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[ Editor’s Note: The US suffered a big political loss here, along with Poland and Ukraine, who have been trying to kill the Nordstream 2 project, despite its huge investment and having a consortium coalition of EU company partners building and distributing the gas.

With even Germany showing the lowest growth rate in many years, and a number of others doing much worse, maintaining low gas prices due to over-supply has been a cushion against the EU economic numbers being worse than they are.

Trump was squeezing the EU with sanctions trying to steer them into killing the Nordstream2 deal, but Europe was not intimidated.

The US plan to have the EU buy more expensive LNG when the entire infrastructure distribution would take years to build and require money that no one had budgeted for, never made any economic sense to the EU. In the US, those driving the deal saw no problem with that.

Ukraine could be the big loser, as it has be wanting to extort Russia, via its muscular Western friends like the US, to keep shipping gas through Ukraine to get the huge transit revenues, despite Ukraine having stiffed Russian on its pre-coup debts.

Russia was in no mood to subsidize Ukrainian corruption by letting them getting their hands on those gas transit fees as more gravy to divide up among the oligarchs.

Fortunately there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel for the Ukraine-Donbass war. The troops from both sides have been pulling back from the military standoff in a conflict for no justifiable reason other than to allow Ukraine to claim that it was fighting Russian aggression as a hook to get continued US military support.

This was a black lie of course, as this pull back could have been done two years ago, something that Russia and the Donbass people have always wanted.

The Russo-phobe NeoCons were also in no hurry to see tensions calm down. We will see if the political talks can follow this with more progress toward getting Ukraine’s economy going in a positive direction for its long suffering peopleJim W. Dean ]

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Lavrov cuts to the chase, like he always does

– First published … October 30, 2019

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Danish counterpart, Jeppe Kofod, discussed the situation around Denmark’s permit for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline’s construction in the country’s territorial waters when they met in New York in September.

“The Danish Energy Agency has granted a permit to Nord Stream 2 AG to construct a section of the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipelines on the Danish continental shelf southeast of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea”, the agency said in a statement.

Denmark is now obligated to “allow the construction of transit pipelines with respect to resources and the environment and if necessary to assign the route where such pipelines should be laid”, according to the agency.

Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 project, has laid more than 2,100 kilometres (1,300 miles) of the gas pipeline to date and will begin preparatory work and pipe laying near Denmark in the coming weeks, the company said in a statement.

“Preparatory work… as well as pipe laying will begin in the coming weeks… To date, more than 2,100 kilometres of two pipeline legs have already been laid. Pipe laying has been completed in the waters of Russia, Finland, and Sweden as well as being nearly complete in the waters of Germany. Work on both onshore sections is nearing completion”, Nord Stream 2 AG said.

Earlier in October, Gazprom announced that 83 percent of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline — a 1,269-mile stretch in the Baltic Sea — had been completed, adding that the pipeline is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

The Nord Stream 2 project envisages the building of a twin pipeline that will deliver around 55 billion cubic metres (almost 2 trillion cubic feet) of gas directly to Germany and other European countries. The pipeline for carrying Russian natural gas to Europe is set to pass through the territories of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, and Sweden.

For months, the project has drawn opposition from a number of countries, especially Ukraine, which claims that Moscow plans to deprive Kiev of its gas transit revenues.

The United States, which is trying to sell more of its own liquefied natural gas to its overseas allies, insists that the project will make Europe dependent on Moscow. Russia has repeatedly rebuffed the claims.

SOURCESputnik News

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  1. I have a theory on that. Zelensky’s credibility took a huge hit with the Trump-Biden scam. You notice Ukraine has been deathly silent on the impeachment mess. He needs a meeting with Putin, Putin does not meet unless something can be agreed on. He’s not like Trump that wants to milk the process for all the publicity he can get. This troop separation might have been a requirement for a meeting, to make a showing that the radicals are no longer running the show. It was the only move Zelensky had to get some good publicity.

  2. I see the pipe is large diameter. That is good as smaller pipes quickly clog with minerals if gas taken straight out of the well. It is a big problem in the GOM. If gas is cleansed first before transit, no problem.

    • This is the largest pipe diameter for gas pipelines. 1420 mm. It all depends on the wall thickness of the pipe, the quality of welding, insulation. Then the pipe is filled with nitrogen – to displace moisture and strengthen the inner walls by nitriding. Then the filling and pumping of gas begins.
      The cavity of the pipe inside is clean. But I saw old gas pipes that worked out for 30–40 years: there are sand and gas condensate in them. In the old days, technology was simpler and the requirements are not as high as it is now. And in Russia – the highest requirements for the technology of welding and installation of pipelines.

  3. Many people do not understand that Natural Gas normally found in the gaseous state and Liquid Petroleum Gas are totally different although after combustion do release energy. For example, when ordinary Natural Gas leaks it simply rises and dissipates. However LPG is heavier than NG and tends to lay down near the area where a leak may have developed. It is very very dangerous in this condition because if ignited by an spark it can cause a horrible fire and explosion. Of course one does not want leaks in use of either form, but at least a leak of Natural Gas can be managed and fixed easier and more safely than one with LPG. Many expensive subdivisions with total electric power are being permitted to install LPG gas tanks, some buried in the ground, for the convenience of having gas ranges for cooking. This is total foolishness for convenience and should not be permitted. If you want to use gas, build in a subdivision with natural gas supplied, not with LPG. I am aware that many rural homes are equipped with LPG tanks because of lack of NG.
    While we rarely hear of accidents, still the possibility of horrible explosions exists. Better to use total electric. Avoid dangerous LPG even in barbecues. Many horrible accidents have happened with them too.

    • “FARMINGTON, Maine (AP) — A leaking gas line allowed hundreds of gallons of propane to escape before a powerful explosion leveled a building, killing a firefighter and injuring eight other people, officials said Friday.

      The building supervisor who evacuated workers smelled propane gas and noticed that the 400-gallon tank was empty, said Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

      The tank had been topped off the Friday before the blast that happened Monday, Sept. 16, at the Life Enrichment Advancing People Inc. center, McCausland said.

      Firefighters who went into the building with the supervisor reported the propane gas odor was not pronounced, possibly because the gas had filtered through the soil before entering the basement, he said.

      The explosion, which could be heard from miles away, shattered the building and left the scene littered with dust and paper. Eleven nearby mobile homes were rendered uninhabitable, leaving about 30 people homeless.

      The building supervisor, Larry Lord, remained in critical condition Friday at Massachusetts General Hospital, a spokeswoman said. Two firefighters were hospitalized at Maine Medical Center, as well.

      Killed in the blast was Farmington Fire Capt. Michael Bell. His brother, Fire Chief Terry Bell, was among the injured.

      An investigation continues into determine how the propane line was damaged and what sparked the explosion, officials said…”

    • As the above tragic story shows, only last month this year 2019, even the experts were fooled by very dangerous Liquid Propane Gas which is heavier than air and lays down near the ground long before it dissipates. It blew up just like a bomb and killed or injured experts and innocent people and destroyed property and homes. Look at the pictures. This is very serious and dangerous gas and must be regulated and possibly banned from use without much stronger regulation. This information was not widely publicized outside of the local area so many people are unaware. Again even the experts were fooled by LPG. Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics

  4. Trump’s faults withstanding, with all the bellicose posturing from the full political spectrum of US media regarding Syria and Russia, this tells me that Nordstream 2 resistance comes from above our political puppets; perhaps the purveyors of magical money printing themselves. If that is indeed the case, we’d be seeing the same policies from democrats were they running the Executive Branch.

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