump’s sore knees, Whitey Bulger, John Kennedy Jr., Paul Wellstone and family, The Federalist Society, St. Hubertus, Belgian castles and moldy kings, ley lines, Lubavitchers, Anton Levey, Jayne Mansfield and a cast of thousands, EG&G, SAIC and InQtel and Alphabet, social credit scores, ring cameras, the Lilly wave, the Montauk project, the missing 411, sickos who produce child porn, multibillionaires taking jets to austerity conferences, the Soulcatcher Project, kerosene and ANFO dustifying cubic miles of concrete and on and on and on, even before the Gordon Duff/Jack Heart/Steven Greer information.
    It seems the iteration of this society we knew is over, what’s coming is, personally, frightening enough to unman me if I let it. As I lay here slowly dying I desperately go over in my mind what I can actually DO about any of this and I’m not getting any answers.

  2. Time to abolish the Bureau and turn law enforcement back to State and Tribal Police. The FBI like the Department of Hebrew Security should be shoved down some deep dark hole and the honest and competent agents in the Bureau should be transferred to the above.

  3. The bureau has been dirty since day one, and everyone knows it except for some brass blind recruits who want to be “G-Men”.

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