Harvey Weinstein Called Out On Pub Crawl with Army of Mossad Thugs


We’ve watched Black Cube stalk rape victims, wiretap, blackmail, threaten families and, remember, this is the Black Cube, the Mossad “privatized arm” that was the real “Russiagate” giving America a Zionist traitor in the White House…


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  1. Reminds me of the Dershowitz “Shylock” moment on “The View”, running his hands together, mouth agape, with a shit-eating grin, relishing the opportunity in court to refute his accuser(s) of being a willful pedophile on Epstein’s island.

  2. Weinstein has hired a familiar crew of private Israeli intelligence connected private detectives and lawyers. The real question is whether Cy Vance Jr. still works for Mossad or not care of the Kasowitz bribes, prior family histories, etc. If so, Weinstein is in the best Zio infested/corrupted geography to be prosecuted next to Florida. The only wild card for him will be the prosecutor’s office. The NYPD detective in charge of his case likely is a child molester/Satanic 1666er himself.

    • This is a sick person —

      And I’m NOT talking about Weinstain … odd.

      Let’s be clear, I detest me some Weinstain. But, this young stud did nothing other than . . . corner a person, attack them verbally, trying to provoke them to react. Film it! And BAM . . . the latest media star made hero, for standing up for . . . WOMEN?!?

      Please tell that boy to sit down and STFU!

      Anyone who wants their viral VD clap trap to take off . . . yet again, on the backs of people OTHER THAN himself — WOW — some “hero”. He calls out a person, who is a FILTHY SWINE that EVERYONE wants to call out. BORING!

      I bet this ninner, ninner name caller would have put his sister out to Weinstain if dude thought Weinstain could help her get her star on Hollywood walk of fame.

      The “look what I can do” He goes up to a man who NO ONE likes, calls him out in a restaurant, where there are “built in” witnesses to his verbal gauntlet throw down?!? But, it’s HARVEY so we can act discordant in public? What was Weinstain going to do . . . punch the guy?

      So the man with no clue is going to be confronted by a little snit twit with no clue to show what a hero he is for . . . defending women?!?!? Amazing feat of manhood! {blank stare}

      And the real accomplishment for the dude with the iphone is . . . he walked out of the restaurant with phone numbers to ALL the wait staff. They gonna hook up later! “DUDE, what gnarly balls you have”

      Ah, the imbeciles of life . . .

      Harvey Wallbangers . . . for all!

  3. Wow. What a typical Zionist f_tard saying such BS as “due process” somehow trumps free speech. If the ladies want to tell everybody what a sleazy POS he is then they should be free to do so.

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