Guardian: UK Think Tank Spend Decades Faking Evidence Against Global Warming

Institute of Economic Affairs has links to 14 members of Boris Johnson’s cabinet


The UK’s most influential conservative thinktank has published at least four books, as well as multiple articles and papers, over two decades suggesting manmade climate change may be uncertain or exaggerated.

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has issued publications arguing climate change is either not significantly driven by human activity or will be positive. The group is one of the most politically influential thinktanks in the UK, and boasts that 14 members of Boris Johnson’s cabinet, including the home secretary, foreign secretary and chancellor, have been associated with the group’s past and current initiatives.

Despite a longstanding international consensus among climatologists that human activity is accelerating climate change, the IEA’s publications throughout the 1990s and 2000s heavily suggested climate science was unreliable or exaggerated. In recent years the group has focused more on free-market solutions to reducing carbon emissions.

Its first book on climate science was published in 1994. Referring to a “so-called scientific ‘consensus’” on global heating, its foreword suggested the public had been “taken in” by media coverage of climate change and that investing resources in studying the subject was wasteful.

“An alternative course of action would be to expose the shoddiness of the apocalyptic predictions,” the foreword continued. “Unfortunately, governments cannot be expected to undertake this task. Hence it is left to private individuals and institutions to try to breach the barriers to the dissemination of good news … this IEA study is one such attempt.”

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  1. ….the war on CO2 is a total red herring….total scam….the build up of CO2 in the atmosphere, whether it is man made or not, is not gonna get us….once again the mind controllers are stealing your focus….for their own gain/agenda….look here, don’t look over there….how about a little perspective?…the earth at the equator is spinning about 1000 mph, and traveling around the sun at 66,667mph, and our sun which we are all tethered to is moving at 550,000mph in it’s orbit of the galaxy, and the galaxy is moving at 2,237,000mph through the universe….point being….we are not in some static environment here on earth…the polluting of our biosphere from fertilizers and especially pesticides will get us long before CO2 as the food chain gets so disrupped we starve…we also need to ditch plastics and come up with a better viable alternative, like what can’t you make out of hemp?….nuclear bombs, I guess we all know what a threat to the earth they are but to solve that problem means world peace and to do that we have to take all the mind controllers fun away…..peace and equality can at least give us hope for a future even if the forces of the universe end up taking us out……

  2. Until they explicitly differentiate between co2 emissions and the real crisis which is pollution, over fishing etc. there will be push back.

    But it’s obvious that they want to fool you by lumping in co2 with the real problems.

    • Exactly, the real problem is pollution and destruction of the natural environment. CO2 is a problem, but that is because we are cutting down the rainforests that absorb the CO2, so the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is ever increasing, which is not a good thing.

    • Please O’dull . . . STFU, with all due respect. You know nothing about churches, religion in general. Go read a tea leaf. You can not ask question is church?!? HUH?? Where did you go to church to have observed this? Where can a stock holder NOT ask questions? Before a VOTE they can take questions, etc.
      You do realize the Vatican has recently conducted seminars, etc. on the topic of allowing Priests to marry. I’m sure you’ll find fault with that too, NOW that I told you about this major world event which you didn’t know about. Please stop talking about religion, as if you had a clue.

  3. IMF wants a massive Carbon Tax
    The IMF is based in Switzerland but has city_state diplomatic imminuty.
    So has CERN.’ The CERN – Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been distorting and collapsing Earth’s magnetic fields. The LHC is so powerful it even affects the Sun. The unproven science of such high energies has been deemed to require “legal sovereignty” for the possible holographic reality effects upon not just Earth itself but all “reality.”
    ‘CERN-LHC “citizens” get their own vehicles with CERN Insurance and even get “CD” license plates. CD stands for The Corps Diplomatique which “is the collective body of foreign diplomats accredited to a particular country or body.” CERN-LHC City-State only issues CD license plates. The Corps Diplomatique is headed by the Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps who sits in the Royal Households of the United Kingdom. The authority for diplomatic Immunity comes directly then from the Crown Corporation TEMPLE BAR of the United Kingdom with the legalese of the UN, the violence of DC, the debt of City of London, with the blessing of the Vatican Inc.’

  4. Balderdash.
    ‘Despite a longstanding international consensus among climatologists that human activity is accelerating climate change, the IEA’s publications throughout the 1990s and 2000s heavily suggested climate science was unreliable or exaggerated. In recent years the group has focused more on free-market solutions to reducing carbon emissions.’ IT is physically impossibe to reduce CO2 levels as they are NOT controlled by a small amount of industrial activity, it is controlled by the ocean temperature. Geophysical fact. The lifetime of CO2 in the air is about 5 years.
    Theres is overwhelming evidence that CO2 does NOTHING to the climate and never has.
    Climate change by humans is a scam, and a false theory, to redistribute the worlds wealth. If you read the documents published by the IPCC. So called renewable energy is physically impossible to run base load power!
    So what Boris (the idiot) or Trump (the idiot) believes it, somethings they are right, not because they have any science knowledge, Trump has none. It doesnt matter.
    So called CAGW is wrong. And it will ruin the worlds economy by eco loon green fascist ideas.
    There is NO greenhouse effect. Which is the mainstay of the climate hoax. Ask Jo Olsen, call Tony Heller who has exposed the NASA/NOAA ‘fiddling’ of the climate records. call Dr Tim Ball, call many real science skeptics.
    Sorry to disagree. VT keep up the good work on other matters.

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