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Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups with CANVAS acts


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio for VT italy

“Each is subjected to the constituted authorities; since there is no authority except from God and those that exist are established by God. Therefore he who opposes authority, is opposed to the order established by God. And those who oppose him will attract the condemnation. (…) Therefore it is necessary to be submissive, not only for fear of punishment, but also for reasons of conscience.

For this reason, therefore, you must pay taxes, because those who are dedicated to this task are officials of God. Give each one his due: to whom the tribute, the tribute; to whom taxes taxes; to those who fear fear; to whom respect, respect”.

It is evident that the Christian religious leaders of the Maronites of Lebanon and those of the Chaldeans of Iraq have completely forgotten the XIII letter to the Romans written by the apostle Saint Paul at a time when the oppression of the imperial centuries in Palestine was certainly well worse than that of the Lebanese and Iraqi governments today.

Already the Messiah Jesus Christ sanctioned without space for objections “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, at a time when taxes were starving the population well over now; further, in accordance with a logic of sacrifice and endurance which is the soul of the Gospel, he distanced himself from the Zealots who invoked the revolution.

It is disconcerting to say the least that the religious authorities who call themselves Christians give their total support to street protests perpetrated with Molotov cocktails and indendiary barricades that are causing injuries and dead, especially in Iraq where last Wednesday even a katiusha missile was fired against the Green Zone of Baghdad killing a soldier of the Iraqi Security Force.

But it is not that much if we remember that in recent days all the religious leaders of Turkey, including Christians, gathered in the monastery of Mardin to pray for the soldiers of the Turkish army and listen to the message of the Islamic dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan that through the Peace Spring operation it is carrying out a genocide against Kurdish enemies, despite several truce signed and repeatedly violated by Ankara and its jihadist mercenaries.

Chaldean Christian Iraqi patriarchs who supported the revolution

The Lebanese Maronite patriarchs pay tribute to “the people who expressed their unity” and ask to “embrace and protect the legitimate revolt of our children”, stressing the urgency “that power and government will respond to their national demands”.

While, as Fides always reports, “the representatives of the various Iraqi ecclesiastical groups have declared that they share the requests of those who peacefully manifest their social discontent, and have thanked above all the young people who in expressing their protest towards the national political leadership, have they also “broke sectarian barriers, stated the Iraqi national unity and demanded that Iraq become a homeland for all”, based on the recognition of its plural identity “.

It seems really difficult to believe that the religious leaders do not know who is behind these uprisings that are not sudden but cyclical and represent the same script implemented by the coup leaders of the triple alliance between Americans, Zionists and Sunni Islamists both in Syria and in Ukraine, to name only two of the most bloody conflicts.


The evidence is flaunted without even a little shame on the Canvas website, the Center for Applied Non-Violent Action and Strategies which, under the guise of peaceful protests, is fueling the flames of social discontent in nations supported by governments considered enemies of the US, riots flare up skilfully driven by hackers who are generously funded by associations that sprout like mushrooms thanks to the cascades of dollars paid by the various American foundations for the export of democracy.

The mosaic of international regime-change actions is so complex and fluid that it is only possible to analyze a few cards to confirm an international strategy of tension boasted by the same Canvas activists, highlighting successful operations, but not failed ones, and providing a weekly report on the riots they have organized.

I leader di Canvas Srdia Popovic e Slobodan Djinovic

Canvas can count on branched operational centers in many parts of the world but has its main office in Belgrade as it is the invention of the two Serbs Srdia Popovic and Slobodan Djinovic that after launching the Otpor (resistance) revolution for the dismissal of Slobodan Milosevic, at the same time that CIA and Saudi Arabia were financing the birth of the Caliphate of Europe in Bosnia as described in a previous report by Gospa News, before turning to the Rose Revolution in Georgia (2003), to the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon ( 2005) and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine “Pora” (It’s time!).


The winning revolutions of Canvas celebrated on their own site

There, despite to any spirit of non-violence, they did not hesitate to join the neo-Nazi militias to carry out the coup against President Viktor Janukovyc which culminated in the massacre of the Euromaidan square which caused the death of 70 maniacs and 17 police officers under fire of some mercenary snipers that a journalistic investigation revealed to be just Georgian …


In the same Canvas website, explicit reference is made to the commitment still active in Venezuela but also and above all in Syria: it was the self-styled non-violent Belgrade organization that sowed the seeds of the revolution against Bashar Al Assad, thus laying the foundations for US military support for the Free Syrian Army (Esil or Fsa in English) and completing the CIA project already planned in 1983, as demonstrated by a document unveiled by Gospa News, against Hazis Al Assad, father of Bashar.




