Neutralizing Nationalism

By Bill Willers for Veterans Today
“We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” — James P. Warburg, February 17, 1950
“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” — French President Emmanuel Macron, November 11, 2018
Macron spoke the words shown above on the centennial observance of the Armistice following World War 1. He was in front of the Arch of Triumph, itself a symbol of French nationalism, this making his statement surprisingly and amusingly ironic. Nearby were many world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel who, in a similar vein, has said that nations must “give up their sovereignty“.
One widely reported interpretation of Macron’s statement in English was “Nationalism is treason”, although the “treason” was implied. In any event, Macron’s blunt comment was a rebuff of President Trump, who was also present at the speech, as Trump had openly touted his “America First” policy, and has since defended it before the UN. 
Regarding “nationalism” vs “patriotism”, both the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus and the Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus — and certainly any other you might consult —  show the two to be virtually synonymous when “nationalism” is tempered with common sense and respect for others, rather than a form of racist chauvinism.
That so, Macron’s statement is just a politician’s gibberish. And although some correctly consider the speech rude insult, given the goal of the globalist initiative, of which Macron is a prime mover, there is a logic behind the comment and its timing. 
Central to the one world governing structure envisioned by globalists, such as Macron, is the free circulation of capital all over the world, with all nations incorporated within the single system. In their model, no nation or collective of nations would be permitted to bow out of the global financial system to go it alone. Given the nature of the model, it would be natural for globalists to favor the breakdown of national boundaries, and to consider nationalist inclinations within populations to be in conflict with globalist goals. 
Demonizing the attachment of individuals to their respective nations — nationalism — is a facet of the globalist movement that wants open borders. Over time, the erasure of national borders would naturally lead to a breakdown of cultural identities among impacted peoples.
Nevertheless, even nationalistic tendencies based on the most hospitable, non-aggressive of sentiments —  love of home and of culture —  represent barricades on the globalist’s road to one-world government. Globalists are therefore impelled to stamp them out by any means, including linking them to anti-immigrant racism and eco-fascism.  
Everyone’s country is exceptional and the best in the world, for the self-same reason that everyone’s mother is the best in the world, for both are a part of the individual’s psychological and emotional core. They are the same natural and affirmative sentiment expressed at different levels.
It is innate in the human psyche to cherish the landscape of home and to see to its integrity. It is also perfectly proper for citizens to harbor love of their country’s unique culture — its language, idiom and literature, art, music, architecture, cuisine, even unique peculiarities. But this is exactly what is being trashed as part of the multi-pronged strategy toward one-world government, with its demands for open borders, where people made rootless “human resources” may be utilized and prompted to migrate according to centralized interests.
It is bitter irony that de-nationalizing of the individual is being depicted as a move toward the desirable status of “world citizen”, when the precise opposite is the truth. A sophisticated world citizen would certainly rebel against the leveling environment resulting from the erasure of national boundaries with its collateral erosion of unique cultures. It is characteristic of the truly cosmopolitan personality to treasure the rich diversity of the world’s distinctive cultures, in addition to one’s own, and to have a civil interest in seeing to their integrity and continuance. 
As national boundaries become eroded, the privatization of virtually everything is being advanced apace, often inserted into society as “public-private partnerships” in which the dominant partner is never in doubt. This privatization surge is not focused at the level of personal belongings or family homes, but on control of the world’s natural resources and life’s necessities —  as basic as water and food —  by global powers primarily in the form of multinational corporations lacking any national allegiance, and the financial entities that serve them. Aided naturally by accommodating political players and media. 
But nothing is as insidious is the prospect of a single universal electronic currency, and that is clearly the goal toward which humanity is being herded. That every keystroke one makes can be —  and certainly is —  recorded by governments is common knowledge. Only the fact that physical money is available makes privacy possible. But pressure to eliminate cash continues to mount. –
Bankers everywhere are creating digital forms of money, and the Federal Reserve, pressed by Congress, is on the cusp of doing so. If physical paper and coin are disappeared, to be replaced by electronic currency — ultimately a single global form — the last vestige of privacy will have been snuffed  and the human family, with credit cards their sole means for survival, will have become effectively “chipped”. Enter: the new internationalized citizen, complete with detailed file. 
In the final analysis, killing nationalism is a key to the homogenization of humanity that is necessary for the World Government James Warburg assured the U.S. Senate we shall have.
In the current divisive and simplistic climate, in which an ill-informed and fearful majority has neither time nor inclination to appreciate fine distinctions in interpreting current issues, it has been easy to frame nationalism as a simple either-or situation:
Either you’re a bigoted, fascistic nationalist, or you’re with us globalists! Patriotism is dead! Nationalism is treason! Down with national borders! Long live globalism and One World Government!

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  1. People should listen to US president Donald Trump statement at the UN in September this year. At the 4th/5th minutes, he stated that the world does not belong to globalists, but to independent nations. No wonder, why the globalists crowds are intensifying the attacks against him. I reject that form of globalism, where a central government will dictate, burden us with taxes (like the carbon trade/derivatives) to work like bees (to death) and standardise us for the purpose of a few. I have a serious problem with that and will fight against it, no matter what! I do not buy all the Illuminati or other conspiracy junks like these, but definitely groups of people would do everything to control this planet and make things the way they want. I try to understand their aim and why do they want this? An answer came from a suggestion by Ms Catherine Austin Fits and the words she used and find it interesting was: Inter-planetary civilisation.

