VT Insider Special: Neocon-Israeli Disinfo Swings Into Action To Protect Trump

For two years, Trump has been Israel's man to destroy America...while a "hardcore few," are left spinning in the wind, waiting for the order to nuke Israel...an order we believe will never come, not from the grandchild of the infamous Frankfurt "Drumpf" Jewish banking house


Introduction by the Senior Editor

I started communicating with the thing they call “Israel Shamir” many years ago.  Intelligence sources, some inside Israel, had explained that Julian Assange was a Mossad asset used to distribute “chickenfeed” and, when needed, burn Israel’s enemies.

He himself was an actor.

Behind Assange was the thing called “Israel Shamir.”  What I saw was this, emails written in pidgin English by a person identified as Shamir and then articles that betrayed “writing by committee” with multiple styles.  I began then watching Shamir and others at CounterPunch and, year after year, cataloged their actions.

Sources in Pakistan, Russia, Syria and Iran confirmed our positions, that the anti-Zionist movement was 99% fake and included Gilad Atzmon and almost nobody else.

As an editorial assumption, based on consultation with Colonel’s Jim Hanke and Gene Khrushchev, and other experts in counter-terrorism and psychological warfare, we established a policy that we used to this day, identifying controlled opposition and gauging their stories as “chickenfeed” or disinformation intended to sew discord on behalf of IDF Unit 8200.  Our sources watched, Shamir and other Counterpunch authors, Unz for sure but, as time has gone on, so many others as well, leaving VT as “last man standing.”

[Editor’s note: The following article is one of the most pernicious, blatant pieces of black propaganda I have read for quite some time. This should come as no surprise as the author is Israel Shamir, one of the worst of the disinfo stooges employed by the Neocon-Israel crime cabal and the site publishing this bilge is run by Ron Unz, another disinfo stooge.

Shamir is a complete fraud, his alternate identity is Joram Jermas, a Swedish national:

Not only does Shamir shamelessly defend arch criminal Trump, but he makes the absurd accusation that the US Deep State are the ‘Clintonites’. This is an inversion of the truth, the real Deep State is composed of the Neocon-Israel criminals that Shamir works for.

Shamir also inverts the truth when describing Ukraine as a Clintonite colony where all of the oligarchs other than Igor Kolomoisky (who he lionises) are in the Clinton’s pockets. In reality, Ukraine is a colony of the Neoncon-Israel criminals and Kolomoisky is the most prominent oligarch behind the financing and organising of the neo-Nazi thugs who brutally murdered their way to power in the Maidan coup.

The Ukrainian Oligarchs are blood enemies of the Clintons and the overthrow of Ukraine was hardly the work of fanatic anti-Zionist Soros but rather the same Neocon rabble now behind Trump.

Kolomoisky is also the prime mover behind the neo-Nazi mercenaries of the Dnipro and Azov groups that attempted to commit genocide in the Donbass. This is one very evil man, an Israeli-Ukrainian joint citizen who now lives in Israel in order to avoid retribution by his victims or prosecution for his crimes against humanity.

Shamir claims that Biden and the Clintonites were behind the take over of power in Ukraine, another truth inversion as it was the Neocon-Israeli criminals and their acolytes such as John McCain that were really behind it as they worked to finance and support the neo-Nazi anti-Russian figures such as Oleg Tyanhbok who lead the violent bands of thugs that were front and centre of the Maidan coup and the subsequent attacks on Ukrainian citizens, particularly in the Donbass.

How are we to interpret Shamir’s inversions of the truth regarding Trump, Biden, the Clintons and Ukraine? The answer is both obvious and simple – he is doing it to defend Trump and the Neocon-Israeli criminals that control him. This can be taken as a clear sign that these criminals are genuinely concerned that this Ukraine affair has the potential to bring down Trump and end the Neocon-Israel hold on the White House.

Regardless of one’s opinions on Biden and the Clintons, the potential demise of the Trump presidency due to impeachment and thus, the prevention of a second term for the bloated orange moron can only be viewed as a good thing, both for the US and the wider world. I would prefer to see Trump go down for one of his far worse crimes, but at the end of the day, as long as he does go down, then it can only be viewed as a good thing; just as when they got Al Capone on tax evasion, rather than the countless far worse crimes he was responsible for. Ian]

The Biden Affair in the Ukraine

by Israel Shamir

The Borderlands of the Ukraine have been a decisive battlefield for centuries. Here Stockholm, Berlin and Moscow vied for dominance. Karl XII had lost here to Peter the Great; Stalin defeated Hitler; now the Clintonites are likely to suffer in the Ukraine their ultimate defeat. The Democrats had made their biggest political mistake of the century in attacking Trump for the Biden affair — that is, if the Americans retain any common sense.

