by Henry Makow PhD

Sealed in cylinders “lined with gold,” was 1,120 pounds of enriched uranium labeled “U235” the fissile material from which atom bombs are made

Proof that Martin Bormann was an Illuminati agent and WW2 was a charade is that he arranged for the transfer of advanced Nazi technology to the US at the conclusion of WW2.

Bormann was a Cabalist banker agent who subverted the Nazi war effort. Hitler protected him. Both men were German traitors.

World War Two was contrived to destroy the Old Order and make way for the New. The Illuminati sacrificed 60 million people to their god Satan. Mankind is satanically possessed by Cabalism.

The technology transfer was revealed in the book Critical Mass (1998) by Carter Hydrick. The book has largely been ignored because of its inconvenient truth.

Also, Hydrick, a meticulous researcher, did not highlight the significance of his findings as I have. Instead, he focused on the details of US atomic bomb production, Bormann’s movements, the U-234 logbook, etc. to prove his case.

Kirkus provides an excellent summary of Hydrick’s book: 

A radically revisionist look at the race for the atomic bomb during World War II.

“According to conventionally accepted history, the United States was the first country to invent an atomic bomb and, as a result, won the war against the Axis powers. However, author Hydrick argues that the U.S. government was actually unable to produce either enough enriched uranium or the trigger mechanism necessary for a fully functional device.

More than 126,000 barrels of nuclear material lie rotting 2,000 feet below ground in a salt mine near Hanover, Germany. Rumor has it that the remains of nuclear scientists who worked on the Nazi program are also there, their irradiated bodies burned in secret by SS men sworn to secrecy.

Furthermore, he says, Hitler’s Germany did have enough bomb-grade uranium, but ultimately made a calculated decision that it wasn’t in its best interest to use it, as it would have risked the equivalent of $2 billion on what was at best a Hail Mary pass.

Instead, the author writes, Germany intended either to use the completed bomb as leverage in negotiations or to hand it off to Japan. The author asserts that [Hitler’s Deputy] Martin Bormann, did attempt to broker a deal with Japan but eventually secretly arranged to hand the materials over to the United States.

In short, this book holds that America lost the arms race, and without Germany’s technological transfer, the consequence might have been a more powerful Soviet Union.

In this third edition of his book, Hydrick addresses the criticism that if his account were true, there would have been massive amounts of unspent uranium leftover, although none was ever found. But in fact, he says, 126,000 barrels have been discovered, further confirming his thesis.

Hydrick’s theories are as provocative as they are meticulous; unlike other researchers who’ve focused on personal accounts and records in the National Archives, he combed through uranium production records, shipping paperwork, and metallurgical fabrication records that have largely been neglected by others.

The ensuing account reads like a gripping drama, although sometimes the overall pace of the story is stymied by long, baroque sentences and a halting prose style. Still, this book marks a turning point in the history of atomic-bomb scholarship, and no future study can credibly ignore its compelling contentions.

“A rarity in academic literature–a genuinely original book about a profoundly important topic.”


In addition to the enriched uranium, U-234 also carried plans, parts, and personnel to build V-4 rockets, Messerschmidt 262 jets, and even the Henschell 130 stratosphere plane. (p. 294)  Project Paperclip, the recruitment of Nazi scientists, was a continuation of this technology transfer.

Hydrick says that Buna rubber factory at Auschwitz was actually a plant to enrich uranium. It consumed more electricity than the entire city of Berlin and never produced any rubber.  (72)

(left, Goebbels and Hitler- The joke’s on you.) 

He says the sub dropped Bormann off in Spain. The whole operation was disguised as a technology transfer to Japan. Two Japanese naval attaches on board were allowed to commit suicide when they were told the true destination.

Hydrick found archival evidence that proves US-Nazi complicity. The US was aware of U-234’s progress and protected the sub. They knew of Bormann’s whereabouts. (270) Hydrick says key documents are missing from the archives he visited.

Hydrick concludes: “To believe a great portion of the actions outlined in this book actually occurred, one must believe the United States government in some form and at some high level, was in league with Martin Bormann and those involved in his escape.” (269) 

Indeed they were. As with Bormann’s rescue from Berlin by the British, the technology transfer was spun as an exchange for Bormann (and Hitler’s?) safety after the war. Borman was an “Allied” agent all along.

