Informed Speculation: How the Right Took Down Trump, Now a “Dead Man Walking”

    VT believes Attorney General Barr cleared Trump's calls to Ukraine, calls he knew handed impeachment to the democrats


    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    Ted Cruz was supposed to be president. We would have 50,000 dead in Iran already and would have been forced to reinstitute the draft.

    “Accidental President Donald Trump” killed them both.

    The original plan, ISIS taking down Iraq and then turning it over as a base against Iran, died when Putin destroyed 10,000 oil tanker trucks, all taken off the roads in the US and given to ISIS; the funds stolen from the Kirkuk oil fields were intended to finance a bastion for a US land invasion of Iran, led by the MEK. This is the part John Bolton spent 10 years putting together, and Donald Trump ruined it all.

    The MEK and the puppets courtesy of The Intercept, Trump, like Bush 43 before him, is an “accidental president.” You see, it is easier to put a “Dem” in office and destroy them than to try to build with the “flotsam” that survives the brutal primary/debate process.

    The inside pair has always been Mueller and Barr, as described by Gene “Chip” Tatum in his book, “The Mule.

    “Robert Swan Mueller III has been the go to man when secrets go awry. Recruited as a CIA asset in Vietnam as an member of the Phoenix Project it was embedded in him that there are No Borders, No Limits, No Restrictions, and No Repercussions. With these standards ingrained in his persona, Mueller became an invaluable asset in protecting what today is called “The Deep State”. Teamed with William Barr the duo was incredibly effective in blocking investigations, erasing and fabricating both evidence, and witnesses. When the need arises, invariably the Deep State Handlers call on ‘The Mule.'”

    Tatum traces Mueller and Barr as best friends and historical partners in coverups, setups, blackmail and dirty tricks for decades. Their Deep State target, just as Trump had guessed, was Donald Trump.

    Those bringing him down? His own Attorney General and, above all, the handlers for Vice President Pence, a dim-witted senseless tool of the neocon right.

    When Trump failed to deliver the promised war on Iran, when his failure brought down Netanyahu and Britains rebelled against Boris Johnson, the writing was on the wall – it happened in only days.

    Here is where speculation rises. We know Trump did what Pelosi accuses him of, but we just don’t know why. Trump could trounce Biden any day of the week. It is easier to let the democrats kill one another than for Trump to open the impeachment door, which cites him not just for blackmail over Ukraine but his emoluments deals with the Saudis, the UAE, Qatar, his foundation, the murder of Epstein (possibly done to blackmail Trump), the Michael Cohen trove, Trump University and so much more.

    The questions we ask.

    Has Trump been drugged? Assuming he has always been grandiose, which as a billionaire and president is a very odd observation when you come to think about it, and a bit of an asshole, why would someone trained by Roy Cohn allow himself to walk into a pure “Watergate analog?”

    Are they “dosing” Trump’s adderall?

    Then again, Barr is playing the perfect “John Mitchell” clone, in a scenario where Trump is now totally alone, with Barr able, he hopes, to sidestep obstruction and conspiracy charges while “the Donald” is left spinning in the breeze, which is exactly where he is now.

    With the promise of the released “transcript” of only 1 of 8 calls, and of course no sane person would ever accept a transcript from Barr of all people, the target is being put on Trump’s forehead.

    Barr just announced:

    “Trump is scared, Trump is guilty, we are ‘looking for a deal'”

    For those unaware, Trump’s presidency has been bad news for the US, we have been gutted around the world, isolated, our military weakened, debt levels soaring, Israel crumbling, Saudi Arabia crumbling, NATO “dead,” with new losses racked up on Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and the list keeps growing.

    Will Luxembourg spit on us next?

    Behind it all is Pence and behind him, a less than visible power base that tried to put Mitt Romney in office.

    This is the “old right,” made up of Freemasons, the drug cartels and the same plotters that killed John and Bobby, the defenders of the Federal Reserve and the Schiff, Warburg, Rothschild empire that put America into two world wars and created, then destroyed the Soviet Union.

    Pence’s boys, right now, are sitting with their friends in the Senate along names like Falwell, Murdoch, Hannity, Rumsfeld, so many names, names we are so weary of, their endless schemes, always fake terror followed by real war.

    Trump failed to deliver the Iran war that was promised, Pence is now the man of the hour.

    The Senate is expected to “save” Donald Trump, leaving him gutted, bitter and setting the stage for a chimera waiting in the wings. Will the real monster please stand up?

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    1. Bolsonaro has been acting weird too. There are photos of Trump with dilated pulpils, both were squeezing their eyes during the UN meeting.
      Both Trump and Bolsonaro stole the election using private intelligence services (e.g. Black Cube, Cambridge Analytica,…), which could under ideal and improbable circumstances lead to their VPs getting impeached.

      • Yes you named the correct players behind the current empowered perfidious coterie. All are part of the Masonic Zionism symbiosis. Mercer, Palantir, FB. Twitter, Tesla, Amazon, MEGA Corp, Epstein et alia etc. To continue the plutocracy MIBC hegemony is just beyond a clown show. The continued logorrhea & fraud of the CFR, Jesuit’s/Freemasons at the head of the Serpent is only result in more exposure, damage & self destruction of they’re own.

      • So far they escalated this into forcing people into transhumanism (with mind control backdoors), intensive mass spying and data mining, terrible diets, lifestyles and healthcare to improve control. I don’t have much faith in humanity defeating this after hundreds of years licking their balls, being artificially selected and brainwashed to suit their needs, but it seems to be wide in the open now for any reasonable person to understand (at least it looks like so, but the internet became a huge piece of shit).

    2. The information on Attorney General Barr was most informative. Thank you for sharing and finding excellent backing references. So basically as Comey left, Barr comes in, Trump really has not gained anything.

      I think it is excellent that he did not move forward on the Iran war. The people do not benefit from war. Isn’t it ironic that he gets rid of Bolton literally 2-3 days before an excuse came up to go to war. Amazing.

      Not sure if the Ukraine thing was intentional…I mean clearly it would have been a topic on his mind like a few others.

      Had the table been reversed, and Trump glossed over it, Trump could have been accused of allowing corruption, overlooking it after hearing rumors of it.

    3. I don’t necessarily count “Israel crumbling, Saudi Arabia crumbling” as bad news for the US. Pence, however, scares the hell out of me. Hopefully, after a Trump impeachment, and exit, either through conviction or resignation, Pence would be given a short leash, ala Jerry Ford after Watergate.

    4. In a nutshell ‘Trump failed to deliver the Iran war that was promised’, even after Israel named Trump Heights and the Cyrus-Trump half shekel after him. He is flailing in the wind.

    5. hillary we have a casting call you may want to check out? i still support the art of the deal , he has some scares , won some lost a lot of them, but he is my president. support your president or not!

      • Which body double employed on behalf of Hillary do you prefer. For example, the one that appeared on a fine September 11 day after she collapsed and was taken to “Chelsea’s apartment” — surely VT has data on the contents of that ediface — or the one (and the same?) that served as a stand-in to one of the debates with Trump?

    6. might wonder if the UN would open its doors to a 16 year old girl who was the face of a movement advocating world peace….without world peace, we have nothing…maybe Mike Pence will pick up a sign…world peace now…..yeah right….

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