Vice-President Biden extorted millions of dollars in personal bribes from the vulnerable Ukrainian client state. When this sordid affair came under investigation, he blackmailed Ukrainians, using his position and American taxpayer money to force the sovereign state to fire its Attorney General for investigating the bribes.

Instead of covering their face in shame and dismissing Biden as a potential party candidate in the 2020 race, the Dems led by the superannuated Mrs Pelosi decided to impeach the President for uncovering this rogue. In the well-remembered flick Dirty Harry the lawyers tried to save a criminal by attacking the policeman who didn’t observe the niceties of a Miranda warning. This was the model for the Dems in their impeachment attempt.

Biden’s criminal extortion wasn’t a secret. He boasted of this racket at a public occasion. He famously admitted that:

I said, I’m telling you [the Ukrainian leaders], you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.

The Ukrainians put in place someone who was solid at the time, so solid that he terminated the investigation of Burisma oil company. This company was the vessel to transfer bribes to VP Biden, via his son Hunter Biden. John Solomon of The Hill wrote:

“U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden’s American-based firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers into one of its accounts — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Vice President Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine and its tense relations with Russia.”

The fired prosecutor Mr Viktor Shokin said that Biden fils had been under investigation. After he was dismissed due to Biden père interference, the money continued to pour out of poor Ukrainian pockets to well-stuffed Biden coffers. My Kiev acquaintances had a memory of a good-for-nothing young man, keen on coke and broads, who by himself would never get such a salary.

You would ask, why Biden admitted to the crime? He considered himself untouchable like Mrs Clinton and other people of her circle. Mischievous President Trump decided to prosecute Biden for bribery and extortion, as if he were an ordinary mortal. This was a direct threat to the Clintonites (let us use this nickname for the power variously described as Democrats, Liberals, Internationals, financiers, Masters of Discourse or Deep State). This challenge caused them to abandon caution and to start a furious pre-emptive campaign against cocky Trump.

Their accusation is outright ridiculous: they claim Trump’s intention to bring Corrupt Joe to justice was criminal per se, as Biden was a likely contender for the Dem nomination. As it happens, the US Constitution didn’t find it fit to provide likely contenders with full immunity for past and future crime prosecutions. It’s just the Clintonites were used to be above the law. Indeed, for three years President Trump avoided to touch them. Crimes of Mrs Clinton were well known, from the simple affair of the email server to the Libya murders.

It was expected victorious Trump would unleash the law against the defeated dowager for Mrs. Clinton’s role in the Obama administration’s decision to allow the Russian nuclear agency to buy a uranium mining company. Conservatives have long pointed to donations to the Clinton family foundation by people associated with the company, Uranium One, as proof of corruption, reported the New York Times. The Clintonites saved the old lady’s skin by starting the Russiagate hoax. In 2016 election debate Trump told Clinton that, if he was in charge of the nation’s laws, “you’d be in jail”. But a year later he was in charge, and she wasn’t in jail, not even charged. The ruse of Russiagate worked wonders: the President accused of collusion with Russia did not dare to charge his adversary with this very offence.

Now the Clintonites decided to repeat their feat and began impeachment procedure hoping it will keep Trump busy and away from uncovering the Ukrainian Hell’s Kitchen.

What actually had happened in the Ukraine? In 2014, Clintonites had managed the regime change in this former Soviet republic. They removed the legitimate president by using the full spectre of illegal operations. The Ukraine became a Clintonite colony, and Joe Biden their viceroy in the Ukraine. Biden’s involvement in the coup d’état was his biggest crime, but nobody speaks of that, noticed Joe Lauria. They had turned Ukraine against Russia and instigated the civil war in the East of the poor country, despite strong efforts of president Putin to keep Russia out of Ukrainian turmoil. But they also gave a thought to personal profiteering, like they did in Russia in 1990.

