by Gloria Moss, PhD FCIPD

Two weeks ago, the Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, sounded off against those in Parliament who were frustrating the will of the people by not delivering Brexit.  Bells may have rung for some readers who may have recalled how, at the beginning of 2019, Boris, then ex-Foreign Secretary, spoke from the backbenches of the likely feeling in the nation “that there has been a great conspiracy by the deep state of the UK, the people who really run the country, to overturn the verdict of the people.”.

Here was the former holder of one of the Great Offices of State using the ‘C’ word, one guaranteed to leave you isolated in many circles, and using it in the mother of all Parliaments.  By that stage, it was already two and a half years since the Brexit vote and Theresa May was soon to win a vote of no confidence in her leadership in the House.  So the frustration that Johnson referred to was natural enough but what of the reference to a ‘conspiracy’ and a ’deep state’?   Is there any basis for this?

Conspiracy theorists                                                                                                                                   My friends and acquaintances span a motley crew from those who raise an eyebrow when the ‘C’ word is used to those who give you chapter and verse and leave you gasping for air.  Naturally, it was to the second group that I addressed myself asking whether there were specific signs of a  C****cy.

What came back related to the history of the EU itself and its place as part of wider plans for a New World Order as well as to the dates and numbers involved in key events.  We present these below and hope that readers can add their own thoughts and comments to create some sort of consensus.  We will begin with the history.

History of the EU 

Some suggest that the idea of a European Union was a product of German ambitions and  even before the Great War, Kaiser Wilhelm II called for a European economic union which could become a “United States of Europe against America.”   Indeed, historian Niall Ferguson wrote that if Germany had won World War I, Europe would “have been transformed into something not wholly unlike the European Union we know today.”.

German ambitions did not stop with the defeat of Germany in World War One.   As you can see in the video below featuring David Noakes, Nazi Hermann Göring was behind plans for the “large-scale economic unification of Europe.” The Nazi official steering these plans was former “public enlightenment and propaganda” state secretary Walther Funk, who had become economics minister and president of the German central bank. (He was later tried for war crimes and labelled “the banker of gold teeth” for confiscating gold of all types from Jewish Holocaust victims and melting it down for bullion.)

Funk developed Göring’s plan, calling it the “European Economic Community” and outlining its characteristics in a series of papers in 1941. Not even two decades later, in 1957, the EEC was the name given to what is now the EU.

The Nazis also called for a “European currency system” that would operate with fixed exchange rates among certain currencies until a single currency could be gradually introduced. This is exactly what has happened in the EU.

Then, in 1942, German government ministers and leading industrialists attended a conference titled “The European Economic Community” and in the same year, the German Foreign Ministry created a “Europe committee.” By the next year, they had drafted formal plans for a European confederation. German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop called for it to be set up as soon as the Reich had secured a significant military victory.

Of course, German capitulation in the Second World War meant that the Nazis could not put their name to these plans but that did not halt German plans. In fact, one conspiracy theory holds that Prime Minister Edward Heath was recruited as an agent for the German state and was acting in support of that when signing Britain into the EEC.

If this could be proved, the accession treaty that he signed in 1972 would be null and void and sovereignty restored to the UK.   As it is, the UK has signed away ever-increasing swathes of its nationhood, with Patrick Benham-Crosswell (May’s secret, scandalous surrender of our defence) suggesting that the Lisbon Treaty will kick into force, bringing PESCO and a European army with it, if Britain does not leave the EU by 31 October.

Is this reading of the situation correctly and does this explain why Lord James was silenced by former Home Secretary, Lord Blunkett when referring recently to European Defence Union in the House of Lords?  Is this the ‘deep state’ referred to by Johnson or was this just a touchy subject? Readers are encouraged to write on these points, sharing their greater knowledge and understanding of these important matters.

This takes us, finally, to numbers and dates.

Numbers and dates

Some commentators consider that numbers and dates serve as an Esperanto conveying meanings instantaneously.  According to this way of thinking, the number ten signals perfection with the numbers on either side of it – the 9 and the 11 – representing a less than perfect state.  Following this logic, the number 9 is the number of ego and illusions, one that can signal continual chaos, fear, terror and illusion.  The number 11, by contrast, has the reputation of a master number providing impetus, potential, power and illumination.

Other key numbers, according to commentators, are 7 as well as 13, the latter long being associated with the occult and Satanism and often taken to signal a Rebellion, for example against God.  Key dates include those venerated by the ancient Druids including the 1 November, a date celebrated as ‘Samhain’ and later moved to 31 October as the Eve of all Hallows, or Hallows Eve, today’s Halloween.

So, are these numbers and dates reflected in the Parliamentary Brexit process, moulded  – if Johnson is to be believed – by a conspiratorial establishment?

Again, readers will be able to contribute their knowledge but key dates in current events might be 29 March (2+9 -= 11) when Brexit was scheduled first to take place (and according to Robin Tilbrook has already taken place) and also 31 October, the next deadline date.  In terms of numbers, it might be regarded as significant that the Supreme Court was established on 1 October 2009 (1.10.2009 = 11+11) with a mandate of delivering justice through decisions by odd numbers of justices (7, 9 or 11), a system that contrasts with the even number of 12 used injuries of the Crown Court, High Court and County Court.  In fact, the Supreme Court ruling that pronounced on the prorogation of Parliament was made by 11 justices, a number that some commentators might regard as significant.

In terms of past events, key dates concern the UK accession treaty to the EU of 22 Jan (= 2 x11) 1972 and the signature of the Lisbon Treaty by member states on 13 December 2007.  In terms of numbers, commentators cite the fact that the Parliament building in Strasbourg has 679 seats (666 + 13), numbers that they say may reflect the occult overtones of building’s exterior and its likeness to the Tower of Babel built by the tyrant, King Nimrod.

So conspiracy or a cock-up? 

Was Johnson right in speaking of the deep state, with numbers and dates perhaps signalling key aspects of this, or are we just dealing with the rough and tumble of life and divisions over Brexit?  Veteran Today readers will be well placed to add their thoughts on these matters.

Gloria Moss is a Professor of Human Sciences and the author of several books and over 70 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers.  She has an abiding interest in history and will be a speaker at the ‘Questioning History’ event on 14-15 December outside London (see  Awake and Aware Holidays and email for details and Early Bird rates).


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  1. Britain should be a republic. The royals serve no purpose (except spunge from the civil list which is far too big), as the British Republican party says they dont ‘stop a dictatorship’. The royals can sign on the bottom line, Dear Queenie we just ended 300+ years of your dynasty (considering the house of Saxcoberg Gotha/Hanover were usurpers after Charles II), go back to being a subject… (Thats what Zhong Shan did with the Qing dynasty in China in 1911) THE END.
    Yes the EU Commission is made up of unelected bureaucrats who will run for the hills as soon as Britain leaves. Who else leaves after that ..wait and see, interesting times.

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