Brain Fart Number 32,465: The Donald to Send US Military Against Mexico

America "Doublefucked"


President Donald Trump offered to send the U.S. military to Mexico to wage “WAR” against drug cartels after an ambush left at least nine American moms and kids dead on Monday. A convoy of SUVs taking American Mormon families to a wedding in the Mexican state of Chihuahua was attacked by armed gunmen, with two of the dead reported to be 8-month-old twins.

On Tuesday morning, Trump paid tribute to the “wonderful family and friends from Utah” who got caught up in violence that he said was caused by “vicious drug cartels, who were shooting at each other.” Trump went on to say: “This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth. We merely await a call from your great new president!”

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  1. Speaking of religious fraudsters, Twitler’s new Supreme Mammon Worshipper spiritual advisor just said…

    “Saying no to Trump is saying no to God”.

    And the #TrumpU Salesman appointed a #IlluminatiMagicSalesman to the Presidential Scholars Program.

    At least the #HotTubTimeMachineSalesman Attorney General is gone.

  2. I have to wonder how many of those arms used to murder those women and children, were supplied to the cartels involved through Obammy’s Fast and Furious?
    Just how many innocent people have to continue to be killed by these ruthless cartels? even the N.Y. mob would never consider doing anything to harm women and children. The Messican cartels are a different story as well as that of the Latin gangs that plague American cities. Beheadings, scalping and much worse occurs daily in the gang infested cities. Even the cops are afraid to deal with them….hell some of them are involved with these gangs.
    So the problem has come back to haunt America and this is the result. I guess if you’re going to travel the great American Southwest, you’d better be well armed.
    Expect this to cross over into America .

    • It is an ongoing thing. Fast and furious was not the beginning or the end, just a place in the middle where it came to light.
      I lived with a dude for a short time, who drove a truck on a certain night, and got caught in Texas by SP, and US military guns were found in the truck headed due west from LA., he was missed for a day or two, then came home, and needed to go fishing with the parish sheriff, then for a few months after that was subdued in character and behavior, but free. That was 86.
      How do “cartels” get US military weapons ? Grease on the axels baby. Grease on the axels.

  3. WTF Do You Guys Got NO Standing ? WTF I look up Veterans today on My Unloimited Cable AND IT Gives ME Bullshit ……. Hey , You Veterans After ALL the Bullshit YOU DID Do You Think that Your Legal and Legit Case is being Handled Adequately ……. Make a Note and Let ME Know to cuss them out

  4. I vote ‘cartel trouble’ as well. The LeBarons are intertwined with Romneys and Udalls. This was no case of mistaken identity. The best way to move weight is in a poopy diaper bag, I read somewhere. Targeting progeny is old world vendetta stuff….Kanly, anyone?

    • To be qualified as cartel in Mexico in US media is the same qualification to be considered an enemy combatant in the Middle East. People are people, and not everyone is in a cartel or terrorist org. For all we know, an ex member who was a sexual assault victim got some rich friend and bought herself a hit. There’s also a chance it was funded and operated by Trump gangs. Qui bono ? Killing children in this manner is indicative of “something rare”. There are many battle fronts at this moment. Cartel does not make sense, but it does make a great scapegoat. The term is too oft used.

  5. Good comments, everyone. The news mentions “a Mormon offshoot group that settled there nearly 50 years ago”. Officially at least, the church is a large umbrella that includes millions of non-zionists and non GOP voters, even though the image of the church is one of conservatism. There are numerous ways to be conservative – fiscal, libertarian, apocalyptic, social, etc. “Offshoot group” might (or might not) mean polygamists who moved south of the border after the US states gradually clamped down on polygamist sects, and as such are not recognized officially in church registers, if what is claimed is true. This incident could be another psyop like the one LaVoy Finicum was involved with in 2016, as it sure has a psyopy stench about it. Fundamentalists often have an aversion to education, and then find they have to make money by selling something other than their intellectual skills/expertise, like becoming crisis actors.

  6. Ah yes. The lying Zionist Beast. I don’t see where Trump said he was going to invade Mexico in his tweet. He said specifically: “If Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these…..” Is the beast upset that Trump is actually more concerned about what’s happening right on our Southern Border than what is happening in the Middle East? I mean how dare he put his attention on domestic concerns when he should put all his attention on fighting for IsraHell.

