Scientific Explanations For Spooky Sensations


Five Scientific Explanations for Spooky Sensations

by Andrea Michelson/

Tis the season to celebrate the supernatural, whether that means visiting a haunted house or donning a spooky costume. But while some might scare themselves silly in the name of Halloween fun, 42 percent of Americans believe ghosts are for real, according to a 2013 Harris Poll. The belief in ghosts dates back to at least ancient Mesopotamian times, and it seems to have lodged itself in the collective psyche. But in many cases, science can explain what might seem like a message from beyond. Here are five scientific explanations for encounters with the supernatural.

The “Fear Frequency”

Just below the range of human hearing, infrasound can cause some strange sensations. Humans can’t hear sound below 20 hertz, but some people subconsciously respond to lower frequencies with feelings of fear or dread, reports Jennifer Ouellette for Gizmodo. In one account from 1998, engineer Vic Tandy of Coventry University spent a night in a lab believed to be haunted. He and his colleagues experienced anxiety and distress, felt cold shivers down their spines, and Tandy even reported seeing a dark blob out of the corner of his eye. It turned out that there was a silent fan creating sound waves at around 19 hertz, the exact frequency that can cause the human eyeball to vibrate and “see” optical illusions. “When we finally switched it off, it was as if a huge weight was lifted,” Tandy told Chris Arnot for the Guardian.

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  1. You should check out the late Art Bell’s interview with Dr. Barry Taff and the paranormal investigations, one of which nearly led to the death of an assistant who was attacked by an unseen entity and nearly died from being hung from a rafter. The photos taken and they are available to view as well as video of the assistant being helped down from the attic.
    Dr. Taff also suggested that, as we don’t know what is really going on in many of the manifestations that occur, they may very well be from inter dimensional or or even from UFOs. Dr. Taff’s book,”Aliens Above, Ghosts Below” delves into another twist into the paranormal.
    Something is going on when video recordings of paranormal activity has found their way onto the internet and some of the videos are astounding. Some may be faked but there is enough of high strangeness being recorded to prove something very strange is going on that defies logical, scientific explanation.
    Just two of the encounters he documents, one in Culver City, Ca. and another, not far from there in San Pedro which also led to the same victim who moved out to Weldon where even more spectacular paranormal events occurred.
    The investigation into the activity in Culver City also led to the creation of the movie, The Entity, tarring Barbra Hershey.

  2. Vibration is the key, and Halloween is quite real, but the thing is it happens in different places at different times due to subtle differences in frequencies depending on location. Ghosts and spirits date back much further than Mesopotamia, and correlating frequencies between time and location determine a huge percentage of events and emotions. Fear can be predicted, even to location and day, which for the purpose of Halloween would be tomorrow Nov 1rst as the correct day for the holiday using a conjunction of multiple cycles. Even further , particular people in particular places on a particular day, can be predictably fearful. It is not confined to the time when the leaves rustle and shadows can now be seen through the trees. The facilitative fear in the fall urges everything to get food for the winter or die. This can affect certain people to a debilitative level, and it is calming to put on a mask and realize the fear is largely unfounded. Also, primates like to play dress up.

    • Includes the Druidic belief in dressing as their ancestors to invite them in for a bit of a snack. I suspect that’s where the whole idea of dressing up for the Halloween.
      In America it’s nothing more than another sales event.
      They’ve got a great buy on Halloween supplies over at Wally World………..