Propaganda 101 Burns Putin over Greta Gaff


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Do note that “Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,” has been cited by the Atlantic Council, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Hill, Politico, the Heritage Foundation and others as America’s most influential “election rigger” and “Russophile.”

Being hated by the scum of the earth is something, but I have loftier ambitions.

The photo above is the real Greta. If you live in Iceland, Norway, Scotland, Denmark, East Anglia or about 100 different places where real people live with weather and water, with former glaciers and real sea levels, global warming which is supported by tons of very real science, is a disaster.

I live in a town now, for the first time, filled with sand bags.

Putin was never an ignorant climate denialist, on the payroll of big coal, Exxon and the nuclear industry but he does have to do this, keep Russia alive and armed in the face of things that if I told you of them, you would believe me but I would be dead.

If his actions betray fear, I am sure it is not for himself but for the Russian people. I am seeing Putin do and say things I wish he didn’t do and say. You see, I grew up in post-war America and to find the home I grew up in, I sometimes look to Russia or Iceland or towns in France and Germany, even Kurdish Iraq or Kenya.

We have lost so much as we drown in the filth that hit us long before Bush and Trump.  Look to Reagan and those around him.

And then, I get to watch Donald Trump, a fucking moron, fight it out with his criminal friends against what is largely a pack of petty whiners and assholes that we have allowed to hijack congress since the Reagan years, a congress that Sheldon Adelson and the death of the trade unions and America’s industrial economy has left us with.

It ain’t fixable. America as we had once known it is dead, and today’s generation will never know it was here at all.

You don’t see real photos of Greta. I am glad to visit Putin and discuss this, but I know he isn’t an idiot and only wished he could use the intellect and character I strongly suspect he has and kick the fucking US out of Syria, put the Turks in their place and stop giving advanced nuclear arms to India, an Israeli stooge nation.

I am not fucking blind. Now, mind you, I am not a “stable genius” like Donnie claims to be.

I will also say this can be fixed. Those I respect, a short list, Imran Khan, Putin, Bernie Sanders sort of, Assad to an extent, Corbyn are a start. I could find others.

We do have a team here. I can build an Arab super-state that won’t go to war with either Israel or India. The plans are there. No, we can’t save the Saudi Royals, but we can bring peace, disarmament and start delivering hope to the children of this planet like Greta, health care, real communities, personal freedom from devices and social media, safe places to raise families….to an extent.

What we can’t do is allow a world to breed itself into filth and depravity or for genuine evil to continue here without citing it, naming it and eliminating it.

It is real and it is here.

For those of you who think you actually know shit, let me give a short explanation.

Were one to work with models, and I do specifically that, finding a way to duplicate the why of US actions is impossible. Saying the mob runs America is close.

Warning of the military industrial complex is close as well. Citing the satanic crazy fake evangelical types gets us closer.

Perhaps turn to fiction, TV series like Fox’s “The Exorcist”, or simply bring back ABC’s “Rubicon.”

We aren’t even getting close to the layer that exposes why so may believe they have power do so much evil for money they can never spend for things nobody needs. I live in a world where garages are filled with million-dollar cars and fishing boats are 60 feet long.

Some have never been in a grocery store and only travel by helicopter to the private side of Gerald Ford airport to fly to other insulated places where armored cars take them to carefully stacked “tall food” restaurants, everything clean, all delusion, the “Betsy Devos” world of utter and absolute insanity, life without meaning, without working with your hands, without touching people, without humanity.

For some, shooting birds is the pretend life of the hunter gatherer that we once were.

For too many it is something far darker, the promise of power after death. This is where we aren’t going.

As for those alive on this planet now, we have a leadership, yes a planetary leadership, that would allow billions to die of disease or be vaporized without a thought.

I call them insectile.

What they don’t know, what they won’t read here, is that the reckoning sometimes referred to as eternal damnation is very real. How you live every moment of your life counts.

Give some thought to Jesus and the parable of the mustard seed. Make some choices. Consider not waiting too long. g

‘She is kind, but emotions should not control this issue’: Putin takes on Greta Thunberg’s UN rant about climate & world powers

‘She is kind, but emotions should not control this issue’: Putin takes on Greta Thunberg’s UN rant about climate & world powers
Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has earned accolades from world leaders for her emotional speeches. While cheering her as a person, Vladimir Putin still stayed cautious, saying he doesn’t “share the common excitement.”

Thunberg’s passionate speech before world leaders at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York last week cemented her as probably the world’s most famous climate change activist and media darling.

“How dare you!,” the 16-year-old campaigner scolded world leaders. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money, and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.”

ALSO ON RT.COMSwedish school under fire for forcing kids to take part in climate strike

Thunberg’s lecture earned her praise from politicians and the media, but Russian President Vladimir Putin is not among them.

“I may disappoint you but I don’t share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg,” he told an energy forum in Moscow on Wednesday.

“No one has explained to Greta that the modern world is complex and different and … people in Africa or in many Asian countries want to live at the same wealth level as in Sweden,” he continued.

Of course, emotions are inevitable, but still if we want to be effective, we must stay professional.

Thunberg’s eco-activism has been criticized before for focusing on the Western world, while ignoring the damage being done to the environment by less wealthy countries going through their own industrial revolutions.

While young environmentalists should be supported, “when someone is using children and teenagers in personal interests, it only deserves to be condemned,” the leader argued.

