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[ Editor’s Note: This was some interesting news. We had always wondered how the Israelis got Russia to stand down while it bombed Russia’s Syrian and Iranian allies fighting terrorism in Syria.

Sure, Russia has had lone ties with Israel, but it looked more like the tail wagging the dog, and hard to understand how Putin allowed Netanyahu to put him in that position.

We will be looking for more confirmation on this dual S-35 encounter at the Golan border to chase an Israeli plane away. The Russian planes must have been launched with advance notice when the Israeli plane took off.

Here is another report:

The night before, the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, citing information provided by sources on Twitter, reported that Russian military aircraft were seen near the southern borders of Syria, which were lifted into the sky due to the appearance of Israeli fighters here.

“It is reported about the flights of Russian fighters over southern Syria – presumably due to the appearance of Israeli military aircraft ,” it was reported.

Information on this subject is also confirmed by the Syrian Military Capabilities. “Russian planes fly over the south of Syria. It seems that another Israeli attack was to begin , ”it was informed .

I had not seen any reports of IDF bombing or drone strikes in a while; and I assumed that an IDF standdown had been ordered during all the political turmoil there Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … October 09, 2019

Russian warplanes have intercepted an Israeli fighter jet that was preparing to bomb a site inside of Syria, al-Masdar News reported on October 8.

The pro-government blog cited Avia.Pro as the source. The Russian outlet had reported that a Russian warplane was spotted near the southern border of Syria after an Israeli fighter jet made an appearance there.

“It was reported about the flights of Russian fighters over southern Syria, presumably due to the appearance of Israeli military aircraft,” the report said.

Several Syrian sources, including the Syrian Military Capabilities twitter account, confirmed that a Russian warplane was flying over southern Syria. However, there was no reports of any hostile Israel action at that time.

In the last few months, several sources reported that Russian warplanes moved to “foil” Israeli attacks on Syria. These claims were never confirmed by Russia, Israel or any credible source in Damascus.


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  1. So, to be quite candid, even tentatively so, particularly regarding the Russia/ UK relationship, one is a Monarchy which will deal with religion or esoteric knowledge in whatever way benefits the bottom line, and another is an Oligarchy which will bow to religion as a cause motivator and actually buys it. I’m always waiting for Russia to grow up, and always waiting for an ally to assist talking out the monarchies, but it is a slow process due to dogma,.and obeisance. France has the same problem though more willing yet so stubborn. The earth is a crime scene waiting for the police. Primate politics. The US, now an Oligarchy of twins,..”education” and religion, never would have evolved into that, if a sturdy ally had emerged. We are swamped by the Monarchs and religion. By the people ,…HA ! The British people and the Russian people I love with no guilt. How I yearn for their strength. It is not globalism, it is humanity.

    • So the question is why are we so drawn to, and beckoned by, the east to be the police ? When will the neighbors give a report ? Excuse me, why so much trouble ? Why does the phone ring so much ? When will it be that you come to our aid, and give us support with our troubled and flawed attempt ? I am so tempted to abandon you in your troubles , as it seems you just make more. Even though I detest Trump and even though I know he is dirty, there is a certain truth to coming home for our young people in uniform. Perhaps it is time to attend to our own affairs. To detach from the drama of all our making. It all seems so,… not ours. And let us not forget the Roman incursion to begin with,.for in the seeds we find the roots. But we did not go to them.