“When the United States wanted to overthrow a government, they had it secretly done to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), particularly when these governments had been democratically elected, like Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Chile (1973), Nicaragua (1980 ), Haiti (2006), Honduras (2009), Ukraine (2013) and Syria (2011) – writes British international columnist Davide William Pear – Over the past few decades, the United States has become more brazen in their regime projects change. What was usually done in secret is currently practiced without complexes for all to see. The 2017 change in Venezuela scheme is now in the public domain”.

Canvas operations as they appear on their own site

«The United States has perfected their regime-change techniques, disguising them as promoting democracy, funding subversion through the International Development Agency (USAID), the US Information Service (USIS) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) funded by the Congress, the International Republican Institute (IRI) and other selected non-governmental organizations» adds Pear.

If today Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are still the target of the US it is only for the triple alliance between Washington, Tel Aviv and the Riad that sees the American Masons allied with the Sunni Muslims (Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) and the Muslim Brotherhood (Turkey, Qatar ) and with the Zionists of Israel in the project of destruction not only of Iran but of the same Shia religious ethnicity that holds power in the three countries today at the center of the clashes.


In Lebanon, after many years, the Cedar Revolution gave birth to a multi-religious government of peaceful coexistence, the Free Patriotic Movement (MPL) party of the Maronite Christian Michel Aoun, President of the Republic since 2016, the “8 March” coalition formed with the Shiite alignments of Amal by Nabih Berri and of Hezbollah led by Hassan Nasrallah, and the Sunni Muslim alignment Sa’ad al Hariri’s Future Movement, founded by his father killed in a car bomb attack. The insistent protests with the blocks of the highways have led the Sunni prime minister to resign creating a government crisis that will not be easy to heal.


As anticipated, it would require a huge search to examine every single connection therefore, as proof of the activity of Canvas’s professional coup leaders, we will just tell the case of Lebanon thanks to a very detailed article by the Canadian analyst Ahmed Bensaada published in unsuspected times, in 2015, on the Italian site of geopolitical International Observatory for Rights presided by the lawyer and former magistrate Nicola Quatrano.



The investigation analyzes the Cedar Revolution but also focuses on the failed Revolution of Trash. “The series of demonstrations that took place in Lebanon during the summer of 2015 was called by some a” waste crisis “, a revolution of “trash” by others. It was born due to a problem in the collection and management of garbage, but the protesters’ claims quickly spread and targeted the government, denouncing corruption and state inertia – writes Bensaada – The created civic collective in the course of the demonstrations it has taken the name of “You stinks!” (Tal3at Rihatkom, in Arabic). Short and striking name, perfectly recalls the protocol recommended by CANVAS. It is inscribed on the same line as Serbian “Otpor” (Resistance), “Kmara” Georgian (It is enough!) Or Ukrainian “Pora” (It is time!) “.

“The dissident who represents the trait d’union between the Cedar revolution and that of the “junk “is certainly Michel Elefteriades, a sort of “missing link”of the revolutionary colored Lebanon. Ten years later, the one who was in close contact with the specialists of the non-violent resistance of CANVAS returns to the forefront of popular protest” adds the Canadian analyst, referring to the Greek-Lebanese musician, producer and businessman who was among the directors. of both insurrections but also the founder of “Harakat El Girfanine” (the disgusted movement “).

It combines two distinctive signs of CANVAS projects: the movement logo with the closed fist of Otpor and the name that recalls that of the Sudanese cyber dissidents “Grifna” (we are disgusted).

Michel Elefteriades and his Disgusted Movement with the closed fist of Otpor-Canvas

“Although the multiple claims of the movement “You stink!” Express a real exasperation of the Lebanese people, it must be admitted that the inextricable relations between the leaders of the”junk”revolution and the various US export organizations of democracy are not irrelevant – highlights Bensaada – These latent connivances are the result of background work that preceded the Cedar revolution, which continued to the present day and which will certainly continue in the future. The Arab “spring” is its perfect illustration”.

“All the more so if one thinks that Lebanon is a key country in the Middle Eastern equation because of its proximity to Israel, its geopolitical relations with the bloodless Syria and the presence of an element of strong irritation for Westerners: Hezbollah” reread after four years the analyst’s words of Arabic origin appear prophetic.

“Both CANVAS and the various dissident movements of the Eastern countries or former Soviet Republics have benefited from the help of numerous US “export” organizations of democracy, such as the USAID (United States Agency for International Development), the NED ( National Endowment for Democracy), IRI (International Republican Institute), NDI (National Democratic Institute for International Affairs), Freedom House and OSI (Open Society Institute)” continues Bensaad’s analysis which then explains the dynamics of the contributions.