“I’m sure that Greta is a kind and very sincere girl,” Putin added.

“But adults must do everything not to bring teenagers and children into some extreme situations.”

While Thunberg’s solitary school walkout last year has since evolved into thousands-strong ‘Fridays for Future’ protests worldwide, her activism has drawn criticism for its apparent alarmism, as well as mockery from US President Donald Trump. Thunberg herself has said that this backlash proves her message is “too loud to handle.”

Yet, critics also pointed out that the teenager has failed to present any clear steps on how to change the situation.

ALSO ON RT.COMEstablishment & media sympathize with Greta’s ‘Fridays for Future’ movement… So how is that a ‘protest’ exactly?

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. @Davidodell,

    What have you don’t to stop geoengineering?

    You should stop eating fruits, vegetables, grains and meats since all are grown with CO2.

  2. Perhaps if they reconsidered who to send to do their bidding then little girls won’t be shredded to pieces..

  3. Gordon Duff writes: “global warming which is supported by tons of very real science, is a disaster.”. If it is the science of the UN consensus and the globalists, I can only disagree. I would like to remind Mr Dufff of the good hack on the scientists computer ahead of the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit. There was clear indication of fraud, this was short lived in the papers and suddenly disappear. I am glad to see some comments exposing this fraud that is global warming. In a previous article, Mr Duff write: CO2 is killing us. Really! Any little kid know the basic chemistry that CO2 is the food for plants/plankton, they use it to regenerate their vegetal tissues and they gave us in return O2 to breathe. Again one should check the ratio of CO2 and other gases in our air and the level of man made CO2 to the overall CO2 level to understand the hoax. Element carbon (C) is the basic content of life in this planet and possibly to the whole Universe. Ironic, some deranged people have decided to tax carbon, the main element for life as we know it at a global level. I call that global racket and people should wake up to that hoax.

    • To continue this, note that may scientists who did not tow to that false song of global warming due to CO2, based on the hard evidence have been smeared, harassed, lost their jobs/lives. I see the same thing in many scientific disciplines, especially in archeology. Piers Corbyn website is a good one and can be easily accessed.Also, Mike S King wrote an excellent book: Climate Bogeyman that I recommend but also people should research separately on that subject and come to their own conclusions. For my part, I am convinced that it is not this current level of CO2 which is changing the climate. The climate on this planet has changed in our times and as well when we were not around. These are facts! Earth is experimenting cycles and Earth is part of our solar system, our galaxy and the Universe. So many factors come to play. As for the little girl, anyone can see that she was programmed for her angry show at the UN. As far as I am concerned I shall slap her and her parents to teach her not to miss her classes and to her parents to bring up her child normally. Anyway, RDS has quite rightly written on that poor abused little child.

  4. All through history in all lands, there are those who fight for justice across the board daily and they get weary and discouraged by the insurmountable task. In the midst of these struggles, often it is seen that a young woman rises to inspire and inject new hope, thereby invigorating the process. When these step forward with determination and capture the hearts of the weary, it is a noticeable thing and part of the human defense mechanism no matter the cause or condition. They carry a light that is discernible and unmistakable.
    The spirit of the earth often speaks through the unsullied during times of seemingly insurmountable odds. Their message is not mathematics or politics, but simple goodness. Only the fool does not take heed.

  5. There is no solid science behind the climate change scare, everything is manipulated, cherry-picked, covered up, twisted, tampered with and financed by the biggest money on the planet (yes, the IPCC is funded by the big oil). Real data doesn’t matter any more, and world began in 1960! It’s also child abuse. My son when young got upset when I told him that the world would end in 5 billion years. You get the picture.
    You guys at the VT excel in finding covert intel, so why don’t you put your boots on and uncover the ever lengthening list of climate science experts who have disagreed on the Climate Scare and have been ousted, defunded, shamed, shot at etc. One scientist found that he was put on some kind of national “Do not fund” list. It is really serious. As Hollywood would say, ‘the hoax must go on!’ Do what you’re best at and get the bastards! It’s why we read you!

  6. “Those I respect, a short list, Imran Khan, Putin, Bernie Sanders sort of, Assad to an extent, Corbyn are a start. I could find others.”…. You mention Corbyn here, I suggest you read some factual analysis by his brother… “Jeremy Corbyn’s astrophysicist brother has claimed that ‘man-made climate change does not exist’ and is ‘manufactured’ by journalists. Piers Corbyn, 72, says claims of widespread consensus on the topic of man-made climate change are false.”

  7. G,

    Come to northern Sweden, it is what I imagine 1950s small town America used to be. There are elements of burned out small America slowly creeping in (amphetamines and all the shit that follows it) but still only isolated incidents. The kids can still bike around town, you can leave the keys in the car, home doors unlocked all day, the neighbours can be trusted and help with the kids and house renovations when needed and not even asked for, ect…

    When people ask why the hell are you living up here, my reply is “Well it’s definitely not the High Life, but it is the Good Life.” For now anyway, however you can smell the rot at the edges trying to find a way in.

    As for Greta and Putin, I respect both of them and believe their intentions are good, but the people (entities/groups) using them (sometimes) for their different chess moves are definitely suspect. Nobody is free not even the most powerful man in Russia or the most innocent child from Sweden.

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