Massive Break-Through on Russian Witchhunt Accused UPDATE 6 Stone and Manafort to be Vindicated Also

  • UPDATE 6: Manafort and Stone can prove FBI lies & illicit surveillance
  • UPDATE 5: Brennan Task Force Exposed, Haspel Cooperating with Barr?
  • UPDATE 4: Ben Garrison cartoon immortalizes “Bull Durham”
  • UPDATE 3: Story makes Stillness in the Storm & Zero Hedge — EPIC!
  • UPDATE 2: Seth Rich murder is now central to the over-all inquiry.
  • UPDATE 1: Story is taking off, new links added. FISA report will start the fire.

Editor’s Note: The violations of law and Constitutional oaths of office from Obama down to Page appear to be willful, persistent, and deep. These people should face trial by jury and punishment fit to their extraordinary politically-motivated crimes. Two faces are missing from the photograph: Barack Obama and John Brennan.

Stunning, Potentially Game-Changing, Court Filing by Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell…

In a lengthy court filing surrounding the issues of Brady discovery material, Mike Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, drops some serious evidentiary bombshells on the court.  Ms. Powell brings Lady Justice to the courtroom, and her revelations are stunning.

Extracts with red underlining plus full PDFs here.

ZERO HEDGE: FBI Entrapped Flynn With Manipulated Evidence As Clapper Allegedly Issued ‘Kill Shot’ Order: Court Docs

DOJ’s review of Russia probe shifts to a criminal inquiry

It is unclear what potential crimes are being investigated, but the designation as a formal criminal investigation gives prosecutors the ability to issue subpoenas, potentially empanel a grand jury and compel witnesses to give testimony and bring federal criminal charges.

Read full article.


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Trump: Look into Russia probe will reveal ‘really bad things’

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The Sound of Shoes Dropping in the Night

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DEBUNKED? OR COVER-UP? UK Letter Stating President Obama Asked UK to Spy on Trump Organization and Trump Campaign

SGT Report: UK-GCHQ (+ Zionist) Obama Plan to Take Down Donald J. Trump

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UPDATE 1: Story is taking off, new links added. FISA report will start the fire.


State of the Nation: GAMECHANGER! Michael Flynn’s Defense Attorney Exposes the Deep State Conspiracy Through Court Filings

The Millenium Report: GAMECHANGER! Michael Flynn’s Defense Attorney Exposes the Deep State Conspiracy Through Court Filings GAMECHANGER! Michael Flynn’s Defense Attorney Exposes the Deep State Conspiracy Through Court Filings


Veterans Today: Massive Break-Through on Russian Witchhunt Accused (Not Flynn, Not Stone, But Rather Obama, Rice, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page “Et Al”)

State of the Nation: Flynn’s Defense Lawyer Flips Over the Democrat Game Board, DoJ’s Russiagate Investigation Goes Criminal

UPDATE 2: Seth Rich murder is now central to the over-all inquiry.

ROBERT STEELE: I have intuited from a number of sources that the Seth Rich murder is now central to the criminal investigation.  At the demand of the Attorney General NSA is reported to have mapped all of Seth Rich’s calls and emails and texts, and to have unmasked all US citizens contained in that map (this is legal, and the counterpart to Susan Rice’s ordering the unmasking of all US citizens associated with candidate Donald Trump’s campaign, actions that were illegal and tantamount to treason). If Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are not wearing diapers already, this would be a good time to them to start.

UPDATE 3: Story makes Stillness in the Storm & Zero Hedge — EPIC!

Stillness in the Storm: Michael Flynn On Verge of Vindication As Deep State In Full Panic

  • If Powell can indeed vindicate and exonerate Michael Flynn, the floodgates will fly open.
  • Flynn would then have the ability to become the Director of National Intelligence, which according to former CIA spy Robert David Steele, would pave the way for Flynn to “terminate mass surveillance and [illegal] regime change covert operations including domestic false flag operations AND start providing the President with 100% of the decision support he needs instead of the 4% he is getting now.”
  • Assange’s most trusted personal contact is said to be in touch with US officials about remediating the lies that have been told President Donald Trump to make him fear Julian Assange, and about getting William Barr to fly to London to meet with Assange personally, offer him a pardon and complete protection, and bring him back to the USA, out of the control of MI-5 and MI-6 that appear to be “frying” Assange’s brain and are perfectly capable of assassinating Assange while he is in captivity.
  • Robert David Steele, who gifted Assange his Marine Corps codeword box while visiting London, says this: “Assange is priceless to our President, and easily a ‘castle’ on the 4D chessboard. Assange is the stake that our President could drive into the heart of the Deep State that uses British and American intelligence agencies as their dirty jobbers.”