Joe Biden had been treated royally in Kiev. He was asked to chair government meetings and proudly sat on the Presidential seat. The Ukrainians are not famous for their subtlety. Nice people, but rather simple ones, even by East European measure. They became involved in 2016 election campaign on the Clintonite side. There is no doubt VP Biden was the man who directed this “foreign involvement in the US elections”. The obliging Ukrainians delivered to him the dirt on Paul Manafort, and Manafort went to jail.

The Ukraine is the second home for CrowdStrike, the cyber-security company that was instrumental in accusing Russia of meddling. Its founder and head, a Russian Jew and American citizen Dmitry Alperovich is a pathological Russia hater on the model of Masha Gessen and Max Boot. People in Kiev say he had built the case against Russia on the strength of a single server allegedly used for hacking the DNC. The server is located in the Ukraine, not in Russia. President Trump asked for its whereabouts in his conversation with the Ukrainian President Mr Zelensky.

The subject of the server makes many people in the Clintonite camp extremely nervous. They already marked it with “conspiracy” marker, meaning you may not touch it. In another “conspiracy debunking” item they created a straw man, saying “the notion that there is some missing “server,” and that the server might exist somewhere—like in Ukraine—has no basis in reality. The DNC’s network consisted of many servers and computers”. However, the server Trump asked about is not the DNC server, but the server allegedly used to hack DNC server. It had left some Russian-language traces, and it was presented as a proof of Russian involvement. But Alperovich’s hackers in the Ukraine also use Russian as their working language, and this allowed the Russia-hating Jew an opportunity to create the whole chain of “proofs” of Russian hackers’ activity with fancy names. Recovery of the server would put paid to the whole myth of Russian hacking, and would make the Clintonite case untenable.

Alperovich, obsessed with his hatred, could cook the case of Russian meddling, but it had to be ordered and utilized by somebody up the feeding chain, most probably Joe Biden. And now Joe Biden, the real criminal, who took bribes and blackmailed the friendly state officials, who orchestrated foreign involvement in the US elections, went on to become the leading contender for Dem party.

The Dems claimed Trump threatened to withdraw funds from the Ukraine if they won’t cooperate with the US enquiry. This claim had been debunked after the full transcript of two Presidents’ chat had been published. But even if it were sterling truth, it would be business as usual for the US. You probably remember the threats of cutting aid that were issued by the US representative in the UN in order to force sovereign states to vote for Israel. The execrable Nicky Haley said, ‘The US will be taking names’, and Donald Trump added his own threats to cut aid.

How could they find fault in Trump allegedly threatening to cut aid to Ukraine if they think Biden was perfectly all right for doing exactly that? But these guys aren’t playing cricket.

The forthcoming Presidential race is becoming a global affair, it seems. In so many countries the US influence had been delivered by agents of Clintonite clan, and all of them are tempted to do what the Clintonites ask, that is to help them to undermine President Trump. In the Ukraine, the struggle of Clintonites and Trumpers is far from over. President Zelensky promised President Trump to help him; but the oligarchs of the Ukraine are in Clintonite camp.

All but one: Igor (Benny) Kolomoysky, a maverick Jewish oligarch and a friend of the President, is an enemy of Clintonites. He also stands against IMF, International Monetary Fund, the powerful bankers’ body that issued many loans to the Ukraine. Just this year, Kiev has to pay six billion dollars to the IMF to remain solvent, and IMF refused to refinance it. The loans were mainly stolen by the gang of the former President, Mr Poroshenko. People in Kiev say that about 1.7 billion dollars of the latest loan had been pocketed by the American supporters of Poroshenko, meaning Joe Biden and his ilk. Now Mr Kolomoysky suggests the new Ukrainian president may default on IMF loans.

Kolomoysky is also the only oligarch who is not in bed with the liberals. The balance of power in the Ukraine is not in favour of Trumpers. The Ukrainians like to back winners; once they made a mistake supporting Mrs Clinton, as they were sure she would win. Perhaps they will make this mistake again. It would depend on the actual Dem contender. Joe Biden had cooked his goose by taking too many bribes in the Ukraine, but another contender may have a better chance, the Ukrainians think. Mrs Warren, perhaps?

