Book Review: The Untold Story of America’s Deal With the Devil

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The Hidden Nazi: The Untold Story of America’s Deal With the Devil, Dean Reuter. Regnery History.


Editor’s Review:

This great and very informative and well researched read will give you a view into the untold stories of WWII and the Nazis, General Hans Kammler, someone you probably have not heard of till now.  Kammler was acquainted with both Wernher von Braun, Nazi rocket scientist, and SS Chief Heinrich Himmler who was one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and a main planner of the Holocaust. Kammler organized concentration camps and slave labor sites and actually changed the design of Auschwitz to increase crowding so disease would spread.

Kammler was declared death after the war but it was never proven that he committed suicide.

Dean Reuter, Colm Lowery, and Keith Chester have spent decades pursuing the trail of Kammler while discovering documents that have been hidden since the 1940s. It is thought that the real site of Kammler’s death was in the Chech Republic after being in the custody of the United States. 

Kammler was hidden from public view. One will ask why? Did he cooperate with Nuremberg prosecutors and or was he protected for the knowledge he had of the Nazi rocket program and secret weapons that Germany had developed?

This is an in depth look into the life of a Nazi who seemed to disappear into thin air at the end of World War II.

While reading this book you will be witness to:

  • A firsthand interview with Kammler’s son, as he lay on his German deathbed
  • Holocaust survivor, Joseph Gringlas’s testimony of enduring Kammler’s death camps
  • S. government documents proving Kammler was in U. S. custody for months after war’s end and his reported suicide
  • Astonishing and extensive preparations Kammler and others made to establish the 4th Reich
  • Newly unearthed evidence of how far the Nazis had progressed in their nuclear research, information that America were unaware of during the war…..Carol


Excerpt: Page 47   Kammler: The Engineer of Efficient Concentration Camps

At Auschwitz as elsewhere, Kammler demanded unconditional obedience from his subordinates, insisting his orders by carried out with “prompt and exact execution.” On the very day Bischoff took office, Kammler laid down his exacting expectations. He “Issued a standard plan for the housing of concentration camp inmates,” deciding how many prisoners could be forced into each barrack. Then in a series of twenty-five drawings, he provided the construction specifications for every concentration camp through the Reich. What Henry Ford did for assembly-line mass production of automobiles, Kammler did for Nazi concentration camps, demanding fixed processes and materials to achieve speed and efficiency of scale.


About the Authors:

Dean Reutter is general counsel, vice president, and director of the Practice Groups of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy. He has overseen criminal investigations for two federal Offices of the Inspector General and was the Editor of Liberty’s Nemesis: The Unchecked Expansion of the State and Confronting Terro: 9/11 and the Future of American National Security.

Colm Lowery is an award-winning lecturer in biomedical science at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland, where he lectures in molecular biology and its application to biowarfare and bioterrorism. He has published over forty peer-reviewed scientific papers, book chapters, and review articles.

Keith Chester is an investigative researcher and author. In 1999, he began researching aerial phenomena reported by Allied military pilots during the Second World War, an effort that culminated in the publication of Strange Company in 2007. 2007 was the same year his focus turned to the mystery surrounding SS General Hans Kammler.

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  1. My final point is this person, General Hans Kammler, is key to Germany’s exotic technologies developed during WWII. I refer to the Roswell incident, the Kecksburg incident (of the 1960s with that thing having similarity to the bell), semi-conductors chips, anti-gravity. These technologies were suppressed and put somewhere else (black project or secret space program that Richard Dolan talks about). A myth was created, especially around the UFO, with enough movies and brainwashing of the masses to make believe that these phenomena are mostly the responsibility of little gray/green man from outer space, who never showed up at a public platform like the UN, and to mask as much as possible a great percentage of these being simply expensive human exotic technologies (think of the trillions missing discussed by Ms Austin Fits).
    Anti gravity was well discussed onto your VT nuclear education and *I use these files as good reference.

  2. Ms Carol, thanks for bringing this book to attention. The works of Igor Wihtowski (the truth about the underwaffe), Nick Cook (the hunt for Zero pint) and Joseph Farrell books and interviews touch on that enigmatic person. It was reported that he was the project manager of the Die Glocke (the Bell), a project which was classified higher than the German A-bomb during WWII. Mentioning these word, I recall that a Canadian diplomat stated publicly that the US had classified the UFO files higher than the H-bomb. Coincidence? Humm! Anyway, it was also reported that General Kammler got executed the 60 or so scientists involved on the bell project in the closing days of WWII. The last true evidence of his presence was when the US army was closing in the Skoda works in Bohemia Moravia (Czekslovakia). then, it was reported that the man faked his death 4 times if I recall that properly. But the amazing witness testimony came from Scott Maclennan in the project Camelot interview with Ms Kerry Kassidy. In there, he claimed to have met both Dr Von Braun and General Kammler at NASA headquarters. It is just confusing! Who knows!

  3. This General Kammler, was the main planner of the holocaust, you lost me there, more printed garbage.
    VT readers are more educated than you think.
    Go away.

    • Frog, From time to time VT does a book review. Do not look at them if you find them offensive.


    • VT readers, I am confident that Ms Carol has access to the works of VT editors who discussed that Holocaust subject. So, I am again very confident she has some knowledge about that alleged event of WWII. A recent article on VT entitled: Khazarian Mafia Doesn’t Exist, Ashkenazi Are Scapegoats Of Jewish Power Elite is very good, mind opening and I recommend it for further review and research.

    • I concur.

      Whenever I read anything along those lines, I simply dismiss as more jewish or communist garbage…

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