    • What is happening on our southern border? Being many of the safest places in US?
      Oh, your fake concern about violence in Mexico – CAUSED by insatiable US drug appetite – because it was Mormons.

      Why did the Mammon worshipper #DramaQueenDon lie (by a factor of… 666 😈!) about 4,000 #BadHombres Terror Watchlist stopped?

      More Watchlist stops at Canada border.
      #BuildTheWall there!

    • Obviously you missed the key point to my argument with your less than skillful use of the straw man fallacy. Personally I’m not a big fan of the Monroe Doctrine nor the phony “war on drugs” which in reality is a war on the Constitution but my point is that the Zionists seem to be upset by Trump’s sudden concern about domestic issues and moving his attention away from the Middle East and Israel’s “security”.

  7. Uncle Gordie , I’m Talking to YOU < Here I am Watching RT Coverage About " Soldier Suicide " BUT Here This Bitch Government Spokesman Says " You Knew WHAT You Were Getting into AND So WHO Cares "

    • According to This Government Bitch , it’s ALL !00% VOLUNTARY ………………. as if Anyone is EVER ASKED ….. Dumbos Don’t have a Clue What a Military Order Means and They’re getting away putting total ignorant bullshit out which disrespects ALL and ANY Professional ” For Life ” Soldier ……..

  8. On another note, it might return some capital back to America’s reputation if the military did do something like appear to take out drug cartels. All that said, not being naive about why the cartels even exist in the first place. But, clearing them out might be the first good step to re-aligning a Monroe Doctrine that would eventually spruce up a BRI competitor by America.

    • Close to bulls eye on this speculation, IMHO. How did they live out there in “exile” so well? Obvious. Probably even have their boys in DHS, FBI, DEA, etc., help the narco-trafficking.

    • Nik, the difference between Afghanistan drug lords and the Mexican/South American drug cartels is that Afghanistan’s heroin ends up killing Iranians and therefore Iran has been fighting the traffickers and the drug lords for over half of a century allocating a large budget for the true war on drugs, making a dent into the drug revenues of CIA. But the Mexican cartel doesn’t really have an opposition, instead just a bunch of corrupt US agencies catering to that large revenue and milking it.
      This is no different than a territorial war but close to “home” it brings in “Mormons” instead of Daesh …
      You’re right.

  9. “…is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth…” that’s not a bad idea, but should be start bomb the drug chiefs in Langley, Virginia.

  10. Mormons have a long history of walling themselves off from government as to not be bothered with things like law and fair trade. This goes back to acts such as the Mountain Meadows massacre. It is the living version of Hand Maids Tale. Their assimilation program for Native Americans ran up into the 2000’s with one Bishop proclaiming the children had turned whiter in color in only a short time with their new families. Trump has given anti-government religions a boldness and recklessness that does not mesh with the pathway to the future. This current idiocy has people calling for war, over an incident type that happens regularly in our own country. The zealots need to be reined in.

    • The Mormons are just another version of Zionist Racial Supremacists . This is why Mittens is such a big supporter of Israel. They went down to Mexico and ended up in a deadly cross fire knowing full well the danger involved. That said Trump has every right to offer assistance to the Mexican Government to help handle their drug problem. One ironically created by the CIA which is currently composed of many Mormons. Yes the irony never stops.

    • Mormons Are CRAZY , I met a Couple of Visiting American ” Elders ” here in Toronto and Those Smart asses were offering blind polygamy as Their Selling Point ……. Crappy People AND Need to be Outlawed ……

    • Consider who created this cult in the first place: a convicted fraud named Joseph Smith, who was largely iliterate, could barely write his own name and out of the blue he was given some golden tablets with which could only be read with some magic spectacles, given to him by a couple angels. Yet, there are enough idiots who are taken in by this deception to populate an entire state.
      L.Ron Hubbard was another version. Create a religious cult, get tax exemption and then deal in illicit affairs.
      Religious fraudsters are a dime a dozen in America. Most of them are pick pockets and in it only for creating wealth for themselves. Certainly shysters like Billy and Franklin Graham don’t believe a single word they mumble and neither do those within the Mormon community. About the only thing they have going is for 50 year old men to be able to marry 15 year old girls.

    • This is your opinion. Any religion can be classified as a fraud by anyone who doesn’t believe its tenets but the fact is that the First Amendment does exist. My problem with religion is when they force their religious beliefs on others through legislation such as in the case of the Noahide Laws.

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