Of course Donald Trump roped Mike Pence into the Ukraine plot! It’s one of the oldest Mafia tricks in the book, featured in a hundred movies starting in the 1930s right up through today. You’re a mob boss, you’re about to do something big—move on another family’s turf, order a hit. What do you as you prepare for it, within your own circle? 

You get everyone dirty. You make them complicit—part of the plot. That way, they can’t sing on you. If they’re part of plot, they’re guilty, too, and they have to clam up and take part in the cover-up. It’s Corleone 101.

The president of the United States is a mob boss, and this is how he operates. And the president’s lawyer, once-upon-a-long-ago-time a mafia fighter, is now a mob henchman, just like his father, who was an enforcer for his brother-in-law’s loan-sharking operation. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the two of them, talking in the time-honored code as they plotted their Ukraine move and considered what to do about the vice president:
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  1. Same in JFK assassination. Plaza was filled with all of the evil. Since they had prior knowledge, they were as guilty as the many shooters.

  2. In reply to 444age VT is a broad church and they are honest enough to publish articles with views that some of the Senior Editors may not adhere to. It used to be called journalism but i am showing my age. I could not pick up the remainder of the article from the daily beast as i do not subscribe. However, even I, have twigged Pence as a Christian Zionist, distinctly odd, and potentially more scary as Potus than the present incumbent

  3. We are getting mixed signals from VT. On the one hand, Robert David Steele thinks Trump is the next best thing since Stormy’s thong; on the other hand, VT thinks Trump is a capo. I believe Trump is the latter. A uniform, consistent message about Trump is what’s needed. RDS knows Trump’s record on the Constitution, 9/11 and the Zionists. He also must know by now that Trump isn’t going to change his spots anytime soon. The best thing RDS could do is run for POTUS himself and implement all the great ideas he has for Trump, ideas which Trump will never use, and if he does use he would never credit RDS for them or, as the article points out, he would ensure RDS becomes as dirty as him so that RDS does not sing when the shit hits the fan even harder. I wouldn’t want to be in Trump’s inner circle for love or money.

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