    • Of course and tRump is pushing for pre-crime laws.
      tRump is a fraud, a liar, a con man and a degenerate. He has no respect for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, supports more military style police and spits on the rule of law.
      “F” him.

    • John, regarding your interjection here, it is noted and you put the same notes to Ms Gail. The subject of this article was nationalism. Obviously, we both mentioned US president Donald Trump and his penchant to Nationalism instead of globalism. Now, I appreciate that you have an opinion which you think is solid against Mr Trump and so be it. However, I would like to remind you that he did not bring 9-11. Actually, you could listen to what he said in the first place that day. He did not bring PATRIOT Act of 2001, something prepared well before 9-11 and submitted to Congress, who voted it for without reading it (see Michael Moore documentary on 9-11), in addition to the anthrax scare, especially against the 2 democrat senators who were against that law in the first place. He did not bring all the Police state packages coming along: DHS….. Donald Trump did not bring the wars we have all been through since 9-11 and so far, he has not brought the US to another war despite what some insiders and traitors are doing with Iran, Venezuela and again in Syria.

  2. That does not surprise me from Macron. I did not vote for him and warned my friends and family back home that he will sell France to pieces to the highest bidder, like the IMF does to targeted countries. Macron with his background in the Rothschild banking should have waken up many in France! Too late but hopefully les gilets jaunes will flush that filth out of the Elysee. The speech he gave in the 6th June against nationalism was just a continuation of what he is instructed by his puppet masters. WWI, WWII gave strength to both zionism, communism and globalism. One can easily note the main winner of both battles. Nationalism was used as a tool for both communists and globalists. The cold war had nothing to do whatsoever with fighting communism in the first place. If so, the so called allies would have never let Stalin take all of Eastern Europe and Berlin. and adding insult to injury let him attack Japan from Manchuria, while the US detonated Fat man in Nagasaki. In essence, this helped “Uncle Joe” Stalin buddie, Mao to take China in 1949. History taught us what that meant! The cold war ensuing was that the US and globalist could force the USSR into the 1 world system of governance, while the Soviets only so far wanted to coexist with the West. So as long the USSR does not obey, the cold war continued until 1991 and Gorbatchev ending the USSR.

  3. WWI, WWII, the Cold War, War on Terror were all 2 sided financed Rothschilds wars. They didn’t stop doing the same thing just because the 20th century came around.

    • In other words, these were fraudulent wars, just as fraudulent as 9/11 and every war after it that referenced it in the “War on Terror”. All stories, details, happenings, byproducts and outcomes from these events are based off of a fairy tale foundation.

      When Macron talks, his words are only that of the Ashkenazi International fake Tribe. That’s it. Who cares what he says? Bring out the guillotines immediately.

  4. What could possibly be more globalist for humanity than the formation and growth of the US at this point ? The foundation was permission by a foreign religious leader given to Monarchy to invade and take over, completely erasing all the existing culture. Language has been completely erased, customs, food, music , arts, and everything listed in the argument. The Papal bull Inter Caetera, has been cited as recently as 2007 by the USSC as the foundation and reasoning for forced land acquisition by way of Doctrine of Discovery. So, the denouncement must start at home, otherwise the anti-globalist movement in the US, sounds completely self-unaware. There simply is no greater example of it. From which pulpit doth thou preach ?

    • To claim Patriotism and Nationality of the US, while simultaneously deriding Globalism, one must face the quizzical position of living in a situation that one does not approve of.
      There are only one or two directions it can go, to exist as self-hating, or promote and encourage the reclamation of Indigenous culture with spirit and physical acts, because the US is without peer as a product and standard of globalism. I find it highly hypocritical for any American immigrant or descendent, from the east, to preach anti-globalism. It rings hollow and displays a lack of basic knowledge of ones own position. Unless, the mantra is , Good for US, but nobody else !!!!

  5. The NWO gang screwed the pooch big time when they started all the wars in the Gulf states, and let their pride and joy country – USA – USA – USA – get seriously attacked by their war on drugs, education , the citizens themselves { including mass homeless and out of decent work folks }, and a dozen other domestic suicides. The super POlice state, the False Flags, the inequalities , not to mention a non functioning government, is not the best example. lol As the media shows how dysfunctional every thing has become in the Home of the Brave, the rest of the world wants nothing to do with this Western NWO. The new media called the internet and websites, that show the truth about this evil NWO, along with countries like Russia, Iran, China , Venezuela, Bolivia and others will eventually put an end to this abortion. The only question is how many people and countries will be destroyed from their own stupidity and ignorant planning. As it stands , it looks like the destruction of the USA and other places are insignificant to the NWO, which will be their downfall. They should have fired their Zionist advertising company – decades ago.

  6. Nationalism is just another name for Sovereignty on a National basis. Sought here by the First Nations and the States that were granted under the Constitution. In other words Nationalism begins at home. If Trump got us disentangled from our entangling alliance with that terrorist state in the Middle East and went back to Constitutional government was founded on. He’d probably be the greatest President ever despite his past …er…oversights.

    • Meanwhile tRump is pushing for pre-crime laws.
      You’re under arrest for a crime you may or may not commit.
      Go ahead and keep supporting that lying stooge for Israhell and child molesting pedophile.

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