The Nazis were false opposition. At the top, they were working for the Illuminati bankers who control both fascism and communism.

For the Cabalists, war is a revolutionary act because it increases the banker’s power and wealth, undermines civilization, kills people and advances the ultimate goal: replacing God with Satan.

It’s “revolutionary” because it turns Reality on its head. Evil is good; lies are the truth, ugly is beautiful and sick is healthy. We have been satanically possessed. 

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  1. My last point is that based on the evidence I have, I am not convinced that Adolf Hitler/his wife escaped to Argentina or Indonesia or what have you. His letter was clear and I do not think he went chicken. But I am unsure about Martin Bormann. In his last letter before committing suicide, Hitler maintained Bormann and Doenitz but sacked Himmler and Goering (mainly for treason and sabotage). However, British journalist Laurence de Mello had an interview in the Forum Borealis platform and she stated that Martin Bormann was extracted by British spies before the unconditional surrender of Germany. There had been evidence of skull and mitochondria DNA testing shown but I have not looked at these thoroughly. Assuming that it is true that Bormann escaped thanks to the British, then the British surely should have the 560kg of uranium, not the US, unless if there were some under the table deal with the 2 parties. Anyone can shed some light on this?

  2. I was acquainted with Mr Hydrick work listening to him on the Forum Borealis platform a while ago. Some other researchers like Joseph Farrell touched that subject too. I was aware that Germany detonated its atom bomb in the Island of Rugen, Baltic sea in early October 1944- thanks top the affidavit of Luftwaffe pilot Hans Zinsser to the USAF. the explosion and the aftermath he described was that of a nuclear bomb with the typical mushroom cloud and disturbance of his plane’s electrical instruments due to EMP. I also would to remind VT readers that America detonated a plutonium bomb in July 45 in New Mexico but the first bomb thrown at Hiroshima was an Uranium one. Hence, this story and article shed some good light on how the US quickly managed to get their nuclear program boosted. Te US also did not have the proximity fuses needed to detonate the plutonium bomb but after the capture of that submarine, it was a game changer.

  3. the first A bomb was detonated in the Kursk operation by the Germans. A de-turreted panzer tank with a little boy a bomb strapped on the back of it was allowed to be taken by a Russian tank crew & when it got to the russian lines the Germans detinated it. Bodies where still coming down 20 minutes later. Stalin threatened to use Chemicle & biologicle weapons if the Germans used a weapon like that again! The 2nd A bomb was used against the Russaians in there advance into Latvia, to stop there advance so they could get the German people out of there they dropped another one in Corland which decimated the Russians. The British have all the evidence of this as they recorded the expolosion & the fall out &ellectrical output! A little boy bomb was supplied to Japan 2 years before the end of the war & also to the USA at the end of the war, which is the first one dropped on Japan, Cheers JF

    • I too listened to both JIm Marrs and Joseph Farrell mentioning the Kurs 1943 attack and the alleged A-bomb/fuel air bomb used against the Red Army and an alleged complaint through the embassies in Sweden with Stalin threatening to use poison gas against the German army.. I made further enquiry but could not find any hard evidence, even main source witness testimonies, assuming after this time few survivors would have talked about it. But I found none and left this as just a tale. If some readers know better, I am prepared to look at the evidences offered.

    • OKay Supposing i find your story interesting but then I want to know According to “mytime ” story WHO the Crap is Distributing & Doling out these Nukes ?

  4. On June 24, 1944 the Japanese I-52 submarine was on the surface, exchanging harbor pilot with German U-530 for docking at Lorient, France and the loading of this 560 kg of Uranium Oxide to be used for their “genzai bakudan” dirty bombs on NYC, DC, SF, LA and Panama Canal.

    “The Vacuum under the Soetoro Sombrero” > CanadaFreePress(.)com

    Delivery was to be by kamikaze pilots, launched from the I-300 and I-400 submarine aircraft carriers.

