Epstein: Murder Not Suicide


Editor’s Note: We now have medical confirmation that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in his cell by strangulation.  The evidence is overwhelming and VT was right from day one, that Epstein was either murdered in his cell or that Robert David Steele’s hypothesis, that Epstein had a double there and he had long fled to Israel.

Assuming this is Epstein, we can also assume that two sleeping guards may have been gassed and that a hit team strangled Epstein, as evidence now proves.

The reason?  We know for certain it is to protect Donald Trump.  We don’t know that Trump ordered it but we can safely assume that it was done with his full knowledge.

We got the smell long ago when Russiagate began, a fake investigation setup by Robert Mueller and William Barr, the “fixers” who covered for Nixon being owned by Roy Cohn, also Trump’s mentor and alleged gay lover.

Cohn and Trump, who was dodging service in Vietnam

Those aren’t the arms of an athlete and that eye makeup very much Liz Taylor.

What are Trump’s secrets and did Epstein die to keep them?

Health Editor’s Note: Veterans Today came out as soon as Jeffrey Epstein’s jail house death was announced with the concept that he was murdered and did not commit suicide as was alleged by those in charge of keeping Epstein safe for his future trial and/or for gathering information about his cohorts. If you search Veterans Today you will find many articles written about Epstein’s suspicious death.  We are looking at someone (Epstein) who could have given information about others; from Prince Andrew of England, to Jean-Luc Brunel, (modeling agent), Alex Acosta, U.S. Secretary of Labor was once the U.S. Attorney for South Florida and we could go on….

What has been found is that physical forensic evidence supports death due to strangulation as opposed to suicide by hanging.  Epstein would have had different injuries if he had indeed hung himself.  The medical information in this article is easy to understand and shows without a doubt that Epstein was murdered and there is plenty of evidence to prove this…..Carol

Jeffrey Epstein: Hanging or Strangulation? A forensic pathologist on the new accusations

by Judy Meliniek, M.D./MedPage Today

This week forensic pathologist Michael Baden opined on a Fox News morning show that Jeffrey Epstein, who died in a New York City jail while awaiting trial for sex trafficking, had injuries to his neck that were “unusual for suicidal hanging and more consistent with ligature homicidal strangulation.” Baden also shared with a website called Law & Crime a photograph and diagram, which he claims is from the Epstein postmortem investigation, showing the location of these fractures at the left hyoid greater cornu and bilateral thyroid cartilage cornua.

Baden, a Fox News analyst, said he was making himself available to these press outlets because Mark Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother and Baden’s client, does not believe that the New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner, which determined the manner of death to be suicide, had performed a thorough-enough investigation. Mark Epstein wants to know what information prompted the medical examiner to conclude that the manner was suicide after it had been, first, “pending further study.” Baden told his Fox News colleagues that he believes that the FBI needs to conduct DNA testing on the torn bedsheet that was used as the ligature.

So, how likely are fractures of the hyoid and thyroid in cases of hangings?

A retrospective study of 175 cases of suicidal hangings over a five-year period found that fractures of the hyoid bone and associated cartilages — the injuries the medical examiner found in Jeffrey Epstein’s throat — were detected in 68% of cases, and that the proportion of fractures increased with the age of the deceased. A prospective study of 40 cases of suicidal hangings over a three-year period found fractures of neck structures in 19 cases (47.5%), more commonly in the study’s older men. Six of those decedents (15%) had fractures of both the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage. In the most recently published series, fractures of the neck skeleton were present in 72.5% of suicidal hangings. The data revealed in the peer-reviewed scientific literature does not support Baden’s statement that “hanging does not cause these broken bones, and homicide does.”

How does a medical examiner distinguish between a hanging and ligature strangulation?

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  1. Murdering their operatives who handle complex and important intelligence missions would jeopardize future endeavors and create low moral and show a lack of confidence. Being jailed in NYC was their option, to take care of financial and real estate matters. Any child could have rigged his disappearance, given the arrangement. A country that lives by and advertises deception, is going to be straightforward this time?