Scientists Declare Climate Emergency


Scientists Around the World Declare ‘Climate Emergency’

by Avery Thompson/

The world’s scientists are increasingly worried about our civilization’s reluctance to tackle climate change, so in a paper released today, thousands of them are raising the alarm.

In a report published in the journal BioScience, over 11,000 of the world’s leading climate scientists have added their names to a declaration calling the planet’s current warming trends a “climate emergency.” Titled “World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency,” the paper takes an urgent tone, detailing a dire situation that will require extreme responses to avert disaster.

“As a scientist, I feel that I must speak out about climate change, since it is such a severe threat to humanity,” says Bill Ripple, an ecologist at Oregon State University and lead author of the new report. In addition to a warning about the future, Ripple, his co-authors and the 11,258 other people who attached their names to the paper suggest a set of tools to make sense of our changing world.

The paper, which looks at 40 years of climate data, argues that scientists as well as world leaders should start moving away from using a single number to track the progress of climate change: global average surface temperature.

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  1. This paper is only looking at 40 years of climate data?! That’s not even the blink of an eye in terms of climate history. Even two hundred is not nearly long enough to get a good idea of how our climate has changed and what it might do in the future. Look at 1000 years to get a glimpse, and that might not even be good enough. Seriously! 40?! What kind of scientists are these?!

  2. Is Carol running this phony climate alarmist report to elicit comments that rebut the CO2-is-evil meme?
    The world is entering a solar minimum phase where crops fail due to bad weather and global cooling brings hardship to billions. Life on our planet is CO2 based. More CO2 = healthier plants = more food. Four atmospheric molecules of CO2 per ten thousand molecules of air is not enough, we need government subsidies to produce more of the stuff, not less!

  3. Another doomsday ticking clock scenario. If it backed up by fraudulent computer science, then it is non observable, not scientific. Period!I have written about the scam that is global warming, since the end game is tax on carbon/Carbon trade/ Carbon derivatives. another extortion on the scale of the Indulgences. Carbon C the basic element of life as we know it and CO2 being food plant.
    Having said that, Yes, every nations in the world are responsible morally and ethically to protect the environment, protect wildlife, manage the forest properly, especially the cutting down of trees, reduce all forms of pollution, protect the oceans and ensure that the plankton boom every year. Both trees and planktons use CO2 to give us and wildlife oxygen to breathe. Doing harm to Mother Nature is not acceptable and there are ways and technologies to reduce our footprint.

  4. Forget the scientists and believe your own eyes and basic observation. If you cut all the trees, dam all the rivers, and install asphalt everywhere, then commence spraying and injecting every toxin known to man, killing off thousands and thousands of species in the food chain, what do you think will happen ? It is beyond the need for credibility, what is needed is discernment and common sense combined with simple observation. If that doesn’t work, your entire mind and process has either been taken over or is unable to comprehend surroundings. The land, oceans, drinking water and air is sick. No degree necessary to discern that.

    • It’s going to get real next spring, because the insect die off that happened this year will bring quiet to our world. It will be noticeable for every living thing. The same ones denying climate change today, would have warned not to piss off Mother Nature yesterday. Again we get back to domination policy and religion and education. Duh.

  5. Nearly all scientists are Govt paid, those who aren’t are branded as Climate Change deniers etc, a reference to that other fraud, so no impartiality there, these same bung stains also claimed oil will run out by the year 2000, what happened there????

  6. It be a shame if global warming is real, and no one paid attention because the alarm is being sounded by people with no credibility. Maybe if they open sourced all the climate data, detailed the methodology, and took all financial incentives out of the equation we might start to believe them or see once and for all if they’re full of horseshit.

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