New Eastern Outlook Banned Classics: America, the Runaway Train


BC: America, the Runaway Train


  1. “Try discussing the Soviet Union. This is no longer 1991. Today’s world, with the Soviet Union gone, is far worse than it had been with them around.”

    Yes i totally agree. The thought even flashed through my mind as well when the “Evil Empire” collapsed. At least it was a buffer against rampant capitalism the most destructive force ever known on this planet. Don’t believe me? Who developed “the bomb”?

    It really had nothing to do with free market economics and in reality is nothing but organized theft and usury by the same miscreants who brought us communism as the controlled opposition. The Khazarian Mafia.

  2. “Read Dickens, it’s in there.” – GD

    Only those who have not suffered from poverty and class discrimination need to read Dickens. The rest of us have lived through things just as bad or worse.

    “But, then again, having this discussion about Hitler or the Kaiser or what the World Wars were really about is actually illegal and if not “illegal” is certainly not something to be discussed.” – GD

    And by associations, the economic achievements of the Third Reich are not to be discussed, even though any intelligent and non-brainwashed person can see that they are severable from the other policies of the regime.

    “Could a case be made for Soviet Russia and Communism as a bulwark against “the elites,” all that stood then against slavery for mankind and the armies of bankers, just as Marx and Lenin had warned?” – GD

    Only if Soviet Russia had actually practiced communism, and not a war by the elites against the ethnic Russians.

    “Frankly, we can’t even discuss these things, not and hope to be heard…” – GD

    Sadly, the vast majority of people will only hear that you are a racist/envy driven SJW, or some other false imagined nonsense in response to these subjects due to their brainwashing.

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