ZERO HEDGE: FBI Entrapped Flynn With Manipulated Evidence As Clapper Allegedly Issued ‘Kill Shot’ Order: Court Docs

  • At the heart of the matter is the 302 form ‘documenting’ an FBI interview in which Flynn was asked about his conversations with former Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Powell alleges that FBI lawyer Lisa Page edited her lover Peter Strzok’s account of the interview – texting him, “I made your edits.”
  • “The government knew that well in advance of Mr. Flynn’s plea that Judge Contreras was a friend of Peter Strzok and his recusal was even discussed in an exchange of multiple texts.”
  • LOL. Barack Obama is going to love this interview his former DIA James Clapper just gave to CNN about the Durham probe: “It’s frankly disconcerting to be investigated for having done… what we were told to do by the president of the United States.”

UPDATE 4: Ben Garrison cartoon immortalizes “Bull Durham”

Re-Published with Permission.    Visit Ben at

Ben Garrison @ Phi Beta Iota

UPDATE 5: Brennan Task Force Exposed, Haspel Cooperating with Barr?

Larry C. Johnson: Exposing John Brennan’s Secret CIA Trump Task Force?

  • While a “Task Force” can be a useful tool for tackling issues of terrorism or drug trafficking, it is not appropriate or lawful for collecting on a U.S. candidate for the Presidency. But Brennan did it, so I’m told, and it had the blessing of the Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper.
  • Brennan reportedly took it upon himself to recruit foreign intelligence organizations, such as MI-6, the Aussies, the Italians and the Israelis, to help in spying on Trump and his campaign. He sold it as a “counter-intelligence” mission citing his fear that Trump was a Russian puppet. And these foreign services agreed to help. But they did more than passive collection. They helped create and implement covert actions, such as entrapping Michael Flynn as a foreign agent and cultivating and ensnaring George Papadopoulos.
  • I am also hearing that CIA Director Gina Haspel is cooperating. She was the CIA Chief of Station in London when this Task Force was up a running but my friend says she was kept out of the loop. She and Brennan have a history and it is not friendly. Brennan blocked her from getting a top assignment in what used to be known as the “Directorate of Operations.” So no love lost between the two.

UPDATE 6: Manafort and Stone can prove FBI lies & illicit surveillance

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I am reliably informed that absolute proof of FBI lies and illicit surveillance has now been provided to the legal teams for Paul Manafort (against whom Ukrainian evidence was fabricated as well) and Roger Stone. Both of them should be able to gain dismissal on the same terms as Mike Flynn. While efforts continue to defame and discredit and marginalize individuals that have bootleg copies of documents that crucify the FBI and the Department of Justice, I believe that in the end, Flynn, Stone, and belatedly Manafort will be vindicated.  This is not to say that Manafort will be excused for tax avoidance, only that he can reasonably claim gross misconduct on part of DoJ and FBI and seek remediation on that basis.

Author Bio
Robert David Steele is the conceptualizer of integrated election reform (#UNRIG) and the integration of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) such that we can achieve a prosperous world at peace at 10-20% the cost of the failed Western economic model burdened by banks and lawyers.

A former US spy and co-founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, he is today the Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 and now also CeO of Open Source Everything (OSE Inc.). He continues his education with non-fiction reading, posting over 2,000 reviews across 98 categories; his hobbies include off-shore sailing and racketball.

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  3. The whole Russia thing was a hoax to begin with hatched by the drunken sociopath who along with her tin foil hat brigade claims the Russians did it somehow by sending a few tweets on Twitter costing a few thousand bucks destroying her 1.5 billion dollar campaign. If you believe that then you probably believe in armor piercing capabilities aluminum planes and the magically properties of burning jet fuel.

    The thing Obama is really guilty of is going along with this whack job’s insanity instead of quietly institutionalizing her in a rubber room.

    • Trump should be impeached and most of politicians should go to jail for the real scandals: Israelgate, Chabadgate, Pentagongate, Bankgate, Contractorgate, Panamagate,…

  4. Truth sometimes conflicts with individual confirmation bias. Every president since 1900 has been a deep state puppet, who if disobedient was dispatched, usually by death. Trump is not being compliant and is getting the Tricky Dick treatment now, the JFK, MLK,RFK treatment if needed.

    “Rice*A*Romney….that must have Zombie Treat” > satire based on a century of POTUS puppet history > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com

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