They even fiddle with the idea of Mrs Hillary Clinton running again and winning this time. The Ukrainian oligarchs, and first of all Mr Victor Pinchuk, a Jewish billionaire from Dnepro city, No. 1 among the rich Ukrainians, would do anything for her. He contributed many millions to her fund; he finances the Atlantic Council, the Clintonite think-tank, fighting against Russia and Euro-sceptics. He is ‘the wealthy businessman’ Trump referred to in his talk with Mr Zelensky. Judging by Trump’s interest in the Ukrainian server, the President is aware that the old lady is still able to do some mischief, and his promise to take her to jail is still unfulfilled.

It is possible in the presidential race 2020, the Dems will use drafting technique, as the long-distance runners (or bikers, or cross-country skiers) do. The first leading contender (in our case, Biden) would get the flak, get exhausted, and in the last moment he would withdraw from the race yielding the nomination to his well-rested comrade, be it Warren or Clinton or whoever. Bearing that in mind, Trumpers could keep some of the ammo they have on Biden (and there is a lot to find in the Ukraine) until (or rather if) he gets the nomination.

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Neocon rabble put Trump in power? As I remember it, ALL the neocons were financing Clinton, except for Adelson and one other (forget who now, sorry). I also find Shamir’s article factually pretty accurate, although his talk about Clintonites etc. is a personal interpretation, and Ian your correction is better.
    But my gut feeling is that Trump won’t be impeached and that the whole attempt will backfire spectacularly on Dems faces because it’s based on irrational hate. I think that’s a good thing because they have become so unhinged recently it’s not even funny anymore.

  2. I know the subject is Ukraine, but who disemboweled Muammar Gaddafi, and bombed Libya into a failed state? Did the neocon crime-cabal have its claws in the Obama administration, and the Hillary Clinton State Department, or did they pull that caper all on their own?

    • VT has covered that Libyan situation in exhaustive detail. Obama and Clinton had no foreknowledge nor involvement, it was a CIA operation using CIA trained assets from the Gulf states.

  3. So, which camp does former assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland (Mrs. Robert Kagan), handing out cookies during the Maidan protests, fall into: Clintonite or neocon crime-cabal?

  4. Shamir is a complete fraud, his real identity is Joram Jermas, a Swedish national: What kind of column is it in which the Russian city of Novosibirsk is written?

    • The story of his origins was published on his personal website. Swedish researchers have uncovered that he has had at least six different names so it is hard to know what, if anything, is true about the man.

    • I interviewed Shamir in Atlanta years ago when he gave a talk at Emory University, which was boycotted, BTW, by the Jewish students union, much to the embarrassment of the Jewish professors in Emory’s Mideast program. He said his father or grandfather had been a rabbi in Siberia.

      His son was attending college in Sweden. I remember because he had bought a computer online in the US and gotten ripped off so his dad asked me to follow up with the cops, and the bad news being they were not dealing with internet purchase crimes then. Those were the buyer beware days.

      I met a Palestinian who had watched me video Shamir’s talk and introduce himself. I got some major interviews via his introduction, like Jerry Levin, the Beirut CNN Beaurau chief who was kidnapped and held hostage for a good while. I did media advance work for the Latin Partiarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah (sp?) and got a great interview with him, and later the Crown Prince of Jordan, the brother of the king. Those were the glory days of Heritage TV. I had branched off from American heritage content to the Mideast, and later into Veterans material, where the path took me here when I got introduced to Gordon, during the days when five of the top ten stories for the week were his.

    • Andy Armavir (Russia) October 2, 2019 at 5:41 pm POSTED THIS QUESTION:

      Shamir is a complete fraud, his real identity is Joram Jermas, a Swedish national: What kind of column is it in which the Russian city of Novosibirsk is written?
      That section asks for “födelseshemort” which mens “(registered) home place when born”. In swedish this means where his or his parets’ registered domicile was when he was born, and not necessarily that he was born there (i.e., in Novosibirsk) — although that is often believed or assumed. A stockholm baby born to swedish parents vacationing at a Spanish resort when the baby is suddenly born might be registered as born in Las Palmas as its “födelsesort” or “födelsesplats”, but with Stockholm in the collumn for “födelsesHEMort” (Hem=Home. Födelse=Birth. Ort”=’Location or Place’)

  5. Trump is also using this weak accusation of impeachment to confuse future attempts at exposing his election fraud of 2016 and all the boot licking he did for Israel and jews, then using it to impeach him for real.

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