The financier George Soros

“These organizations are funded by the US budget or US private capital. For example, the NED receives congressional votes and the funds are managed by a Board of Directors in which the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the US Chamber of Commerce and the US American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial union are represented Organization (AFL-CIO), while the OSI is linked to the Soros Foundation, named after the founder, George Soros, the US billionaire, distinguished financial speculator”.


The article shows that these same organizations have helped, trained and networked Arab cyber dissidents, protagonists of the famous “spring” that subverted their countries. «We also note the “footprints” of these organizations in the events of Tehran (Green Revolution, 2009) (5), Euromaidan (Ukraine, 2013-2014) and, more recently, in Hong Kong (Umbrella Revolution , 2014) – adds Bensaada – According to someone, the greatest success of CANVAS in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) was certainly Lebanon (Cedar Revolution, 2005) and Iran’s worst failure. What explains why Popovic proudly mentioned Lebanon as a trophy of his “revolutionary” game bag and did not say anything about Iran».

Journalist Sharmine Narwani reported that Gebran Tueni, editor of the An-Nahar newspaper, was in contact with Frances Abouzeid, director of Freedom House in Ammam (Jordan) and on her advice invited CANVAS trainers to Beirut.

«It is important to emphasize that Freedom House is the most important financier of the Serbian training center. The CANVAS Serbs trained Lebanese activists on the premises of the An-Nahar newspaper. Ivan Marovic, co-founder of CANVAS, has personally held training courses on non-violent resistance» explains the Canadian analyst.

But to better understand the quadrant of the Middle East, three of the main protagonists of the Cedar Revolution must also be referred to: «The decision-making cell included a hard core of activists made up of three friends: Eli Khoury, a communication and marketing expert who works for Quantum and Saatchi & Saatchi, Samir Kassir, an essayist who directs the Democratic Left Movement (MGD), founded in September 2004 and journalist Samir Frangieh».



In recent days, the InsideOver geopolitical column of Il Giornale has published an interview with Khoury, however without hinting at his dazzling career from New York to Dubai at just 55 years of age. After graduating from Beirut’s American University, he began working for BBDO, a company of the US global advertising group Omincom Group for which it follows advertising campaigns in New York, Los Angeles and London. In 2001 he moved to Dubai where he founded the news agency OMD (Optimum Media Direction) as the holding company.

Just after the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon the Omnicom Media Group MENA (Middle East and North Africa) branch is established in the city of the United Arab Emirates, of which it becomes first director and then CEO in 2010. Its rise in the Arab media landscape it is contextual to its exclusive frequentations in the American jet set of the so-called Deep International State.

Elie Khoury, protagonist of the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon and today CEO of the media holding Omnicom Group Mena based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

“We find the name of Eli Khouri on the list of guests at an international conference on “Democracy and security “, held in Prague (Czech Republic) from 5 to 6 June 2007. A meeting that saw many celebrities together in the field of dissidence, of espionage, politics and academia – always reveals Bensaada – During the conference, Khoury also had the opportunity to spend time with the Egyptian activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, with the Soviet dissident (currently Israeli), anti-communist and Zionist, Natan Sharansky and with the Russian opponent Garri Kasparov”.

“But what is striking in this list is the large number of prominent participants from Israel; among them, the Israeli ambassador to the Czech Republic, Arie Arazi, and his Czech counterpart, Michael Zantovsky, the economic manager of the Israeli embassy in the United States, Ron Dermer, as well as many Israeli university students. And yet the highlight of the conference was undoubtedly the presence of President G. W. Bush, who took advantage of the opportunity to make a speech on freedom, democracy and political activism”.

Taking a geographical leap it is good to remember, as highlighted by Gospa News in a previous report, that in the same year in Ukraine the first edition of the Kiev Security Forum was held, a security conference organized by Open Ukraine and financed by International Renaissance, arm Ukrainian of the New York Open Society of the Hungarian-American tycoon George Soros.


And just like the conference in Kiev, the one in Prague was also funded by Open Society International while it was organized by the “Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies” and by the “Prague Security Studies Institute” (PSSI) which could also boast among its advisers James Woolsey, former director of the CIA (and former chairman of the Board of Freedom House), and Madeleine Albright, the 64th US Secretary of State and, in her spare time, chairman of the NDI Board.


As mentioned in the same article “Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies” is a research institute created with a generous gift of the “Adelson Family Foundation” (Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson). Its purpose is “to evaluate the global challenges facing Israel and the West” and to study issues related to the progress of democracy and freedom in the Middle East.

Two authentic Zionist: Sheldon Adelson with Benjamin Netanyahu

Sheldon G. Adelson is an American billionaire of Jewish origin and Ukrainian as a result Askenazita coem the founders of the International Zionist Movement). The main mission of its foundation is to “strengthen the State of Israel and the Jewish people”. According to journalist Nathan Guttman, Sheldon G. Andelson’s ideology is a set of support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sympathy for the settler movement and hostility towards the Palestinian Authority”.

