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Turkish-backed forces execute head of pro-SDF Syrian political party

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[ Editor’s Note: Trump will be on the spot today, to put up or shut up on his bold “red line” threats he made to Erdogan about doing anything to the Kurds that was not necessary. I think executing civilian non-combatants at roadblocks solely due to their SDF identification would qualify.

The SDF is a coalition that even includes Arab groups – all well known to the advancing Turkish army and its proxies.

The Kurdish leadership will bear a lot of responsibility for what happens. It appears to have made no plans to get civilians out of the border area, choosing instead to let them remain in place to use their deaths and tragedies for propaganda purposes. We will see how well that flies in the next few days.

I watched a video yesterday of a lot of journalists on the floor, in what appeared to be a school that already had shelling damage. No one seemed to be in a big hurry to go outside looking for frontline news.

Rocket fire does not care who you are; and the Turks were using general shelling munitions, something whose main purpose is to blast any remaining civilians out of their houses and onto the roads, where they can become targets for the Turkish Air Force.

We will be watching how much coverage this summary execution news gets. You can see how undisciplined the Turkish militias are, shooting clearly civilian vehicles; and then the cowards who think it’s cool pumping rounds into an already dead victim to see themselves on video.

Erdogan will own all of this, but that will not bother him. This is the guy that funded ISIS by buying its oil, looted Aleppo, and supplied the jihadis in Idlib for years nowJim W. Dean ]

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Erdogan doing his Sultan imitation

– First published … October 12, 2019

Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, Hevrin Khalaf, was captured then executed by Turkish-backed forces, the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) announced on October 12.

In an official statement, the political wing of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed that Harvin was ambushed and captured by Turkish-backed militants on the M4 highway in northeast Syria. Harvin was immediately executed by the militants, along with her driver.

“This is a clear evidence that the Turkish state is continuing its criminal policy towards unarmed civilians. Professor Hevrin Khalaf, was the Secretary General of the Future Syria Party, a party with a political orientation towards Syria in general, is far from military agendas,” the SDC’s statement reads.

The M4 highway, which links al-Hasakah, Raqqa and Aleppo, was blocked by the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA) in the early hours of the morning.

Following the SDC’s announcement, opposition activists released videos showing Turkish-backed militants capturing and executing civilians on the highway. One of the videos shows an armored SUV that was reportedly carrying Hevrin.

The video will not play on VT. Go here to watch it on Southfront.

Dlshad Othman


Horrific +18 +18 video published by pro Turkey telegram channel (Jarablous alkabous) shows a field execution by TFSA against an unknown person. Important to mention @SDCPress announced that same thing happened to Hevrin Khalaf a female politician this morning

Embedded video

Turkey Untold@TurkeyUntold

Here are the murderer gangs of leader of Future of Syria Party MARTYR Hevrin Khalaf.

Formed in 2018, the Future Syria Party is one of the biggest Arab political movements in northeast Syria. The party is a key ally of the Kurdish-dominated SDF, which controls the region.

Ankara is yet to comment on the murder of Hevrin, who had criticized and condemned the Turkish-led Operation Peace Spring in northeast Syria.

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  1. I think it’s somewhat disturbing, that Syrians are celebrating this massacre. They will lose their territory all the way to Eufrates river and the oil Fields, but get rid of Kurds, and that’s a positive thing? Kurds hate everybody and deserve their asses kicked and any now and then behind a barn and bullet into head. But the main question to me is, why do they hate everybody? Been hated and spitted on the face by everyone else for several centuries?

    • Yeah, because pulling a an unarmed woman out of her vehicle on the side of the road and summarily executing her is a righteous act,…you assclown!

    • Saving Private Ryan or what? Stalin said, the death of individual soldier is a tragedy, but loss of a million soldiers is statistics. And Stalin was right.

    • What, I’m not saying that she deserved a bullet but someone does. It smells like those turkey dog butchers had prior knowledge of her location. Who gave them that information, maybe someone from Kurds side.

    • JL Don’t be An Idiot , the Kurds are Not Hateful at EVERYBODY instead These Suckers Who Somehow got Nothing from the WW2 Demarkation of the Globe , Some got Armenia Some got Iran some got Turkey Some got Iraq These Suckers got NONE yes the Kurds got goofed off in the World War Two Demarcation of this Planet ……. so Naturally these Fukers are Dying for the Missing Kurdistan and this is the achilles Heel of Every Kurd , Everytime USA a Bullshits these Suckers to obey Washington’s Orders These Stupids Always Go ALL The Way Ordered AND Then Pretty soon After aUSA has Consumed per sitting then these Suckers Always Get Dumped into the Blackest Ditched , been like 7 times in recent years USA used Kurds Against Khomeni , Saddam and Whatever , each time the Kurds been Dumped Halfway BUT These Suckers Never Learn and Always Volunteer to be USA’s Cannon Fodder against Whatever Slick CIA can talk These Suckers into ……… Kurds = Volunteer Cannon Fodder ForEver ……

    • Echoes, I think You are putting Kurds into a too remarkable position. It was Saddam who attaced Khomeini in 1980. And in fact I would like to hear some proof, that Khomeini was not a CIA asset. You might have seen a video interview of Persian Shah somewhere at mid 1970 in which he told his opinion about Jewish power in the US. It didn’t take too long, when regime change took Place in Iran. And then immidiately after Saddam declared the Iraq Iran War, in which Israel supported Iran. Shah may have started his career as a Zion puppet, but I think he ended his career as Persian nationalist. Typically, poverty, religion and … the Kurds and anything can happen.

  2. Erdogan is nothing but criminal scum, and the Turks who support him, as well. That this isn’t condemned in the strongest terms by western leaders, lets you know that they are too.

  3. THIS IS what happens to 3rd world nations and proxies that trust the USZOG. Don’t they even pay attention to history. Name one group/small nation that allying with the USZOG(US GOV lock stock and barrel) has ever turned out well. The Kurds have been sold beachfront property in Arizona… and they are surprised to see cactus’s and rocks lol…

    • Poland is not a 3rd World nation, but they still trust on Natos 5th articla, that the US will be helping them if in harms way. Even more so, they had already been sold out by UKZog during WW2, Sikorsky etc.

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