    • Genzai Bakudan wasn’t a dirty bomb, the Japanese were building an actual atom bomb, they had uranium from mines in Japan and north Korea and they successfully tested a prototype in a cove of the north Korean coast in August 1945. The bomb was in a remote controlled motor launch they sailed into the bay. The US destroyed all of the evidence of the Japanese programme after the war. Japan had built the world’s largest cyclotrons to enrich uranium and they were smashed and thrown into Tokyo Bay. Konan is just north of the Chosin Reservoir of Korean War infamy, Chosin Reservoir was created when the Japanese built a huge hydroelectric dam to power the Konan industrial complex, it’s output was 2.5 times that of the Tennessee Valley Authority hydroelectric schemes used to power Oak Ridge as part of the Manhattan Programme. When US forces retreated from the area, they dynamited all of the buildings at Konan, thus destroying any evidence of japan’s atomic bomb work carried out there. Detailed info regarding the Japanese bomb programme used to be online, courtesy of Chinese intelligence, but has been scrubbed years ago. The founder of Sony was one of the key scientists who worked on the Japanese bomb programme which was based at the huge industrial complex at Konan, North Korea. The story of the Japanese bomb briefly made the US press but has always been denied by the US govt.

      There is some excellent info about Japan’s bomb programmes here:

      The Germans developed working atomic bombs too, I say bombs because they had not one but four bomb programmes and two of them succeeded. One used a gun type uranium design (as did the US Little Boy bomb) and was tested on the Baltic Island of Rugen, which has been sealed off ever since as it remained a military base after WW2, throughout the Cold War and even to the present day, so no soil samples or radiation readings have ever been forthcoming. The second was a novel design using two hollow shaped charges facing each other, with a small amount of uranium placed in between. When both charges were simultaneously detonated, this caused compression of the uranium and a small nuclear explosion on the order of a hundred or so tonnes of TNT – the first mini-nuke. This programme was run by the Wehrmacht and the device was successfully tested at the Ohrdruf proving ground, east of Berlin. The big advantage of this device was that it was cheap and simple to manufacture and could use less refined uranium, the downside was that it was only suitable for small yield bombs, rather than the kilotonne class ones possible with the uranium gun (Little Boy) and plutonium implosion (Fat Man) types. One big reason why Stalin was desperate to get his hands on Berlin before the Western Allies was to gain possession of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in the Berlin suburbs, which held a large stockpile of over 1,000 tonnes of uranium ore stolen from Belgium in 1940, this ore was mined in the Congo and was the highest grade uranium ore available, hence it needed less processing to become weapons grade. These programmes are hidden from history and only Heisenberg’s unsuccessful attempt to build a heavy water based nuclear reactor to produce plutonium is in the mainstream history books.

    • No, the Germans invented the shaped charge in the late 1930s. The first use of them as weapons was by glider troops who used them to destroy the cupolas and gun turrets of the Belgian Fort Eben Emael in 1940 at he beginning of the invasion of Belgium and France.

    • Did Japan tested their bomb on the 05th August 1945, just a few hours before the hit in Hiroshima 06th August 1945? The only source I got for that date is an old article by Gordon Duff but I could not find any confirmation somewhere else

  5. For all those thousands of people reposing in graves (including Nobel Prize recipients) who lied to us about the “successes” of the Manhattan Project, one can only hope that they roll over in their graves from the shame of their lies.

    “Thought by now you’d realize, there ain’t no way to hide your lyin eyes.” – Eagles

    • What this book reveals is essentially academic fraud (regarding who developed the new technologies and transfer of ownership and patents) perpetrated and enforced by the post-WWII government from 1945 through to the current day, because it enforces the secrecy – gag orders – of the participants. So it was a giant fraud to pull one over on the Commies, letting them think that the US had clinched the arms race, but the covert elite were pulling all the strings of everyone and make fools of us all and then tell us we should be thankful they are looking out for us. Typical.  The public needs to stop thinking so well of their masters to stop this syndrome. No society can exist in a sea of lies. No wonder we are where we are… shut out of new technologies, destined to be bottomfeeders unless we sign on to augment continuous deceipt. FTS.

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