According the Canadian analyst, Eli Khouri points out, he was no stranger to the US administration. “The Wikileaks cable “06Beirut1544_a” reveals that about a year before this conference he was among the guests at a lunch offered by the US ambassador on the occasion of the visit by Kristen Silverberg, Secretary of State added to international organizations. Jeffrey Feitman points to Khouri as general manager of Saatchi & Saatchi (an advertising company) and describes him as an “advertising strategist and creative expert” who contributed to the “branding” of the Cedar revolution “which someone has sarcastically called” sponsored by USAID and by Saatchi & Saatchi ”.


It would be interminable to dwell on the other innumerable details described in the Bensaada reportage which obviously gives great space to the cyber-activists of the so-called “Arab League of the net”. I therefore limit myself to pulling the strings in the light of the latest news stories reported by the Iranian website FarsNews, according to which «in the first round of public protests 3 weeks ago, the analyzes revealed that 79% of the hashtags on the protests in Iraq on Twitter they came from Saudi Arabia and only 6% came from Iraq, in stark contrast to the claims that the demonstrations were popular and spontaneous».

Not only. “The al-Akhbar newspaper in Arabic wrote on Saturday that since Abdul Mahdi was charged with forming a government in Iraq and al-Fatah and Sa’eroun coalitions have gained the highest number of seats in the Iraqi parliament, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have made various attempts to overthrow Abdul Mahdi’s government “.

The article states that “the plot of the coup was designed in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, adding that the United Arab Emirates was the” center for the management of the plan and a number of officials , including Tahnoon bin Zayed Al Nahyan, national security adviser to the United Arab Emirates and his adviser Mohammad Dahlan (a Palestinian accused of ties to Israel) “, are responsible for planning the coup.

According to Al-Akhbar and FarsNews Saudi Arabia would have invested a sum of 150 million dollars in the planning and implementation of the coup project and stated that the plot was implemented by the Iraqi civil society that receives financial support from the ‘American embassy.


The newspaper recalled the remarks made by the former Saudi ambassador in Baghdad Thamer al-Sabhan, who claimed that Iraq would be different in October, stating that al-Sabhan had guaranteed that a serious accident would shake the country’s political process.

In light of its history in the Middle East, the Lebanese Khouri represents the perfect link between Lebanon and the USA, where in 2007 he founded the “Lebanon Renaissance Foundation” in Washington, and the United Arab Emirates where he held positions of national prestige.

He became a member of the board of directors of Injaz-UAE, an organization dedicated to educating students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy and START, a non-profit organization founded by Art Dubai and by the Al Madad Foundation. He was also a member of the board of directors of the United Arab Emirates chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) and in 2017, he was appointed a member of the board of directors of the United Arab Emirates subsidiary of Endeavor, the global non-profit organization which supports high-impact entrepreneurs.


Behind the protests in Lebanon as in Iraq, therefore, the ghosts of the communication guru of Dubai flutter like Belgrade activists, who for now only assume the paternity of the riots in Ukraine and Syria without the slightest attention to the catastrophic consequences of the civil lawsuits they have done beyond 10 thousand deaths in Donbass and more than half a million in the Arab country.

Meanwhile in Iraq the social situation is increasingly incandescent, the dead after the start of the protests can be counted in the hundreds and among the chronicles of daily violence two rather disturbing episodes emerge.

The arrest of some ISIS terrorists was reported by the Iraqi general Rashid Falih who denounced an alarming situation: “The ISIL terrorists have also created hiding places and safe houses, received a dollar salary and targeted forces police with Molotov cocktails”.

While in recent days there would have been the massacre of over 35 protesters in Karbala. The conditional is obligatory because the police deny the news and in the hospitals 100 policemen and 22 protesters have been treated but there is no trace of the deceased. However, some eyewitnesses reported that the massacre was carried out by mysterious men wearing a black uniform but they were not identified either as policemen or as army soldiers.

While waiting to understand if the massacre really happened, the thought quickly returns to the mercenary snipers of the Euromaidan square…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization







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    “Behind the protests in Lebanon as in Iraq, therefore, the ghosts of the communication guru of Dubai flutter like Belgrade activists, who for now only assume the paternity of the riots in Ukraine and Syria without the slightest attention to the catastrophic consequences of the civil lawsuits they have done beyond 10 thousand deaths in Donbass and more than half a million in the Arab country.”

    But, you go RUN ON . . . because the above packs a punch!!

    Once again, the Hegelian dialectical methods are well-played — thanks sock puppets who replaced their calling from God (the “I want you” for My journey) and traded for a favor . . . of the man-made kind?

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